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October 24, 2013 Updates

Initially, there was some speculation that McGrady was going to return overseas for another season, that his retirement was only from the NBA and not from basketball altogether. However, McGrady says that was never the case and that he won’t be returning to the court – in any country. “I just wanted to play that one year and have my fans in China get to see me up close and personal before I shut it down,” McGrady said. “I really had no plans on playing over there again. I’m just so excited to be home with my family right now watching basketball, going to basketball games and becoming a fan now. I can take my kids to a Rockets game and be with them; that’s what I’m looking forward to. I don’t want to play basketball anymore, I’m over it. I enjoyed my 16-year career and now it’s time to open up that second chapter.” HoopsWorld

The 34-year-old McGrady wants to start the next chapter of his life so he decided it was time to walk away from the league that he had played in since he was a teenager out of Mount Zion Christian Academy. Now, less than two months into his retirement and days away from the start of the 2013-14 season, McGrady couldn’t be happier with his decision. “Shoot,” McGrady says, “I’m loving it.” HoopsWorld

“I was just drained and tired of the bull**** to be honest with you,” McGrady said. “Not really getting the opportunity to show what I could do, I wasn’t going to put myself through that kind of situation again. HoopsWorld

“Right now, I’m just enjoying my life and enjoying being free. It hasn’t been that way since I was 18 years old; every year grinding it out, getting my body ready for the NBA’s rigorous regular season. I’d be in training camp and preseason right now, but instead I get to relax and be with my kids, just enjoying life. My kids love it and I’m really enjoying the opportunity to be around them. My boys are seven and four right now and my daughters are 10 and five. Just to be able to go out and get to see them play in their little league, basketball league and soccer league, it feels so good to be out there and to see that. I love that. They love having me there, seeing them play, and that brings joy to me. Being away and traveling all the time during an NBA season, you don’t get those opportunities so I’m enjoying it.” HoopsWorld

“To go from the level I was playing at, to having my knee blow out on me and then to try to work out to get to that level again and just not being able to do it, that’s when I contemplated [using performance-enhancing drugs],” McGrady said. “I tried going to Germany [for platelet-rich plasma therapy] and I tried everything you could possibly try. I tried doing it the right way and it just didn’t happen. I got back healthy, but not to my explosive self. Confidence-wise and mentally, that was tough. It was probably the biggest challenge for me to get over. That hurdle was tough. It was just a mental block that I just couldn’t erase. I couldn’t do a lot of the moves that I was accustomed to doing, and it was challenging in the beginning. When I did overcome that, I had lost the desire to still play ball. The last three years, I gave it a go, but I was mentally ejected.” HoopsWorld

“I really don’t have any interest in coaching, but maybe I’ll be a GM,” McGrady said. “That’s something that I could see myself doing. I think playing in the league for so long and recognizing talent could help me in that job. Not only that, but I’m a student of the game. I know players, I know their tendencies, I know what they like to do. I have a high basketball I.Q. and I know the game. With that knowledge and experience, I think that would go a long way.” HoopsWorld

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Though he admits he never actually “crossed that line,” the now retired 16-year NBA vet revealed he considered using PEDs to regain not just his ailing knee health, but confidence. “I read up on it and saw the side effects,” he told Ernie Johnson on NBA TV’s open court, referring to why he decided not to go down that path. SportsGrid.com

October 10, 2013 Updates

``Honestly, when I’m sitting home and I don’t have anything to watch on TV, I pop those tapes in from the playoffs with the Magic and watch them,’’ McGrady said on Thursday. ``I’ll probably do it three or four times a week. I’ll watch those games from Orlando and Houston, watch my playoff games and reflect on what I was doing out there. When you are in the moment like that, you don’t fully grasp it. But now that I can sit back and analyze it, and see stretches where I scored like 15 straight points, I kind of amaze myself with some of the stuff that I was able to accomplish.’’ Many of those same highlights will be shown on the Amway Center video board when McGrady will be honored by the Magic on Opening Night on Nov. 1 before the home opener against the New Orleans Pelicans. As part of their 25th anniversary season, the Magic plan on bringing back and honoring several of the top players from the franchise’s history. NBA.com

October 4, 2013 Updates

When we came in, it appeared that T-Mac was just finishing a conversation with GM Daryl Morey when James Harden walked over to him. They talked for some time, then Dwight Howard came over. Howard and McGrady spoke for about 20 minutes. T-Mac did not speak to the media. I’m told he just came to hang out, though obviously you wonder if there is some other reason. “Gettin’ some knowledge, gettin’ some knowledge,” said Harden of his talk with McGrady. “What he did here and how can he help me and how can I better myself as a basketball player and as a person? It’s always good to get the advice from the older guys who have been here and done that. It kind of helps me out. I just sit back and listen.” Clutchfans

September 25, 2013 Updates

Former NBA star Tracy McGrady has made it clear that he has no intention of playing in the Chinese basketball league again. There were reports that the seven-time NBA all-star was in talks with several Chinese basketball clubs over the salary issue, reports Xinhua. “That’s not the truth because I have no intention of playing in the NBA or the CBA,” McGrady said on Sina Weibo, Chinese equivalent of Twitter. SportsKeeda

September 21, 2013 Updates

Seven-time NBA All-Star and two-time NBA scoring champion Tracy McGrady retired from the National Basketball Association last month yet is hoping for another win when the Biloxi Council votes on financing for a minor league baseball stadium in the city. It isn't certain when that vote to back a $21 million bond to build a stadium will come. But McGrady, 34, is putting his money behind the project as an investor and part-owner of the baseball team. "This will be a dream come true. It's a lifelong vision of mine to be a part of baseball," he said in a phone interview with the Sun Herald. "I made it in basketball but I always wanted to play baseball, If a ballpark comes out of this I'll be more than pleased." Sun Herald

It might seem unusual for a basketball star to back a baseball team, but T-Mac, as McGrady is popularly known, was a two-sport star at Auburndale High School in central Florida and aspired to play baseball in the major leagues. "I love baseball. That was my first love," McGrady said. "Even to this day I love baseball more than I love basketball. People from my hometown would understand that." Sun Herald

September 17, 2013 Updates
September 14, 2013 Updates

He didn’t stay, of course. McGrady, who grew up in tiny Auburndale, Fla., fled to nearby Orlando only months after his 21st birthday, and his return trips to the Air Canada Centre would be accompanied by the vicious boos of a jilted populous. But more than 13 years later, in the days since he announced his retirement from the NBA last month at age 34, McGrady has been looking back fondly on his time in the NBA’s Canadian outpost. “In hindsight, looking back, obviously I wish I had stayed in Toronto,” McGrady was saying in a recent telephone interview from his home in the Houston area. “There’s no doubt we could have contended for a championship. I think about that often. But if ‘if’ was a fifth, you know?” Toronto Star

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