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November 22, 2012 Updates

Following the game, Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts did something he has never done during his brief tenure as the team's coach...he called out one of his players. “He (Meyers Leonard) needs to work on his individual post defense,” Stotts said. Gortat scored on him, Jermaine O'Neal scored on him. He's trying, but right now, he's a poor post defender one-on-one.” Stotts is clearly trying to send a message with those comments. But you won't hear Leonard disagreeing with his coach's critique. “I got to get better at defense,” Leonard admitted. “It's a learning process. I got to have better anticipation, better everything. So we just as a team, got to get better and definitely for myself.” CSNNW.com

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The friendship skidded on a patch so icy that when Stotts became a head coach for the first time in 2002, the two men did not even speak, according to reports. Time has passed; they talk now but things still haven't gone back to the way they were. Still, Karl, currently the coach of the Denver Nuggets, asked for a favor. His son, Coby Karl, needed an NBA home and it was not a leap of faith for Karl to trust that the man he once called his best friend could help. " 'What's funny,' " Karl recently told Stotts. " 'There are two guys who I have loved very much in my life and I don't think they've had a fair opportunity, a real good opportunity to make an NBA team.' It was Terry Stotts when I coached him and also Coby now." Columbian

Through the 1980s and '90s, wherever Karl landed, so followed his No. 1 assistant. "They literally were hand in hand together," Coby says of his father and Stotts. "Doing everything." And through every step of their friendship, there was the freckled-faced boy. "He's like an old friend, or I'm his uncle," Stotts says. "It's a very special relationship." Columbian

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Joe Freeman: When asked what he knew about Justin Holiday, whom #Blazers claimed on waivers, coach Terry Stotts quipped: "I know he's Jrue's brother." Twitter @BlazerFreeman

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October 10, 2012 Updates

For the first time since training camp opened Oct. 2, coach Terry Stotts walked away from a workout at the practice facility in Tualatin unhappy with his team’s effort and approach. “I thought we did some good things,” Stotts said. “But it was probably the first day we didn’t have the same level of focus or intensity that we’ve had throughout the first week of camp. I don’t know whether it’s because we’re flying out ... but there were times I felt we could have been better.” Oregonian

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September 12, 2012 Updates

Terry Stotts on using LaMarcus Aldridge like Dirk Nowitzki: I want to try almost everything that we did with Dirk, with LaMarcus, to get a comfort level. On the left block he's as good of a block player as there is in the league. A pick-and-pop shooter for a big man, he's almost on the same level as Dirk with mid-range. Dirk can take it out a little bit further, or at least he has. I'd like to expand his game a little bit. We would isolate Dirk at the free throw line, it's very difficult for guys to double-team in that area. It creates a problem. That's one area that we can explore with LaMarcus and expand his game in that way. He's 27 years old and can improve. He's already an All-Star and he can still improve. Stretching his range, I don't know if he's a 3-point shooter, but putting him in the corner, I think he can make corner threes. I don't necessarily want to emphasize that but he's capable of that. Blazers Edge

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August 29, 2012 Updates

Terry Stotts has added Dale Osbourne to the coaching staff of the Portland Trail Blazers. “I'm very excited about Dale joining our staff,” said Stotts. “His diverse coaching background and experience at the college and D-League level will be very valuable in the development of our younger players both on the court and off.” RealGM

August 19, 2012 Updates

Loyal. Smart. Dedicated. I've heard those words used about coaches before. But with Stotts I've already seen it demonstrated. When I reached Stotts on his cell phone Saturday, he was out of breath, huffing through their Southern-loop bicycle ride in Nova Scotia. As much as Stotts, 54, wanted to talk about his point guard, and the promising group of players he has next season, he had mom to keep up with. I'm thinking LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum and Wesley Matthews shouldn't be a problem. Oregonian

Long before Stotts interviewed for the Blazers coaching position, and long before he even knew he was a candidate, he made a promise to his mother. She loves to ride bikes. She loves her son. His father, Frank, a high school and college basketball coach, passed away in 2000. Mom requested her son's presence this summer for a bicycle-ride adventure, and when your mother does that, new job or not, you get on the bicycle and go. Mother and son mounted their bicycles in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They'll ride for a week. Some days 20 miles, other days 60 miles. They'll cover 241 miles and an ascent of nearly 5,700 feet. And if you're a Blazers fan trying to wrap your head around what kind of coach Stotts is going to be, start right here. Oregonian

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