HoopsHype Trade rumors

December 19, 2014 Updates

Jamal Crawford hears the chatter. While some athletes say they tune out trade rumors or speculation, particularly when it involves themselves, Crawford hears it but doesn’t stress about it. “I’m done worrying,” said Crawford, who’s on his sixth different team in 14-plus NBA seasons. “I’ve proven myself, honestly, over the course of time…Me personally, I’m fine. I can play basketball anywhere, so I’m not worried about it.” NBA.com

If the Clippers make a trade or bring in a free agent such as Ray Allen, Crawford said he’d understand and he’d welcome the addition. That could mean fewer minutes for him. It could even mean he gets dealt. But he’s not sweating it. Image of the Clippers voting hub for the NBA All-Star Team “I’ve been in trade rumors ever since I’ve been here, which is the weirdest thing,” Crawford said. “But that’s part of the business, honestly. I can play wherever. I can play here, I would love to play here. But if not, if something happens, you move on and do what you’ve got to do.” NBA.com

If it’s up to him, though, he’s happy where he is and would prefer to stay with the Clippers. “I love it here,” Crawford said. “I signed to come here. My family’s very comfortable here. It’s weird because most people, you think L.A., they think bright lights. I’m not here for commercials or going out. I enjoy my teammates, I enjoy the coaching staff, I enjoy the fans and the organization, but I do understand it’s a business. If something were to happen, no hard feelings and you move on.” NBA.com

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