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They have quality depth in Aaron Brooks, whom Thibodeau fought to get on the roster to provide insurance in case Rose started slowly, Gibson and Mirotic, which management has insisted for two years would be worth the wait after coming over from Real Madrid. NBA.com

"I'm not surprised he's improved," Thibodeau said. "The amount he's improved, I wouldn't be honest if I said I saw it coming. I thought he was capable of scoring more than he did, but playing the way he is, he's playing great. On both sides of the ball, he's an All-Star, and he's making big plays for us." NBA.com

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Whatever they did worked, as Team USA breezed through the competition, winning all nine games by an average margin of 33 points and earning the gold medal. "I just know he’s a really, really good coach. One of the best I’ve ever been around. I learned a ton from him," Williams said. "His players love him, they play hard for him. "He and I were both wide awake trying to figure out how to help our team win a gold medal. I learned a ton from him and like I said, he’s one of the best I’ve ever been around." CSN Chicago

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From the moment Brooks signed with the Bulls over the summer, Thibodeau has raved about the diminutive point guard. He loves Brooks' toughness, he loves his ability to create offensively, he just loves his game. Over the course of just a few short months, the pair has formed a bond that will be hard to break over the course of the season. That bond was evident again on Saturday night as Brooks scored 26 points, 19 in the fourth quarter, in the Bulls' 106-101 loss to the Boston Celtics. "I came in here lacking confidence," Brooks admitted. "Even when I doubted myself, he was there to tell me, 'You know what? I've watched you play, you've done well' and just to keep working hard. It's been a breath of fresh air for me." ESPN.com

Brooks has fit seamlessly into the role that guys like C.J. Watson, John Lucas III, Nate Robinson and D.J. Augustin played before him: the backup guard in a Thibodeau system that loves to feature the point guard. With Derrick Rose's fragile health status seemingly always in question, Brooks has become the man that Thibodeau is leaning on more and more to get the offense going at various points throughout the game. "I love the guy because he's tough as nails," Thibodeau said. "You can start him, you can play him big minutes, you can play him in the fourth quarter, he's going to battle people and he's going to make the right play. He's got a high IQ. When he gets into the paint he knows where everyone is and he knows what everyone can do. And he leads guys into their strengths, covers up their weaknesses, he's just tough. He's a very good player, so I'm very pleased with what he's done." ESPN.com

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Coach Thibodeau always looks like he’s on the verge of an aneurism. What, if anything, could you do to calm him down? Joakim Noah: He looks like that whether he’s happy or sad. But I’d have him do yoga with me. He could use that. The Daily Beast

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The NBA will experiment with a 44-minute game Sunday when the Nets play host to the Celtics "to examine the flow" of a shorter contest. "It's interesting," Thibodeau said. "I'm curious myself how it plays out. In some ways, the technology (we have) has been great but it also has prolonged the game. "(Commissioner) Adam Silver is very open-minded. There's part of me that likes (the idea) a lot. And there's also a part of me that thinks about the tradition of the game and the records and the history. That's where there's conflict. But the intent is good." Chicago Tribune

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Tom Thibodeau’s word of the day Saturday: Physicality. Specifically, Derrick Rose finding it again, and the Bulls’ young players still trying to understand it. Thibodeau said Day 4 of training camp was one of Rose’s best as he continued to take on normal NBA contact, accept it and improve. ‘‘He’ll be able to handle it,’’ Thibodeau said. ‘‘He just has to get used to it again. That’s why the USA Basketball stuff was so important, to get used to having contact. The more he does it, the better it is for him and the more you see the rust come off. ‘‘Now you see him start to make some of the plays he’s capable of making. Now he’s starting to get a little bit of a rhythm and starting to shoot better, which we anticipated. That’s why him practicing and practicing hard is so important.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

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