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Late Sunday night the Portland Trail Blazers contacted the representatives of unrestricted free agent guard Tony Allen, a league source conveyed to CSNNW.com. The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the free agency period, says at that at this point, the reason for the conversation was merely “exploratory” with interest on both sides. CSNNW.com

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Keith Kreiter: Ryan Allen will be joining the Bulls Summer league team-- Ryan was in vet camp with the Bulls last fall-- Ryan is the brother of Tony Allen Twitter @Edge_Sports

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And then I saw it. This big TV screen, maybe 35 inches, sitting at midcourt. It was the screen used by the referees to study replays, and it was aimed at the Grizzlies' bench. The Spurs' bench was behind the TV, but it dawned on me: Allen wasn't watching the Spurs. He was watching the TV. He was watching the replays. Unless the officials needed it, the TV was set to the network's feed. And if you've watched any of these NBA playoffs on television, you know what happens at the beginning of timeouts. Before the network cuts to a commercial, it shows one last highlight. One last clip of the game. CBSSports.com

It's all Tony Allen is thinking about now. His impending free agency feels a million years away. "I don't even understand the business side," Allen said. "When July hits, somebody is going to have to sit me down and explain it. All I know is I'm a Grizzly and I believe I'm going to be a Grizzly when it's over with. "I bleed blue. I think they going to keep me. But if they don't, I understand. "I don't even think about it now. I just play. I love being in Memphis. I love the city. Hopefully I stay here. It feels like home." ESPN.com

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In response to the NBA's $5,000 flopping fine on Grizzlies guard Tony Allen after Game 2 of the Western Conference finals, Memphis coach Lionel Hollins conceded the league's anti-flopping rules were appropriate and could possibly be enforced more widely. "Flopping isn't a part of the game and it shouldn't be a part of the game," Hollins said. "That's why we have rules in place. There are probably a few more that could be called on a lot of people still in it." ESPN.com

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The split-second decision backfired after Ginobili was assessed a Flagrant 1 foul, leading to a four-point possession that tied the game and forced overtime. (Flagrant 1s are defined as “unnecessary contact committed by a player against an opponent” per the NBA rule book.) Catastrophic as the call might have been, Ginobili said he had no major problem with the call a day after the Spurs escaped with a 93-89 victory to take a 2-0 series lead. “It was sort of a 2 on 1 or 1 against 0, and I tried to foul him,” he said. “I thought I had him well in the arm. It was not like a dangerous play or anything like that. But I guess it was. “Yeah, I was surprised. I know I grabbed his arm. I kind of hold him…but I guess he fell awkwardly. When you have three refs watching a replay 1,000 times, I guess they made the right call.” San Antonio Express-News

But if they can't do a better earlier on Parker, it won't matter. And the Grizzlies weren't biting when it comes to whether they made an impact on him. "I can't say nothing bad that they did, they're up 2-0," Tony Allen said. "In that first half, he was just unbeliveable," Conley said. CBSSports.com

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But he’s mostly bland when talking about himself. It’s a subject best left unto others, like Allen. “I’ve [known] Zach ever since I got in the league, what his skill level was,” said Allen, who joined the Grizzlies a season later in the summer of 2010. “But he was … at first all about going out and getting his. And ever since I got alongside him, he’s done a good job of mixing it up, passing the ball when you don’t have a shot, being more of a vocal leader and just a teddy bear off the court. When I say teddy bear, just a nice guy. He’s the nicest guy in the world. I saw him grow a lot despite what I heard about him previously before I got here.” Previously? “Just rough around the edges, that’s all,” Allen said, chuckling. “But me and him pretty much got the same characteristics. Growing up we overcame a lot. Right now, it’s a big time to do something big and I think that’s what his mindset is right now — trying to do something real big.” NBA.com

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