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All indications are that the Spurs are planning for them [Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili] to be back in some capacity. The only question is what sort of contracts are they going to sign and for how long, and thereby how much money are they going to have to spend on the free agent market... But make no mistake about it: The Spurs plan to spend that money to go after another quality piece. Bleacher Report

Paul Garcia: Ric Bucher says "indications" are Duncan, Manu will be back with the Spurs. Again, nothing from SA side yet. Either Bucher is right, or Bleacher Report just took an incredible leap in breaking this Manu/Duncan news so early in the offseason. / RT: Bleacher Report: Insider buzz: Manu Ginobili & Tim Duncan will return to the Spurs to “keep the band together” http://ble.ac/1ebIbtd Twitter @PaulGarciaPS

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So, yeah, while it’s important that Cleveland has capable players on its depth chart, as with Matthew Dellavedova stepping up for 19 points in Thursday’s closeout of Chicago, its run to the Eastern Conference finals is still pretty much about LeBron James. Former Cavaliers star and current team broadcaster Jim Chones had a good way of putting it. “There’s the story about (Spurs’ coach Gregg) Popovich when he was going for his first championship with Tim Duncan,” Chones said. “They were waiting in the locker room to hear about the strategy they were going to use in the playoffs. Pop comes in there and sits down. All his coaches are leaning forward in their chairs getting ready for this great message, and he says, ‘Listen,’ with a few expletives thrown in, ‘We have Tim Duncan and they don’t. Let’s not mess this up.’ Boston Herald

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And so the Spurs’ future, as it has so many times before, all comes back to Duncan. There are those close to him who can’t envision the Spurs captain walking away just yet. Daniels, now 40 and co-host of a local radio talk show on KZDC-AM 1250, first met Duncan when the two were roommates at the 1997 NBA draft combine. San Antonio Express-News

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Ginobili has discussed his future with Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, who — not surprisingly — says he wants both him and Tim Duncan back next season. If Duncan does indeed return, Ginobili’s decision could be that much tougher. “I don’t think San Antonio can feel the blow with one of us leaving. Now, if they were preparing themselves for a total reconstruction … that Pop would leave, that Tim would retire, that Tony (Parker) wouldn’t play any more, that would change the situation a lot. I understand it is time to change things on the team for the makeup of the group. But if Pop continues and Tim can continue, everything is different. I suppose we will have to talk a little bit with Tim, who appears to be on the same ledge as I am. We’ll see what happens.” San Antonio Express-News

When Gasol was being courted by the Bulls and Spurs in free agency, he says he spoke to Thibodeau and Popovich at length before he made his decision to leave the Lakers and sign in Chicago. He connected with both coaches in different ways. He loved everything about Pop. They share a taste for the good life. But he worried about longevity with the Spurs. There was no guarantee Popovich, Tim Duncan or Manu Ginobili would be there by the end of the three seasons he was signing up for. ESPN.com

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He’s also a native Texan and University of Texas product. And while he’s from the Dallas area, the Mavericks don’t have much to offer right now except Mark Cuban’s bravado. They don’t have, for example, an emerging star to partner with such as Kawhi Leonard. They also don’t have Duncan, and this paramount. There might not be a more respected and well-liked player in the game. Stories keep leaking out how other teams see him, and how they are amazed by his agenda-less support. Maybe there is a part of Popovich that doesn’t like this: Duncan is known to give opponents tips during games. San Antonio Express-News

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