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June 24, 2014 Updates

“I thought about calling it a career,” Duncan said. “But I felt I could at least do one more year. I felt I was still effective. I felt I could still play and help the team.” Duncan had faced a Tuesday deadline to decide whether to opt in to the final season of his contract, which will pay him $10.36 million in 2014-15. He informed the Spurs of his choice return for an 18th NBA season Monday afternoon. San Antonio Express-News

When Letterman asks Duncan if he thought about retiring after the Spurs’ NBA Finals victory over Miami earlier this month, the 38-year-old All-Star forward replied, “I did, I did.” “I thought about calling it a career,” Duncan said. “But I felt I could at least do one more year. I felt I was still effective. I felt I could still play and help the team.” San Antonio Express-News

Apparently the reason why Duncan's contract (which he has opted into, thus transitioning this whole endeavour from being an interesting aside into something with a palpable if not exactly massive affect on the NBA landscape) was modified, but Randolph's was not, is because Randolph's was "too old". This does not however mean that the fact it was signed under the 2005 CBA (and not the 2011 CBA like Duncan) played a part in this differentiation. Instead, I am told it instead merely means they took that as a legitimate reason for looking the other way, through avoiding the issue altogether, rather than having a technical reason for addressing it in this way. So, yeah. Zach, if you're out there, and you're planning on opting in and signing an extension.....start chasing this up. There could be a million dollars in it for you. Sham Sports

June 23, 2014 Updates
June 22, 2014 Updates

Buford talked about the future of the Spurs without Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich, although they are likely to stay together at least one more season. Buford, a former assistant coach under Larry Brown and lead scout, is preparing for life after Duncan and Popovich — whenever that comes. “The Spurs Way has been different over the course of time,” Buford said. “It’s been built to fit the strengths of our teams. [Popovich and I] grew up under Coach Brown, and Larry thinks there’s a wino on the street with a perfect out-of-bounds play. He’ll listen to anybody. And I think we grew up under that burden.” Boston Globe

When asked about the post-Duncan and Popovich era, Buford said, “It will be numbing and challenging. Those are the people whom we’ve come to work with and battle with.” The course of the organization changed in 1997 when the Spurs, with the fourth-best chance to win the draft lottery, cruised past the Celtics and landed Duncan with the No. 1 overall pick. “The key has been getting Tim Duncan in the lottery and that didn’t have a damn thing to do with where we were scouting,” Buford said. “That rock was already turned over. Things changed in ’87 when David [Robinson] was drafted.” Boston Globe

June 21, 2014 Updates

Peter Holt: Remember, I've only had one losing year and that was my first year, 1996-97, which now I'm glad happened and not just because we got Tim. I didn't know we were going to get Tim. We were third (worst record), not first. But it helped me understand how difficult this business is. It really did. I mean, the year before we had been in the Western Conference finals and we had David. I thought everything was going to be peachy keen and we went 20-62. The kids that summer, my wife and I told them we were buying into the Spurs and they were all excited because we all loved the Spurs and had season tickets and went all the time. By the end of the season, they said, “Dad, can we sell the Spurs? Everybody on the playground at school thinks you're an idiot.” That's a true story. Everybody thought I'd screwed it up. San Antonio Express-News

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June 18, 2014 Updates
June 17, 2014 Updates

The Spurs begged David Robinson, at 37, to play on after the 2003 Finals, but The Admiral couldn't be swayed after kneeling down to kiss the center circle in triumph. Fortunately now, more than a decade later, no one within the Spurs' circle seems to think they will have to lobby Duncan too hard. ESPN.com

June 16, 2014 Updates

But teammate Tony Parker and Spurs chairman Peter Holt both expect that Duncan and Manu Ginobili — who has already said definitively he’ll be back for the last season of his current two-year deal — will return to help the Spurs defend their title. “It will come to an end but I don’t think next year,” Parker said. “I think everybody’s gonna come back.” Holt said, “Tim and Manu are going to play until they die, so I think we are in pretty good shape. Tim and Manu want to play until they die, somewhat sincerely, actually.” San Antonio Express-News

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