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September 12, 2013 Updates
July 30, 2013 Updates

Well, it was an interesting hour, not horribly enlightening but interesting, that a group of us got to spend with Tim Leiweke and a few of his Henchpeople on Friday morning when he visited with our editorial board. The one thing that stood out to me, and I don’t think I’m talking too much out of turn here, is that he says he realizes now that he’s not the story, nor the focus and that, yes, he probably came off a bit brusque and a bit — I think was his word — bullish – in his first few weeks on the job. Toronto Star

June 26, 2013 Updates

A league source told CBSSports.com that Colangelo was at odds with Tim Leiweke, who was named named president and CEO of Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment in April. In his statement released by the team, Colangelo mentioned directors Larry Tanenbaum and Dale Lastman, as well as MLSE ownership, but did not mention Leiweke by name. CBSSports.com

June 17, 2013 Updates

Well, if Tim Leiweke wanted to make significant changes to get away from the Raptors past, he’s picked the right guy to fire. In what I think is a terribly short-sighted move that will rankle as many people as anything he does, Leiweke has told Alvin Williams that his services are no longer required. Yep, the chief executive officer of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment – on the job for less than a month – has jettisoned one of the great guys ever associated with the franchise and a man who wanted nothing more than to spend his entire career with the organization in some way, shape or form. Alvin had spent last season scouting for the team, based out of Philadelphia, but he was far, far more than just an employee picking up a cheque. Toronto Star

June 5, 2013 Updates

Tim Leiweke: On potentially changing the Raptors’ name: “We’re definitely going to take a look at it. It doesn’t mean we’re committed to it. It means it’s a good conversation. I saw those generic uniforms today in the paper. … That won’t be the uniform, by the way. I can assure you of that. I think we need to have this conversation.” National Post

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May 23, 2013 Updates

Tim Leiweke, the new CEO of the Raps’ ownership conglomerate, concluded that Colangelo was not the right guy to make those future moves. Now he just has to find a replacement, one who is willing to work with Colangelo hovering nearby, input at the ready. This is an attractive job in some ways. The Raps have been a high-payroll team, and they’ve indicated they are willing to exceed the luxury tax by a significant margin if doing so helps Colangelo’s successor build a winner, according to multiple league sources. Grantland

May 21, 2013 Updates

Bryan Colangelo is still president of the Toronto Raptors, but he's no longer the club's general manager. The Raptors announced Tuesday that while Colangelo's contract as team president is being extended, a new general manager will be hired within the next 30 days. The changes were announced by Tim Leiweke, who is the incoming CEO of team owner Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. Leiweke also said he is moving up his start date from July 1 to June 3. MSNBC.com

Bryan Colangelo is going to stick around as the Toronto Raptors president but will no longer hold the title of general manager. That job, hierarchically the lesser of Colangelo’s two roles over the past seven years, will go to a person still to be hired by Tim Leiweke, the new CEO of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. A person who will have autonomy over basketball decisions and not be beholden to Colangelo, we are told, no matter how much he strains at the leash. NBA.com

Jeff Zillgitt: Raptors say search for new GM is underway, and Maple Leaf Sports/Entertainment president/CEO Tim Leiweke expects to name GM within 30 days. Twitter @JeffZillgitt

Bryan Colangelo will remain with the Toronto Raptors but as team president but has been stripped of his role as general manager, new Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment president and CEO Tim Leiweke announced Tuesday. The search is underway for a new general manager, a hire Leiweke expects to make within 30 days. Colangelo will report to Leiweke and the general manager will have "full authority on all basketball-related decisions," according to a news release. USA Today Sports

Darren Andrade: Leiweke: "Bryan is ticked off with me. This isn't his perfect world." Colangelo fought to keep job but if it doesn't work "we'll fix it". Twitter @darrenandrade

May 20, 2013 Updates

And some sources are quick to suggest it’s not just a matter of finalizing a contract with the 43-year-old Ujiri, whose contract with the Nuggets expires this year. New MLSE chief executive officer Tim Leiweke, who will make the final decision on Colangelo’s replacement, may be looking to make an even bigger splash with his first hire on the job. However, the list of potential candidates doesn’t suggest there’s going to be much of a “wow” factor to the new front office addition. The only other outside names that have been mentioned privately in NBA circles are Indiana GM Kevin Pritchard and Troy Weaver of the Oklahoma City Thunder, both solid front office personnel but hardly the kind of ‘rock star’ hire many expected Leiweke would be able to pull off. Toronto Star

May 17, 2013 Updates

The deadline to determine the future of Raptors president and general manager Bryan Colangelo is quickly arriving. According to NBA sources, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment — and new chief executive officer Tim Leiweke — has to decide by Monday on whether to pick up Colangelo’s option year for 2013-14. Toronto Star

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