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Any play for Thibodeau might cost the Knicks a first-round draft pick, which they don’t have. Hence, it still seems a long shot. “He loves Chicago,’’ a coaching source who has worked with Thibodeau told The Post. “They gave him his first head-coaching opportunity. I don’t know why coaches and GMs don’t get along better. But when someone throws a boatload of money at you?” Thibodeau, for his part, would not respond. “No matter how you answer, it will keep coming up, so I don’t waste any time with that,” he said. New York Post

Thibodeau’s work this season is beyond impressive, after losing Rose to another season-ending knee injury and then ownership’s salary dump of Luol Deng. The Bulls are tied for third in the East with the Raptors at 32-26. “Twice that team had a chance to quit and instead they got better,’’ the coaching source said. “He loves the players. The players love him. That team bought into him. “The Bulls have a lot to be careful about. When you find a guy in this league who can really coach. … ”Besides his maniacal work ethic, he’s a detail freak on everything they do. New York Post

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“Anytime we can add shooting,” coach Tom Thibodeau said Friday before the Bulls’ shootaround, “we’re interested.” Thibodeau declined to specifically address Fredette, who agreed to a buyout from the Kings on Thursday. If he clears waivers Saturday, the Bulls could add him as their 13th player. “The more shooting you have, the more it opens up the floor,” Thibodeau said. “We want to open things up to attack off the dribble, with our cuts, things of that nature. We feel that is an area of need.” Chicago Tribune

Speaking on WGWG-FM 87.7 on Thursday, VP of basketball operations John Paxson again addressed all of the speculation that Thibodeau’s lifespan as the Bulls coach could be a short one, especially with the New York job likely opening up this summer. “He is not going anywhere. … I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that our team is the best prepared in the NBA with Tom as our head coach,’’ Paxson said. Chicago Sun-Times

February 27, 2014 Updates

“He’s out for the season,’’ Thibodeau said when asked again about Rose’s progress. “I don’t know what else you guys want . . . and again, I think that’s a step-by-step thing. He’s doing great; he’s out for the season. Nothing has changed there.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

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Rose talked in upbeat fashion Wednesday night about coming back even stronger from his second straigth season-ending injury. Does Thibodeau have any doubts Rose can regain his elite form? "Nope," Thibodeau said. "None." Thibodeau elaborated. "I think one of his great strengths is his attitude," he said. "In the end, this is going to make him even stronger mentally. And that’s probably the biggest thing. I saw the way he responded with the ACL. He has an even greater determination now. And I think that’s going to serve him well." Chicago Tribune

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"The nonsense is certainly that he has a deal in place," said Van Gundy, who has remained good friends with Thibodeau after the Bulls coach was an assistant on his staff in New York and Houston. "First of all, if anybody knows Tom, he's thinking about tomorrow's practice, not about next year. The friction between he and their front office, I can go only on what I read, and enough has been leaked out to the media to say that something is wrong. The Bulls have leaked out some negative stuff about how he's maybe too hard on players. He's not totally in charge if he comes back obviously because they can fire him, which I wouldn't think they would do, but listen, the NBA is a crazy place. You never know." ESPN.com

Derrick Rose is improving, but Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said Tuesday that the former MVP isn't expected to practice with the team this season as he rehabs from surgery on a torn medial meniscus in his right knee. "Most likely not," Thibodeau said. "But we'll see. He's out for the year, but he's doing great." ESPN.com

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"Me and Thibs, we're both on the same page, man," he said. "We compete, we just want to win and I'm a competitor. Of course I want to be out there when the game is on the line. If you have a teammate that doesn't want to be out there, then he shouldn't be in the NBA. But Thibs understands. We've talked about it before and he wants to win. We want to win. It's only us. Nobody’s coming to save us this year. We’ve got to do it with what we’ve got in the locker room. We're all aware of that and we’ll be ready for the next one." Chicago Tribune

February 3, 2014 Updates

Since Carlos Boozer arrived in the summer of 2010, he has started all 247 games in which he has played. Now, he's hoping to finish more. Reacting to not seeing the fourth quarter on the first two games of this six-game trip, a habit coach Tom Thibodeau employs often for defensive purposes, Boozer made clear he'd like his playing time to increase. "I think I should be out there, but it's (Thibodeau's) choice," Boozer said at Monday's morning shootaround at Sleep Train Arena. "I play. I don't coach. So he decides that. But honestly, he's been doing that a lot since I've been here, not putting me in the fourth quarter. Sometimes we win, more times than not we don't. But that's his choice." Chicago Tribune

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