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August 22, 2013 Updates

At least one NBA star is willing to say it -- Kobe Bryant is a much tougher opponent than his airness, Michael Jordan was ... at least according to Tracy McGrady. (Pause for lightning bolts) McGrady was responding to Kobe's recent comment that T-Mac was the hardest player he ever had to guard -- so, we expected him to throw a little praise back at Kobe. But watch his comments at LAX -- McGrady wasn't just being nice ... and actually went out of his way to say it's "not even close" who his toughest assignment was on the court. Remember, McGrady checked Jordan during MJ's final title run in Chicago ... when he was still making players look foolish. TMZ.com

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August 4, 2013 Updates

I remember being in a scrum with Trady McGrady at the NBA Finals talking about his experiences in China and him telling us he found some restaurant in every city in the league that served “American” food and that he seldom went out so there are those who don’t assimilate at all. But I also remember talking to Matt Bonner on several occasions where he explained how much fun he had, and how much history he soaked up, during his time in Italy so there are extremes and it really depends on the willingness of the person to grow as men. Toronto Star

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July 28, 2013 Updates

In a pre-game press conference in Nanning, McGrady said he might come back to China Basketball Association (CBA) league despite its under par competitive environment. "For those who have played years in NBA and still want to prolong their career like me, CBA is a great alternative," said McGrady who played a whole CBA season before he joined the Spurs, clutched 25 points, 7.2 rebounds and 5.1 assists per game, and his all-star performance help him sustain his highly respectable status in China. China.org.cn

July 3, 2013 Updates

First, let’s do a roll call shall we? The following were present at the game, either participating in the game or watching from the sidelines: Yao Ming, Tracy Mcgrady, Joakim Noah, Metta World Peace, Luis Scola, George Hill, Kyle Lowry, Ricky Rubio, Chris Singleton, John Wall, Damian Lillard, Jrue Holiday, Chinese players Yi Jianlian, Wang Zhelin, Sun Yue, Liu Wei, Wang Zhi Zhi and super-famous Brazil and Real Madrid soccer/futbol player Kaka. Yes, that Kaka. (Bonus: Here’s a hilarious picture of Kaka with Yao and Wang Zhi Zhi from last night.) SLAM

June 26, 2013 Updates

Aquille Carr’s professional career in China has begun. After posting 15 points and 8 assists in Chengdu followed by 9 points and 7 assists in Shenzhen against the Bayi Rockets during the USA Legends Tour, Carr was offered a contract in China for next season. “How does it feel to have your first CBA contract offer?” Qingdao Double Star owner Max Shicanbin asked Carr. Shocked, Carr said that he would have to talk with his agent. But Tracy McGrady stepped in and volunteered to assume the role, playing both sides of the fence with the owner of the club he played for until he joined the Spurs. SLAM

“We want stability,” McGrady said in his new role of player representative. “We also want a guaranteed contract and position on the team.” SLAMonline had the chance to talk with Carr after the game, and he was humbled by the opportunity to spend an entire season in China. SLAM

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June 20, 2013 Updates

"People put the label on McGrady that he's not a hard worker, or that he's lazy, but that wasn't the case at all," Thomas said. "When you watched him play, he was always in position, and he was faster than everyone else, so once he got there, once he got to the position, everyone else was a second late. Which, consequently, gave him some time to relax." Grantland

McGrady still intrigues. Media members quickly built a circle around him on an off day's practice at a time when Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, and other Spurs were available to them. One reporter began a question by stating that McGrady had not played the night before. "Shit, I don't think I am going to play," McGrady said. "I watch just like you. I just have a better seat." Grantland

McGrady considered becoming the face of the post-Jordan Bulls. Jerry Krause initially wanted to draft McGrady in 1997, but backed away at the last minute. Signing with Chicago would mean more exposure, more endorsement dollars, and probably more success. "That's where he should have went," Smith, his AAU coach, said. "He should have went to Chicago. There's no question. There's no doubt in my mind." Grantland

Davis and Rivers sought ways to wrest the most from McGrady's talent. "I'm sure there were times when he wondered, Well, why are you questioning my work ethic? I just gave you 37 points," Davis said. "But, had he worked harder, maybe that was a 47-point night. Maybe there was no need for him to try to make one at the buzzer. Had he done this the whole game it wouldn't have even been close. Only he knows that. We look at it and we say, 'Man, he's not working hard enough.' But sometimes guys have an easiness about them that makes it appear that way, and again only Tracy can answer that." Grantland

"That's really the story of my career," McGrady said, not with regret or resignation, but with clarity. "What if. What if Grant Hill was healthy when we were in Orlando and what if the Magic would have signed Timmy as well? What if I was healthy when Yao was healthy and when we played a Game 7 against the Lakers in the second round? What-ifs. That's what you can put on my career. 'What If: Tracy McGrady's Career.'" Grantland

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