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While an MRI on Thursday made the team encouraged about his prospects for a speedy recovery, Ariza will not play on Saturday when the Wizards host the Cleveland Cavaliers. “He’s going to probably miss a couple of games here. That’s what I’m anticipating. What that entails – is it a week? – I don’t know,” Coach Randy Wittman said. “He had a little bit of swelling. That’s the main thing you want to see get out first. And get a better gauge of day to day, where he’s at and how he’s feeling, the strain that he had.” Washington Post

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Kevin Seraphin attempted to mimic the play, cocking his arm far behind his head as he stood in front of Nene, but Eric Maynor shook his head and offered a different explanation. Nene finally chipped in from his own angle. They didn’t exactly agree on how it went down, but Wizards players agreed on one thing after practice: Jan Vesely has just thrown down one of the nastiest dunks that they’ve seen during an intense scrimmage. “It was disgusting,” forward Trevor Ariza said, scrunching his face. “It looked like a nuclear explosion. Everybody curse at the same time,” Nene said. Washington Post

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How was that phone call when you were told Ukraine wanted you? PJ: My agent Andre Buck told me 'Yo, this is getting serious, man'. I really thought about it and all my friends told me I should do it. You are going out there, you're going to play basketball, even though you are away from home... Get that experience, playing for coach Fratello. Go for it. Everybody was pushing me to do it: Baron Davis, Bobby Brown, Brandon Heath, Trevor Ariza... HoopsHype

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Prior to the draft, Grunfeld said the Wizards might already have a player capable of being a “stretch four” already on the roster. The summer league will serve as an important time for both Vesely and Singleton to distinguish themselves as they head into possibly their final seasons in Washington. The Wizards also have the expiring contracts of Okafor ($14.5 million) and Ariza ($7.7 million) to use as trade chips for possible upgrades, as well. “We expect to have everybody back,” Grunfeld said, “but having said that, if the right opportunity comes along, it’s something that we’ll look at, but right now we expect to have everybody that we have on the roster currently, and we are having conversations as we move along like every team is.” Washington Post

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Alagappan likes to open with a parable about medicine, noting that almost two thousand years ago the Roman physician Galen theorized that all illnesses could be classified under one of four bodily fluids. As science evolved, doctors grew to understand that diseases and their cures were much more complex. And so it is now with basketball, Alagappan says, arguing that the oversimplified constructs of point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center should be replaced by a more sophisticated list of positions as varied as "low-usage ball-handlers," like Trevor Ariza and Courtney Lee, to "mid-range big men" like Brandon Bass and Glenn Davis. San Jose Mercury-News

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The Wizards fully expected that Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza would be under contract through the 2013-14 season when they acquired them last June from the New Orleans Hornets in exchange for Rashard Lewis’s expiring contract. Okafor and Ariza have early-termination options in their contracts for next season, but both confirmed this week their intentions to finish out their respective deals. “I don’t know many people who are going to leave money on the table and I’m not one of the people to do that, so most likely,” said Ariza, who is slated to earn $7.7 million next season. Washington Post

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Let's set the scene for you: The Wizards trail by one point with 12 seconds left. After working the ball around, Trevor Ariza gets a good look at a shot from the corner. He lets it fly at the buzzer ... and ... it ... goes in! Just kidding. No it didn't. It was an airball. But Buckhantz, who later blamed a poor angle on the play, thought it was a perfect swish and yelled "daaaaaaaaagggggggggggerrrrrr!" thinking the Wizards had just pulled off a stunning win with a clutch shot. Nevermind that Ariza didn't pump his first or get swarmed by teammates. Instead he walked sadly off the court with the swagger of a 9-year-old who had just been told bad news about the family pet. USA Today Sports

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