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January 10, 2012 Updates

The Garden crowd didn’t appreciate his effort. After Douglas missed a jumper and committed a foul with 10:07 left in game, it booed and began chanting, “We want Shumpert.” It applauded moments later when Shumpert came in to replace Douglas. Certainly, the 6-foot-5, 220-pound Shumpert is easy on the eyes. He scored 16 points with six rebounds and four assists, displaying the kind of instincts and aggression that made making him a starter an easy decision for coach Mike D’Antoni. “He’s just a big guard and he is playing with a lot of confidence and he is going to get a lot better,” D’Antoni said. New York Post

Ultimately, Shumpert’s emergence should be a blessing in disguise for Douglas, who can return to doing what he does best, coming off the bench and providing a spark. The Knicks bench scored just three points last night with Mike Bibby limited with a bad knee. Douglas is a standup athlete and isn’t going to use injuries as an excuse for his slow start. “If I’m on the court I don’t make excuses,” he said. “It is what it is.” D’Antoni sees it differently. “I think his overall effectiveness hasn’t been good because of his shoulder not being quite ready,” the coach said. “Hopefully that will change.” New York Post

January 6, 2012 Updates

As bad as things look for the Knicks, a positive sign emerged from their back-to-back clunkers against the Raptors and Bobcats. On their final offensive possession of the Toronto loss, Anthony missed a 3-pointer and told everyone afterward that the play called for him to go for a tie with a quick 3. This made no sense when 17 seconds allowed plenty of time to go for a quick two and foul. Sure enough, sources say that's what the play D'Antoni drew up actually did call for Anthony to do, but point guard Toney Douglas ran the play wrong. Douglas was supposed to split Anthony and Chandler, causing defensive confusion and allowing Chandler to set a screen for Anthony, who would either pass to Chandler for a dunk, drive to the basket or take a 3-pointer as a last resort. Instead, Douglas ran to the corner, botching the timing and the spacing for Chandler's screen-and-roll. Anthony, exhausted at that point and positioned behind the 3-point line with no screener, had no choice but to launch the errant 3. So what's positive about this? Instead of throwing Douglas under the bus, Anthony covered for him and took the blame himself. CBSSports.com

December 25, 2011 Updates
December 14, 2011 Updates

Last season, the teams' two superstars, Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire, became the first pair of Knicks to both average 19 shots per game since the Kennedy administration. The duo combined to take 46% of the team's shots last year on average, the highest percentage from any pair in franchise history. But here's the thing: The Knicks don't want anything to change. Even with the addition of star center Tyson Chandler and the promotion of point guard, Toney Douglas, the Knicks don't expect many offensive tweaks. Coach Mike D'Antoni joked Tuesday that with Douglas playing point guard, Stoudemire and Anthony's shot totals are unlikely to drop because Douglas "might get killed if they do." "I think, Carmelo will take 19, Amar'e will take 19 and that's about right. I thought our offense was good last year," D'Antoni said Tuesday. "We'll get better because they know each better but they definitely won't be going down." Wall Street Journal

December 13, 2011 Updates

The talk has been that if the Cleveland Cavaliers waive Baron Davis, he could wind up with the Knicks. But if Davis' back problem, which was discovered by the Cavs' media staff, is enough to keep him out for a few weeks, should the Knicks make this move? Davis already has conditioning issues throughout his career. The one thing you can say about this Knicks team this year is that pretty much the entire group -- especially the key guys -- arrived in tremendous shape. With fitness freaks such as Amar'e Stoudemire and Toney Douglas setting the standard, the environment needs to be filled with like-minded players. Newsday

December 12, 2011 Updates

Crawford’s agent, Andy Miller, has been trying desperately for the past 48 hours to broker a three-team sign-and-trade deal between the Knicks, Hawks and another club under the salary cap to find a creative way to pay Crawford his market value, sources told The Post. The Warriors are one team Miller has tried to engage. The Knicks initially mulled dangling starting point guard Toney Douglas, an Atlanta native, in a potential deal, but they have since reconsidered, slowing progress. New York Post

December 11, 2011 Updates

One source said the trade has a better than fifty-fifty chance of happening. The third team is under the cap and can inherit a player. Knicks guard Toney Douglas, a native of Atlanta, has been included in one scenario of the talks that began yesterday. New York Post

Crawford is one of the hotter free-agents available but the market hasn't been as strong as expected for him. The Knicks only have their $2.5M mini exception available to offer in a two-year package - which Crawford would not accept. In the sign-and-trade proposal, there's a chance Crawford can clear over $5M per. New York Post

December 1, 2011 Updates

Alan Hahn: Non-CP3 #Knicks tweet: Bulked-up Toney Douglas says shoulder is fully healed. Looking fwd to teaming up with fellow ACC defender @Iman Shumpert. Twitter

November 10, 2011 Updates
October 1, 2011 Updates

Several NBA players from Atlanta are trying to put together a team to take on the other regional squads that have been assembled during the lockout. Josh Smith, Jarrett Jack, Anthony Morrow and Lou Williams have been working out together this summer and are hoping to assemble “Team Atlanta” in the near future. Eligible players would include Dwight Howard, J.J. Hickson, Al Thornton, Jordan Hill, Derrick Favors, Al-Farouq Aminu, Kwame Brown, Josh Powell, Jodie Meeks, Toney Douglas and Jarvis Hayes among others. HoopsWorld

July 2, 2011 Updates
June 22, 2011 Updates

Alex Kennedy: The New York Knicks are shopping Toney Douglas, sources confirm. They may package him with #17 to move up or move him for another player. Twitter

June 19, 2011 Updates

Toney Douglas would likely be the player traded for Flynn. However, Douglas is coming off major shoulder surgery, which in theory would make him tough to deal. But Flynn is a similar medical risk. The 6-foot guard out of Syracuse had hip surgery last July and was limited to 53 games in his second year, not including a stint in the D-League. New York Daily News

May 28, 2011 Updates

Toney Douglas says his surgically repaired right shoulder is “getting there” and he expects to be back at full strength by mid-summer. Douglas, who attended Carmelo Anthony’s birthday party at the Greenhouse NYC club in Manhattan on Thursday night, said he has been doing a variety of rehab exercises, but he’s far from 100%. New York Daily News

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