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June 18, 2012 Updates

Craig Stouffer: Roger Mason, Trevor Booker with Verizon Center cameos. Mason says pin in finger comes out Tues. Back next season? "We'll see." #Wizards Twitter

April 22, 2012 Updates

Wizards' Trevor Booker told me he's offended LeBron James is resting tonight. "It definitely bothers me. The only thing we can do is make them pay for that,'' he said. Booker considers it a sign of disrespect. "'Definitely. This time of the season, the teams that are already in the playoffs, they probably think they're going to beat us anyway, so they can rest some of their guys. The only thing we can do is come out and make them pay for it.'' Sulia

April 11, 2012 Updates

I once did an interview with former DC United soccer player Charlie Davies while we got pedicures, so when Wizards team podiatrist Dr. Howard Osterman went on record saying that a “handful of his team’s players” get regular pedicures, it wasn’t surprising. But then I started thinking about which Wizards would go on record themselves about it. “My toes are so ugly that I wouldn’t dare,” said Mo Evans when I asked if he was one of the ones with sweet feet. “I tried to go one time, a long, long time ago and I was embarrassed when the lady started trying to shave stuff.” Trevor Booker admitted that he goes about once a month. “It makes my feet softer,” he explained. “I usually go to the Pentagon Mall. They always put on gloves when I come in.” It’s one thing for big athletes to admit to getting pampered, but is it okay for regular men to get them? “Yeah, that’s cool,” Booker said. Washington Post

February 8, 2012 Updates

With the Knicks missing their two all-star forwards, who combined to score 50 points, in the win last month, Booker is looking at the rematch as an opportunity for the Wizards (5-20) to win back-to-back games for the first time since last April 9-11. “I mean, we should, with Amare and Melo out, it’s a game that we should win,” Booker said. “We was close with them last time and they had both of them. I feel we definitely should get it. It’ll boost our confidence. Amare and Melo is out, so it’s a good opportunity to take advantage of.” Washington Post

November 29, 2011 Updates

Trevor Booker’s stint in Israel came to abrupt end before he was even able to play a regular season game for Bnei HaSahron because of bruised right quadriceps. Booker returned to the United States to rehabilitate the injury with trainer Tim Martin in Houston. Booker said three weeks ago that he selfishly wanted the lockout to last a little longer so that he would be prepared for training camp. But he appears to be improving and said he should be ready when the Wizards are expected to open camp on Dec. 9. “Leg [is] feeling great,” Booker wrote in a text message when asked how his rehab was coming along. Washington Post

November 14, 2011 Updates
November 10, 2011 Updates
November 9, 2011 Updates

Trevor Booker is in Dallas rehabilitating a bruised right quadriceps that forced to him to leave his Israeli team, Bnei HaSharon. Booker isn’t sure when he’ll be able to return, so while he is anxious for the NBA lockout to end, he also understands that he might not be ready for training camp with the Wizards if a new agreement is reached soon. “I kind of selfishly don’t want it to end yet, because of my leg,” Booker said in a recent telephone interview. “At the same time, I’m ready to get back to D.C. and get back to work.” Washington Post

“One day my leg locked up real tight on me and I couldn’t bend it,” Booker said. “I’ve been rehabbing ever since. I tried to rehab over there and I was getting frustrated and I felt like it wasn’t working, so I came back over here to see what they could do. The doctor didn’t give me a timetable. It’s a difficult injury, but at the same time, it’s not serious.” Bnei HaSharon replaced Booker with Sacramento Kings forward J.J. Hickson, but Hickson was sent back after one game, reportedly for being late to a couple of practices. Booker is still under contract with Bnei HaSharon and plans to return if he heals and the NBA labor situation remains unresolved. “I’m still available. If my leg gets right before the lockout, I’m going back over there,” he said. “I was there for a month, but it was a great experience. I got to see what life is like over there, what it’s like playing basketball overseas. I really enjoyed my experience.” Washington Post

November 8, 2011 Updates

On a positive note, Bnei Hasharon's first NBAer Trevor Booker, who left Israel (injury) without playing an official game, is successfully rehabbing with specialists in Dallas. Booker, who's been closely following his Israeli team from a distance, expressed great interest in returning to holy-land indicating that if all goes well, his comeback might be within the next two weeks. 'I'm in the process of rehabbing daily and getting back to my full strength.' Booker told Eurobasket adding, 'my focus is to get better and I'm really looking forward to reuniting with my Bnei family.' Eurobasket.com

October 22, 2011 Updates

Though Bnei Hasharon quickly replaced Booker with Sacramento Kings forward J.J. Hickson, Miller said Booker is “not done” in Israel. Miller said Booker’s return to Bnei Hasharon would be based on his recovery and the timing of the NBA lockout. Miller also represents Hickson. Washington Post

Wizards forward Trevor Booker left Israel on Friday and is returning home after suffering a bruised thigh while playing for Bnei Hasharon. A person close to Booker said the injury isn’t considered too serious, but he is coming back to get checked by his doctor and then begin the rehabilitation process. Washington Post

October 20, 2011 Updates
September 22, 2011 Updates
September 15, 2011 Updates

The chilled atmosphere, English conversation along with the Heinz ketchup and mustard gave Booker the impression that maybe he didnt land in Timbuktu after all. However, under the circumstances that brought him here, Booker was feeling unfortunate he didnt receive the good luck blessing from NBA coach Flip Saunders. 'The sad part about this whole situation is that due to the lockout I was unable to talk to anyone from the Wizards' management or coaching staff before coming to Israel. They couldnt even say goodbye or good luck.' Eurobasket.com

August 31, 2011 Updates

Booker decided to sign with Bnei HaSharon of the Israeli Basketball League earlier this month, becoming the first Wizard to take his talents overseas as the NBA and the players’ union try to settle the labor dispute. He has an opt-out clause that will allow him to return to the NBA when the lockout ends, but he felt he had to go elsewhere with so much uncertainty. “I didn’t get to finish my season. I feel like I got cheated a little bit, injuring my foot. So I wanted to go overseas and get some competition,” Booker said. “This is my first time experiencing something like this. It’s new to me, but I think I’m handling it pretty well.” Washington Post

August 30, 2011 Updates
August 5, 2011 Updates

Booker is the first member of the Wizards to sign with a team overseas since the lockout began on July 1. Booker’s agent, Andy Miller, said that Booker had been “getting an earful for about 40 days” about the possibility of playing overseas until the right deal came along with the team that plays in the top division of Israeli basketball. Wizards General Manager Ernie Grunfeld’s son, Dan, played for Bnei HaSharon last season. Booker has traveled overseas to Turkey and Serbia and said he was “definitely open.” After speaking with his parents, Booker decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. “I’m real excited,” Booker said in a telephone interview on Thursday. “I get to play against some competition again. I think it will be a neat experience, so I’m definitely excited.” Washington Post

“We thought this was a way to kill two birds with one stone,” Miller said. “We felt that it was important for him, having had the last fifth of the season taken away from him and subsequently the first month or so of the summer taken away from him as well, because he was in a cast, it’s important for us to get him playing, to get him more opportunities and more visibility. He hasn’t had that.” Booker plans to leave for Israel next month and his business manager, Oliver Hill plans to tag along and assist Booker with getting acclimated to the new country. Miller said he doesn’t expect Booker to have any problems in Israel. “I think the transition will be very seamless for him. He’s a very mature kid.” Washington Post

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