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December 7, 2013 Updates

Indeed, 11 of the 17 three-pointers were assisted, and the ball kept moving throughout the game, even during the fourth quarter when the bench was emptied. "You don't expect to shoot that well obviously but more importantly, our threes are in rhythm, they're good shots for the guys taking them," Stotts said. "When those guys are taking open threes, there's a good chance they'll go in." That's really all there was to it. A 10-0 run to open the third period sealed this one tight. "We knew that we were kind of coasting," LaMarcus Aldridge told Blazersedge, describing Portland's 67-point (!) first half. "We weren't playing our kind of basketball, we weren't really fired up. We tried to come out in the third quarter and just be better, and we did." Blazers Edge

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Portland Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts discussed his decision to go with second-year big man Joel Freeland over fellow second-year center Meyers Leonard, the No. 11 pick in the 2012 NBA draft, as the backup to starter Robin Lopez after practice Friday. "Joel's earned his minutes," Stotts said of the 26-year-old British big man. "We need defense from that position. ... Joel's earned it. He's had an impact on the game defensively and he's had a really good summer." Oregonian

October 10, 2013 Updates

The Trail Blazers have released a nice behind-the-scenes training camp video featuring coach Terry Stotts on their youtube channel. In a video clip that lasts about two-and-a-half minutes, Stotts wears as microphone during practice as he guides the team through a host of drills and workouts. Although it's edited, the video offers an interesting and rare look at Stotts in action. Oregonian

October 8, 2013 Updates

Now with two new hips, Stotts -- who turns 56 on Nov. 25 -- is starting to feel better, able to move his legs in ways he would not have even thought to try last season. He also is able to go about 40 minutes on a treadmill, with incline, not only as a stress release, but also to help strengthen the muscles around his new joints. “The best exercise you can do for rehab is walking,” he said. “There’s other things you can do, but the thing I do is walk.” Oregonian

August 22, 2013 Updates

There are still some good people out there. Blazers coach Terry Stotts is outstanding; the best coach I have ever dealt with. And I have tremendous respect for Wesley Matthews, who cares so deeply and works so dilligently at his craft. I also still have a fondness for Batum. And through the years I cherish my relationships with Dale Davis, Stoudamire, James Jones, Joel Przybilla, Jarrett Jack ... there are some good guys. But somewhere in this bizarre transition when everyone has a blog, and people who can write 140 characters are considered journalists, the job lost its allure. Often times it's not about being right, it's about being the loudest. It's not about being good, it's about being first. And it's not about telling the real story, it's about being friends with the players. Oregonian

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Q: How would you assess the first seasons of Olshey and Stotts? A: “I think they’re both doing a very good job. Obviously, here at the end of the season, we’ve had — injuries can really get you. Between Wes (Matthews) and Nic (Batum) and (LaMarcus Aldridge) having issues with his ankle and so forth, there’s just been, that can always — especially when you don’t have as much depth as you would like — that can really hurt you. I think you saw Terry institute that new brand of basketball to start out the season. I think it’s, as compared to the styles we’ve had previous seasons, I think it’s a refreshing, unselfish style. In terms of what Neil did, I think we did very well on the draft. I don’t think there’s any question about that. And I think getting Eric Maynor at the trading deadline, that was a nice move. So we’re positioning ourselves with the future, with cap room, draft picks, flexibility. So it’s going to be a very interesting offseason.” Oregonian

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