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April 17, 2014 Updates

Two college coaches mentioned as candidates to replace Adelman, Michigan State’s Tom Izzo and Iowa State’s Fred Hoiberg, aren’t likely to take the job because of their popularity and security at their respective schools. The Wolves could be a playoff contender next season with the personnel additions they made this year, but Izzo or Hoiberg probably won’t move unless offered a fantastic contract with big money. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

March 31, 2014 Updates

When Tom Izzo was asked after Sunday’s season-ending 60-54 loss to Connecticut in the East Regional final about “rumors swirling” that pro teams might have interest in him, he said: “Well, if (so), they’re forgetting to call me.” “What lurks ahead for me? I really do love it here,” Izzo said after his 19th season and 17th straight NCAA tournament. “I mean my (athletic director) and president are phenomenal. My family likes it here. There are things in the NBA that are frustrating, too. But there are some things in college that are very, very frustrating.” Detroit Free Press

March 28, 2014 Updates

It should be noted that Saunders is close with Michigan State's Tom Izzo as well, but the rumbles out of 'Sota are getting louder that the Wolves are going to court Hoiberg hard should they, as expected, have an opening. ESPN.com

But unlike Hoiberg, who's a bit new to this scuttlebutt and respectfully let out a "no comment" Thursday about anything regarding the NBA, Izzo's more than willing to discuss where he's at practically by the minute. You don't see many coaches, in any sport, speak as freely on the record about their current job status or possible future situations the way Izzo does. It almost makes you halt with how frank he can be. Izzo told CBSSports.com that he has always felt much more comfortable not hiding things. He can't fight everything off now anyway. He said even when he's forthcoming, people still doubt him. "When there is a situation, I've been lucky enough to have an AD and a president that, if I want to explore it, they let me," Izzo said. "I just get tired of people telling me -- I don't mind if somebody speculates; that's OK, that's your job -- but when you tell me, 'I know this guy's talked to you.' I haven't talked to anybody. I want to make sure people know that." CBSSports.com

"I've never met Tom Gores, never talked to him," Izzo said. "People give me the, 'I know you've talked to him. You're just not telling me.' No I didn't. And I've been pretty honest all the way about all these jobs. Except Cleveland, I shut my mouth because we had it with the media that year and they said, 'You shouldn't be so honest,' so I didn't. I didn't deny, I just didn't answer." CBSSports.com

March 27, 2014 Updates

One more time, Tom Izzo said Wednesday, neither he nor his people have been contacted by the Pistons or any other NBA team. But, he said on “The Dan Patrick Show,” he has some theories on how these rumors get started. “I don’t even have an agent and my wife has not been contacted,” Izzo said. “I think it’s some guy sitting behind a computer that is one of my favorite human beings on the planet, which are those social media geeks which are sitting at a computer and just making up stories, and everybody says, ‘Well, you know their owner and he’s a Michigan State guy. ...’ “I’ve never met Tom Gores, I’ve never talked to Tom Gores. I think somebody, maybe it’s Michigan fans are putting that out.” Detroit Free Press

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April 18, 2013 Updates

Dumars also figures to make a courtesy and brain-picking call to Tom Izzo, which might include a feeler to see if the Michigan State coach wants the challenge of a downward move in competitiveness and a sideways move financially. Izzo spurned the Cleveland Cavaliers three years ago, when LeBron James didn't return his calls before The Decision. The Pistons' Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond are more phone-friendly and if Izzo cared to return theirs. Booth Newspapers

December 1, 2012 Updates

There are other unquestionably worthy names under consideration, according to sources close to the program, starting with Boston's Doc Rivers and another college coach who knows how to deal with the one-and-done nature of tournament basketball like Coach K: Michigan State's Tom Izzo. Rivers, meanwhile, has been pushing the candidacy of Philadelphia's Doug Collins, insisting that the best redemption for the injustices of the '72 Olympics would be setting up Collins to coach the Americans to the gold that eluded him and alternatively vowing to make Collins an assistant if he gets the gig. ESPN.com

August 11, 2012 Updates

Colangelo is still a long way from picking the next head coach. He insisted he isn’t “locked in” to continuing with a college guy over an NBA guy, even though things have gone so well under Krzyzewski. If he does go college, Izzo would have to be on the very, very short list. If Colangelo opts to go with a pro candidate such as Doc Rivers, Izzo still would be a strong candidate to be an assistant. Lansing State Journal

“I’d be honored to be any part of an Olympic team,” Izzo said in a phone interview Thursday. “It would be … I dreamed about the Olympics before I ever dreamed about college basketball or anything else. It’s always been at the top of my list.” Lansing State Journal

June 2, 2012 Updates

Michigan State's Tom Izzo would love the opportunity to coach the U.S. men's basketball team in the Olympics. He's just not sure he'll get the call, figuring chairman Jerry Colangelo would opt for an NBA coach to replace Mike Krzyzewski after this summer's Olympic Games in London. Booth Newspapers

"I've said this and I mean it: I'd be a water boy on the Olympic team," Izzo said. "It's just one of the dreams I've had. It wasn't to be the head coach, it was to be part of the Olympics." Booth Newspapers

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