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These Blazers could be just as vulernable, and therefore volatile, as Miles. There is pressure for Aldridge to carry the team. For Batum to live up to his big contract. For Lillard to win Rookie of the Year. For Matthews to show he is more than just an effort guy. How Stotts handles them, and teaches them, is important. “He is patient with us,’’ Batum said. “In practice, he teaches us. Every time we do film, he teaches us a lesson. Every time. Where we are right now, with this group we have? It comes a lot from him, because he does a good job with us.’’ The teacher in the 11th row behind the Blazers bench, agrees. “I’m so proud of him,’’ Phelps said. Oregonian

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Stotts said he’s rarely surprised when a coach is fired. Johnson is the second coach fired this season, which is not even two months old. In November, the Lakers fired Mike Brown after a 1-5 start. “It’s the unpleasant truth of our profession,” Stotts said. “It’s a zero-sum game. There’s a winner and loser. That’s the reality.” Oregonian

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Following the game, Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts did something he has never done during his brief tenure as the team's coach...he called out one of his players. “He (Meyers Leonard) needs to work on his individual post defense,” Stotts said. Gortat scored on him, Jermaine O'Neal scored on him. He's trying, but right now, he's a poor post defender one-on-one.” Stotts is clearly trying to send a message with those comments. But you won't hear Leonard disagreeing with his coach's critique. “I got to get better at defense,” Leonard admitted. “It's a learning process. I got to have better anticipation, better everything. So we just as a team, got to get better and definitely for myself.” CSNNW.com

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The friendship skidded on a patch so icy that when Stotts became a head coach for the first time in 2002, the two men did not even speak, according to reports. Time has passed; they talk now but things still haven't gone back to the way they were. Still, Karl, currently the coach of the Denver Nuggets, asked for a favor. His son, Coby Karl, needed an NBA home and it was not a leap of faith for Karl to trust that the man he once called his best friend could help. " 'What's funny,' " Karl recently told Stotts. " 'There are two guys who I have loved very much in my life and I don't think they've had a fair opportunity, a real good opportunity to make an NBA team.' It was Terry Stotts when I coached him and also Coby now." Columbian

Through the 1980s and '90s, wherever Karl landed, so followed his No. 1 assistant. "They literally were hand in hand together," Coby says of his father and Stotts. "Doing everything." And through every step of their friendship, there was the freckled-faced boy. "He's like an old friend, or I'm his uncle," Stotts says. "It's a very special relationship." Columbian

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Joe Freeman: When asked what he knew about Justin Holiday, whom #Blazers claimed on waivers, coach Terry Stotts quipped: "I know he's Jrue's brother." Twitter @BlazerFreeman

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