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September 25, 2013 Updates

Booker will be a restricted free agent next summer, but said he wouldn’t allow his contract situation to have a negative influence on him. “Just try to block it out and play my game,” he said. “Just go out there and do what they want me to do. My jumper is looking a lot better. My confidence is high right now.” Washington Post

June 28, 2013 Updates

It’s a nice sentiment, but everyone last night seemed to be overlooking the fact that Trevor Booker currently wears No. 35 for the Wizards. The comments didn’t get past Booker, who took to Twitter to let us all know that he doesn’t find any of this cute. Trevor Booker: That was funny Twitter

January 10, 2013 Updates

There’s also a chance forward Trevor Booker makes it back for Saturday night’s game. Booker sprained his right knee during the preseason and has not played since aggregating the injury in a loss to the Indiana Pacers on Nov. 19. Washington Post

January 4, 2013 Updates
January 3, 2013 Updates
December 17, 2012 Updates

The Wizards are in desperate need of a point guard until John Wall comes back and are willing to move one of their bigs for a veteran point, league sources say. But will there be much interest in the likes of Trevor Booker (who hasn't played in three weeks since suffering a knee injury)? With the worst record in the league at the quarter pole, Washington is not at all interested in dealing its 2013, first-round and likely top-three pick. NBA.com

December 14, 2012 Updates
December 11, 2012 Updates
December 2, 2012 Updates

Trevor Booker is no longer going to be listed as day-to-day with a strained right knee. Booker has missed the past five games since getting injured in a loss against Indiana nearly two weeks ago, but Coach Randy Wittman said on Sunday there is still “soreness and swelling” in Booker’s knee and that the energetic forward wouldn’t return for “probably another couple of weeks.” While traveling with the team to New York last week, Booker visited with a doctor who informed him that he needed to rest for a while longer before coming back. “They said I shouldn’t play until don’t have any pain,” Booker said. “I’ll wait for that to clear up, but I’m feeling better each day.” Washington Post

November 26, 2012 Updates
November 7, 2012 Updates

Garnett gave Booker the autograph, and watching Garnett giving back to his community during his early years in the NBA encouraged Booker to follow the same path when he entered the league. The past two summers, Booker has hosted a weekend-long charity basketball tournament on the same court as Garnett once did – even though Mauldin is about 50 miles from Booker’s hometown of Whitmire. Booker also now shares the same agent as Garnett, Andy Miller, so he doesn’t have the same problem speaking to a 36-year-old, future Hall of Famer that he continues to admire. “I talk to him now,” Booker said with a laugh. “He was my idol growing up, so it’s always different listening to your idol. It’s a big thing for me, with him being from South Carolina and me being from South Carolina. And me growing up, watching him play.” Washington Post

The NBA mandates that every team in the league hold a seminar for its players on the business of basketball. The class covers things like ticket pricing, team operations and league offerings, such as health insurance. To satisfy the requirement, the head of each business unit in the Wizards organization made a presentation to the team last week during an hour-long session led by Ed Tapscott, the team’s director of player development. To make it fun and to encourage the players to pay attention, Tapscott gave a quiz at the end, complete with prizes. Naturally, John Wall got all of the questions right, and was rewarded with two courtside seats for a future game. “He cheated,” Trevor Booker told me when I asked about Wall’s victory. “I got them all right too, but I cheated. I didn’t get a prize, because I admitted that I cheated. I’m an honest man.” Even while cheating? “Even while cheating,” he said, with a straight face. Washington Post

October 19, 2012 Updates
July 18, 2012 Updates

After developing some soreness in his foot, Booker decided that he should have another treatment last week. Booker said the procedure required taking blood from his right arm and putting it in his foot. “I said, ‘Okay, I’ll try it. I definitely felt better the first time. I feel even better the second time,’ ” Booker said, adding that the injury was simply plantar fasciitis and nothing more. “My foot is feeling really good. I think that’s going to push me over the edge.” Washington Post

June 18, 2012 Updates

Craig Stouffer: Roger Mason, Trevor Booker with Verizon Center cameos. Mason says pin in finger comes out Tues. Back next season? "We'll see." #Wizards Twitter

April 22, 2012 Updates

Wizards' Trevor Booker told me he's offended LeBron James is resting tonight. "It definitely bothers me. The only thing we can do is make them pay for that,'' he said. Booker considers it a sign of disrespect. "'Definitely. This time of the season, the teams that are already in the playoffs, they probably think they're going to beat us anyway, so they can rest some of their guys. The only thing we can do is come out and make them pay for it.'' Sulia

April 11, 2012 Updates

I once did an interview with former DC United soccer player Charlie Davies while we got pedicures, so when Wizards team podiatrist Dr. Howard Osterman went on record saying that a “handful of his team’s players” get regular pedicures, it wasn’t surprising. But then I started thinking about which Wizards would go on record themselves about it. “My toes are so ugly that I wouldn’t dare,” said Mo Evans when I asked if he was one of the ones with sweet feet. “I tried to go one time, a long, long time ago and I was embarrassed when the lady started trying to shave stuff.” Trevor Booker admitted that he goes about once a month. “It makes my feet softer,” he explained. “I usually go to the Pentagon Mall. They always put on gloves when I come in.” It’s one thing for big athletes to admit to getting pampered, but is it okay for regular men to get them? “Yeah, that’s cool,” Booker said. Washington Post

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