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April 17, 2015 Updates
April 16, 2015 Updates

Paul Pierce didn’t know if his Washington Wizards would encounter the Toronto Raptors in the playoffs when he sat down with ESPN.com last week in Philadelphia for a candid interview. The postseason picture hadn’t been finalized and at that point the Raptors were only a possible opponent, so he was asked about them and bluntly opined that they don’t “have the ‘It’ that makes you feel worried.” On Thursday, Pierce attempted to clarify his comments. “I really was talking about a number of teams. It wasn’t everything was focused on Toronto,” Pierce said. “I think I was voicing my opinion on a number of teams that over the years, when you see those contenders and are just like, ‘Man, they’re going to be really hard to beat. They got a chance to win a championship.’ That’s what I was really focusing on. Not to take anything away from Toronto. They’re a great team in their own right. But I guess what I mean when you’ve faced a guy like a LeBron James over the years in the playoffs, a guy that can really turn it around by himself, guys like Vince Carter and Allen Iverson.” Washington Post

As the years passed, Stoudamire admitted he had made a mistake in asking to be dealt after mentor Isiah Thomas’s failed takeover bid. Now, he says he can truly appreciate his time here. “Coming back here to Toronto, all the times I came back on an opposing team, after playing here, it never felt right. It was always weird because you know the time I felt was so short,” Stoudamire said before the Raptors closed the regular season with a win over the Charlotte Hornets. Toronto Sun

April 15, 2015 Updates

But this time, Lowry won’t be satisfied if the Raptors come up short again, even if encouraging hugs and uplifting cheers are sure to follow. “We want to play as long as possible and if we lose in the first round, I think I will be really disappointed,” Lowry said. Washington Post

April 13, 2015 Updates
April 10, 2015 Updates

SLAM: When the Lakers signed you before the start of the season, you had to look at the roster and think that you guys could make a little bit of noise. What were your expectations? Ed Davis: I knew it was going to be an old team with some veteran leadership. At the time, when I signed, we didn’t have a coach. I knew once we got a coach in here and set up that I would have an opportunity to be able to play, help contribute and just try and pick up from where I left off before I was traded from Toronto. I just wanted to show teams that I could play and I’m not a guy that’s going to be at the end of the bench his whole career. SLAM

April 9, 2015 Updates
April 8, 2015 Updates
April 7, 2015 Updates

Zach Lowe: On my potential free agent steals list today. RT @JMcDonald_SAEN: Pop says CoJo has "played his ass off" and has "earned the time." Ryan Wolstat: @ZachLowe_NBA @JMcDonald_SAEN Expect Cleveland and Toronto to take long looks … Twitter @WolstatSun


Nasty break-up and all, Air Canada is the best thing that ever happened to the Toronto Raptors.


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