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While the major statistical categories are about the same, it’s also worth noting that Burke has limited his turnovers and fouls and that, at times, he seems more in control on the court. He’s the first person to admit that he’s still learning, but he’s optimistic about the progress he’s making since, again, he’s still so young. “I’m much more comfortable,” Burke told Basketball Insiders. “I’m starting to understand the very small things that will help me get to where I want to be in my career. There are some things you don’t understand until you actually experience a year or two in the NBA. One of the main things was the schedule. Going from 30 games to 82 games is a big adjustment for really anyone who’s coming from college to the NBA. That’s something that I’ve definitely learned to cope with.” Basketball Insiders

One topic that has recently been brought up is what should the Jazz do with the lottery pick that they’ll have in the 2015 NBA Draft? As previously stated, they already have so much young talent, so should they try to trade it for a veteran contributor? Or should they use the pick and add another piece to their core? “If I had to make the call, I would probably go best available,” Burke said regarding Utah’s draft pick. “You always want good talent to be a part of your team. [I’d try to take] a guy who loves to compete and at the same time is very talented. That’s probably what I would do.” Basketball Insiders

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Alex Kennedy: I asked @Trey Burke if he thinks Utah makes playoffs next year. With no hesitation, he said: "West is brutal but we definitely think we can." Twitter @AlexKennedyNBA

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Guard Trey Burke and center Enes Kanter could be on the move; guard Dante Exum and center Rudy Gobert make them expendable. Yahoo! Sports

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Point guard Trey Burke was also quite surprised when word of mouth got back to him in New York on Thursday, where he, Gobert and rookie Dante Exum are attending All-Star Weekend festivities. "It’s a little surprising as a teammate,” Burke said. "Sometimes guys hold things in, they bottle things (up) and … just got to let what they really feel go. I’m not saying I agree with it. At the same time, I’m not one of those guys to get super angry about it.” Deseret News

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By now, it isn't breaking news that Dante Exum is the new starting floor leader. It also isn't much of a secret that Burke was initially disappointed with coming off the bench. But he's played admirably in his new role. He says that he's more comfortable with the change and he's adjusting to being more of a scorer. Salt Lake Tribune

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The other was almost three years ago, Trey Burke texted me that he was leaving after his freshman year. Cleaned out his dorm room or apartment, then went back home, and both Beilein and his dad convinced him to come back for his sophomore year. It was the best decision that he made, because he ended up being a lottery pick and having a player of the year season as a sophomore. But he’s the one that told me he was leaving, and I wrote it “according to sources,” and then he changed his mind, and so Michigan fans were mad, and rightfully so. “Hey, Goodman was wrong, he said Trey Burke was leaving after his freshman year and he didn’t.” I get it. The Big Lead

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