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After finding out the news about his teammate, rookie Thomas Robinson adhered to his coach’s message. “I think (my reaction) was pretty much, ‘We have to work and stay together as a team, come out and have a good practice,” said No. 0. Forward James Johnson echoed a similar sentiment. “I just know we have to get stronger as a team and we have to start to trust each other a lot more,” he said. “We’re going to have some guys step up, including myself, to be able to win games.” The Kings Blog

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The Kings' only rookie continues to be reminded that his NBA education is an ongoing process. After some early struggles, Thomas Robinson – selected fifth in the NBA draft after being projected to go as high as No. 2 – realized he needed to re-evaluate his approach. "My rookie season's not going exactly as I envisioned it, but I'm just trying to work my way out of it," Robinson said. "Trying to get back to where I want to be." When studying film, coach Keith Smart showed Robinson instances where he wasn't running the court as hard as he could, a must for a player who might be the most athletic on the roster. Smart also showed him film of other NBA players he could model his play after. "Once I got to the league, I figured I don't need to watch tape of guys in the league … " Robinson said. "Now I realize I still need to; I still need to study other people. There's nothing wrong with studying film of guys (who are) better than you because there's a lot of bigs that are obviously better than me in this league." Sacramento Bee

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Thomas Robinson: "I'm not going to stop being a tough player. I'm not going to continue to elbow people either. ...But you know, I'm not going to take that (aggressiveness) away, that's just who I am as a player. And like I said, that was out of character. There's such thing as going too far and I went too far. So I'm still going to continue to be aggressive but I won't be doing anything illegal. I did it this far without being illegal, so I know how to do it." Sulia

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The leader of the group – the massive, wide-bodied Mahorn – was in Sleep Train Arena, calling the game for Pistons radio, and he thought Robinson went over the edge. "That was dirty," Mahorn said Thursday when reached on his cellphone. "We all have mental lapses, but you don't take your frustration out in a way that will hurt somebody. I didn't have the physical gifts or the flight of a Dominique Wilkins. I used my body and my width to position. I would use my big (butt) to clear some room. "But we never tried to bust somebody in the mouth. You don't hit somebody in the face. You don't want to be that guy, because now everything he does is going to be looked at. The referees remember." Sacramento Bee

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Sacramento Kings rookie Thomas Robinson will experience his share of first experiences this season, but serving a two game suspension didn't figure to be one of them. The NBA announced today that Robinson will be suspended without pay following an incident last night at Sleep Train Arena against the Detroit Pistons. news10.net

Robinson was not available for comment following the game but instead went to Twitter to apologize for his actions: "Apologize for my actions mistakes happen I take full responsibility lost my cool will never happen again," he tweeted. news10.net

On if trash talk from Jerebko lead to to the incident. Thomas Robinson: Just frustration. It’s nothing he did. Chirping is a part of the game, talk is a part of the game. And that’s something that I have to adjust to, that I have to learn to. These guys are professional whether its trash talking, whatever – they’re pros. It got under my skin. I let it get to me, so it was a mistake. Cowbell Kingdom

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