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June 16, 2014 Updates
June 15, 2014 Updates

Was there ever a moment it looked like breaking up the Big Three was the best option? “There were times that other people said we should be breaking it up. But what’s the alternative? Our best alternative was to keep the group together. There were some givens. I don’t think we were going to trade Tim Duncan, and maybe others. With that being the case, assuming that wasn’t going to happen, what were you going to do? Our best solution to to keep the group together, to meet their expectations. I don’t think we really worry about anybody else’s expectations except our group’s, and the commitment we have to them.” San Antonio Express-News

June 14, 2014 Updates

A bit deflated, I resolved to let the issue drop. Then, a couple of days later, I figured it would at least be prudent to double check and see whether the same mistake had ever happened again. Lo and behold, it also happened in the 2012 offseason, about a week beforehand, with the contract of Tim Duncan. His three year, $30 million deal was structured so that, rather than paying $10 million flat for three years, it would go down a bit in year one ($9,638,554), up a bit in year two ($10,361,446), and then finish with $10 million flat in year three. As with Randolph, that third year is a player option; as with Randolph, it seemed as though it had a lower salary than the year preceding it. And as with Randolph, that is not supposed to be allowed. Sham Sports

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