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October 8, 2014 Updates

Forbes estimates LeBron James has replaced Tiger Woods as the athlete with the top brand value. The magazine said Tuesday the brand of the Cleveland Cavaliers star is worth $37 million — the amount his endorsement and nonbasketball earnings exceed the average of the NBA's top 10. Woods had topped athletes on Forbes' Fab 40 list each year since 2007. Nike is estimated to be the most valuable sports business brand, with its worth pegged at $19 billion. Forbes said the value of the name increases Nike's worth from $52 billion to $71 billion. Associated Press

April 29, 2013 Updates
April 17, 2013 Updates

You mentioned how Gilbert Arenas changed his personality after the gun incident and Tiger Woods publicly apologized after his scandal, and yet both still struggled. Conversely, Kobe blocked out his legal situation in Colorado and played some of the best basketball of his career. Why is he able to do this while others can’t? Tim Grover: Because Kobe and Michael had the ability not to think of external things. When they stepped between the lines, it was like, “This is my safe haven. No one can touch me here. Nothing’s gonna happen. All that other stuff, once the whistle is blowing and I step across that line again, it’s still gonna be there, so I can’t let the other stuff affect me and the end result of what I do. I’m focused in on thing. I play basketball. This is what I do. I can’t let that other stuff distract me from doing this.” It’s the ability to shut it all down, not from a physical standpoint, but from a mental standpoint. Land O'Lakers

March 16, 2013 Updates
March 12, 2013 Updates

When you’re Michael Jordan you get to play rounds of golf with Tiger Woods, Luke Donald, Ernie Ells and pretty much anyone else you want to. Because you’re Michael Jordan. And he talks to them. About winning. And golf. Over at Golf World Tim Rosaforte got some of golf’s biggest names talk about it, and even Jordan to talk about it a little. When I asked tiger Woods recently if there was one iconic athlete, entertainment star or business leader who he tapped for advice on life at the top, there was no hesitation: “M.J.”… Els was doing a putting drill recently when he heard “I’ve got $100 you don’t make it.” Knowing the voice to be Jordan’s, Els said, “Make it $150,” then made the putt. That’s the mindset Jordan was hoping to see from the reigning British Open Champion. “Just like a free throw,” Jordan said. “You need the right fundamentals, like to make sure you extend. But you should never be defensive, never assume you’re going to miss it, never think, ‘What if?’” NBCSports.com

January 30, 2013 Updates

Tiger Woods spent more than three hours playing 11 holes of golf Monday in the delayed final round of the Farmers Insurance Classic, a situation that left him quite unhappy afterward, even though he had won the tournament and its $1.08-million first prize. So how did he spend his time while standing on various tees and fairways, waiting to hit while players in front of him dwaddled along? "We talked a lot about Kobe [Bryant]," said Woods' caddie, Joe LaCava. "He loves Kobe and he couldn't believe he had 14 assists the other night. He was stoked about that." Los Angeles Times

October 13, 2011 Updates

The California native expressed his disappointment about the current situation . . . and “found a silver lining” for the Celtics. “Yeah, of course I'm bummed,” he said. “I think anybody who is an NBA fan is certainly bummed. I know that probably one person who is happy is probably Doc Rivers. I mean, with the age of his team, it's nice for them to only play half-a-season. It's true. It's a fact, come on.” Woods then shifted gears to the his hometown team. “But as far as us out west, I'm looking forward to the Lakers getting back there and we'll see what they do,” he continued. “The problem is, you can't talk to anybody. You can't see who is potentially on the block of being traded, what kind of deals can we do? Nothing can be happening. CSNNE.com

July 29, 2011 Updates

Jordan, a social golf partner, says Woods has finally acknowledged his issues and will hit back hard when he gets back on the course. "I think he's waiting to explode again," said Jordan, the assistant captain of the US team at November's Presidents Cup at Royal Melbourne. "A wounded dog has a tough time trying to keep winning battles. "And because the battle was a lot tougher than I thought even Tiger realised a while ago, he needs to heal before he gets back into these battles again." Melbourne Herald-Sun

July 20, 2010 Updates

Despite his personal troubles, Tiger Woods is tied with Kobe Bryant as America's favorite sports star, according to a just released Harris Poll. Woods had enjoyed the No. 1 ranking by himself since 2006. Bryant, who led the Lakers to a second consecutive NBA title, was ranked fourth in the poll last year. Detroit News

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