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After getting off to a 21-13 November and December, the Rockets have been 23-8 since January 1. The only team with a better winning percentage in 2014 has been the Los Angeles Clippers, at 26-8. A big reason is the resurgence of Dwight Howard, who seems to be recovered from the 2012 back surgery that hampered his lone season with the Los Angeles Lakers last season. Howard, a three-time defensive player of the year, has not only helped the Rockets in what was one of their weaknesses last year, but has averaged 19.7 points and 13.1 rebounds per 36 minutes. "The biggest thing is his health," Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said of Howard. "If you watched closely last season, he started the year off slowly and finished the year very well. And this year, he's just continued on. Everyone talks about the defense, but offensively, he's very good." USA Today Sports

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Tom Thibodeau was asked on Monday if he thought Boozer was less engaged because of his diminished role. The Bulls coach defended his power forward but also made it obvious who is calling the shots on minutes in crunch time. “We’re at the time of the year where we need everyone at their best,’’ Thibodeau said. “We have to put maximum work into it. Everyone has a job to do. You have to put the team first. … If you play well, you’re going to play.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

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Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau maintains that rehabbing point guard Derrick Rose is "nowhere near ready" to practice, but Rose is starting to do a little more on the court as he recovers from a torn meniscus in his right knee. "He's basically about the same," Thibodeau said. "He's doing a little bit more, a little bit more running now. But he's still nowhere near ready to practice. But he's doing well. His spirit's strong, body feels good, so just keep concentrating on the rehab, be a great teammate, and that's what he's doing." ESPN.com

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Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau has spent countless hours preparing to stop some of the best players in the NBA since he became an assistant coach with the Minnesota Timberwolves in 1989. So when asked Saturday whom Miami Heat star LeBron James compared to on that list, Thibodeau gave a one-word answer. “Nobody,’’ he said. No wonder the Bulls will have their hands full today when the back-to-back defending champions are in town. “Because when you’re combing the speed, the power, the skill, the passing, the vision, I mean, I can’t recall anyone that I’ve coached against that’s like that,’’ Thibodeau said. “There’s nothing he doesn’t do. He’s great with the ball, great without the ball, can post, can drive, can shoot, can really pass. If you overcommit to him, he’s going to make you pay. And he keeps getting better every year. He’s an all-time great.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

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The conversation between Anthony and Noah started as a discussion about what it's like to play for Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau. With rumors about Chicago going after Anthony as well as about Thibodeau possibly coaching the New York Knicks next season, Anthony wanted to know about Thibodeau. From there, the discussion turned to Noah telling Anthony he should join the Bulls. ESPN.com

Chris Broussard: All-Star Convo btwn @Carmelo Anthony & @Joakim Noah began as discussion on what it's like to play for Tom Thibodeau.... With rumors about Bulls going 4 Melo as well as Thibs coaching NYK, Melo wanted to know about Thibs. from there, convo turned to Noah telling Melo he should join Bulls if he wants to win ring & secure winning legacy. Twitter

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A second scout is confident Fredette, freed of being a franchise-saving point guard, will find his place as a shooting specialist for the Bulls, citing the success Ben Gordon and Kyle Korver have had in coach Tom Thibodeau's ball-movement-heavy system. The challenge will be for Fredette to embrace the role. "I would expect he and the Bulls already have had that conversation," the scout said. The other test will be whether he can defend well enough that Thibodeau will keep him on the floor and then be an efficient shooter. "Is he the caliber of shooter who can make an impact with only seven or eight shots?" one Eastern Conference executive wondered. "At BYU, that was his warm-up. He knew 20 more were coming." Bleacher Report

March 3, 2014 Updates

Coach Mike Woodson looks beaten down, almost certain to be cashiered when the season mercifully ends. The rumor mill keeps trying to find a way to bring Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau to New York next season (not a chance in hell, you hear; Thibs may have his moments with Chicago's front office, but he has no interest climbing into that septic tank). NBA.com

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Any play for Thibodeau might cost the Knicks a first-round draft pick, which they don’t have. Hence, it still seems a long shot. “He loves Chicago,’’ a coaching source who has worked with Thibodeau told The Post. “They gave him his first head-coaching opportunity. I don’t know why coaches and GMs don’t get along better. But when someone throws a boatload of money at you?” Thibodeau, for his part, would not respond. “No matter how you answer, it will keep coming up, so I don’t waste any time with that,” he said. New York Post

Thibodeau’s work this season is beyond impressive, after losing Rose to another season-ending knee injury and then ownership’s salary dump of Luol Deng. The Bulls are tied for third in the East with the Raptors at 32-26. “Twice that team had a chance to quit and instead they got better,’’ the coaching source said. “He loves the players. The players love him. That team bought into him. “The Bulls have a lot to be careful about. When you find a guy in this league who can really coach. … ”Besides his maniacal work ethic, he’s a detail freak on everything they do. New York Post

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“Anytime we can add shooting,” coach Tom Thibodeau said Friday before the Bulls’ shootaround, “we’re interested.” Thibodeau declined to specifically address Fredette, who agreed to a buyout from the Kings on Thursday. If he clears waivers Saturday, the Bulls could add him as their 13th player. “The more shooting you have, the more it opens up the floor,” Thibodeau said. “We want to open things up to attack off the dribble, with our cuts, things of that nature. We feel that is an area of need.” Chicago Tribune

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