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February 15, 2015 Updates

The campers, ages 16-18 and coming from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, are training with select NBA and FIBA players and coaches including Danilo Gallinari (Denver Nuggets; Italy; BWB Europe 2003), Gorgui Dieng (Minnesota Timberwolves; Senegal; BWB Africa 2009), Steven Adams (Oklahoma City Thunder; New Zealand), and Tiago Splitter (San Antonio Spurs; Brazil). “We watch [the players],” Toronto Raptors GM Masai Ujiri said Saturday morning. “How many times you get to see kids like this? We continue to watch them develop and you see them in other tournaments. But if you can see them in places like this where you can see them do skill development, it’s really good for scouts.” ZagsBlog.com

February 14, 2015 Updates

Though Bieber’s tweet (and the vast majority of the retweets) did not count and though Raptors global ambassador Drake chose not to endorse Lowry via Twitter, some players were a bit miffed by the process, most notably, Detroit guard Brandon Jennings, who indicated, again via Twitter, that being powered by celebrity endorsements was not an ideal way for players to be selected. “So I guess next year imma have rappers, actors, & etc say vote for me for all star. I mean that’s all it takes,” Jennings tweeted, before later adding he believed Lowry deserved to make the team. Toronto Sun

February 13, 2015 Updates

It turns out that Lowry—who at 6 feet tall is one of the shortest players in the league—hasn’t dunked in a regular-season game since 2008. That stunned him. Lowry was sure he hadn’t dunked since 2006. His face lit up recently when he was told he was wrong. It was as if he had just found a $100 bill on the pavement. Lowry shouted across a noisy gym at practice to teammate Chuck Hayes and then frantically summoned everyone he could see to reminisce about this moment of glory. “Come here!” he yelled. Wall Street Journal

February 12, 2015 Updates

The Raptors have found chemistry, something that's almost impossible to measure or explain, something the organization values above all else, and messing with it at this stage could be risky. "You look at past history where teams have been in a positive situation, they've been winning or maybe they've lost but they're in a great situation as far as standings go," Patterson said. "And they make a trade and next thing you know that trade messes up the chemistry and causes them to play horribly, have problems in the locker room, thus resulting in a horrible season after that and losing in the playoffs too early. If you look in the past this happened multiple times." "The position we are in now, it's not by accident," DeRozan added. "It's the hard work and the talent and the guys that we've got here. Granted, we had a couple of injuries here and there, me being out, [James Johnson] missing a few games, but I think once we're back on our feet, we'll get back to how we were at the start of the season." TSN

Casey: “You would think we already left for vacation tonight on a couple of possessions. What I liked about tonight is they kept grinding and it’s a grind-it-out league. Things are not easy. We have no easy games. If we don’t play the way we played down the stretch we aren’t going to beat too many teams. We aren’t going to out-talent anybody. We’ve got to do it collectively. That play where Kyle (Lowry) dove on the floor from about 15-feet or whatever it was and wrecked up his hand… those are the kinds of plays we need to make. The charge I thought that Amir (Johnson) had that David disagreed with? Those are the kind of plays we have to make.” HoopsAddict.com

February 11, 2015 Updates

Fame can be tricky. Evans went from a small-school, seldom-used bench-warmer to being recognized by Las Vegas tourists. Ross, though, seemed more annoyed than anything by the idea that he would be known for one skill. "I don't know, it's just something that I wanted to do my first year, something they made me do my second year," he said, explaining the NBA asked him to return as defending champion last season. "It was fun doing it, but I don't think it defined me." USA Today Sports

February 7, 2015 Updates
February 6, 2015 Updates
February 5, 2015 Updates

The Raptors are one of several teams sniffing around for a roster upgrade, specifically at the power forward spot. A few names continue to surface around league sources when talking about Toronto, the biggest being Indiana’s David West, the next is Chicago’s Taj Gibson, then Denver’s Kenneth Faried and then there is a long list of B and C tier names that Toronto might consider at the deadline if all else fails. The Raptors are not offering much and that’s likely why there has been so little traction. There has been a long running joke among hoop heads that when Raptors president Masai Ujiri calls, you should say you are busy as you are about to get fleeced. Basketball Insiders

The Raptors have five ending contracts: Amir Johnson ($7 million), Landry Fields ($6.25 million), Chuck Hayes ($5.95 million), Lou Williams ($5.45 million) and Tyler Hansbrough ($3.32 million). It’s unlikely the Raptors look at anything involving Williams, but it seems that any combination of the others would get traction from Toronto’s side. The Raptors do own almost all of their future picks both in the first round and the second round, with their 2015 second going to Atlanta as the only traded pick at this point. The Raptors do have a couple of pick swap options, but for the most part they have draft picks to play with if so inclined. Basketball Insiders


Nasty break-up and all, Air Canada is the best thing that ever happened to the Toronto Raptors.


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