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But the NBA lockout has put everything on hold. So Thompson, who left school for the pros after wrapping up his freshman year last spring, is back as a full-time student, at least for as long as the NBA owners and players can't agree on how to divide $3.82 billion in revenue. His three adjectives? "Funny, intelligent, and swaggy." His last proves the first, and gets a laugh from classmates in one of the four courses he's taking on his way to a degree in communications and one day, perhaps, a career in broadcasting. Basketball can wait; for now Thompson is a maturing student learning a very different set of lessons. SportsNet

It is barely past 10 a.m. and the temperature has already cracked 100° F in the drought-ridden Texas hill country. Thompson is riding the Crossing Place bus through campus, on his way to class from the first of what are often two daily workouts, dabbing his forehead and neck with a towel. This morning was an individual skills session run by Chris Babcock, an assistant coach with the Texas Longhorns and son of former Toronto Raptors GM Rob Babcock (Thompson, a Raptors fan, still rips Chris about his dad's trade of Vince Carter). While he's having a hard time handling the heat, Thompson has no problem fitting in as a student. Today, he's wearing a plain white T-shirt, baggy basketball shorts and old-school Chuck Taylors. Hints of the NBA player-to-be are his understated black diamond earrings ("Big jewellery is done," he says) and a tan MCM leather knapsack, only available in high-end shops like Saks Fifth Avenue. "My little treat," he says. SportsNet

Thompson shot just 48.7 percent from the free-throw line, indicative of shooting fundamentals requiring renovation. He converted an impressive 54.6 percent of his shots from the floor, but that total was swelled by dunks and put-backs, the product of his athleticism and hustle. Easy baskets are harder to come by in the NBA, however, so being automatic from 15 feet is essential. It's potentially worth $50 million over the course of his career, and he knows it. "Before my jumper used to be a sling shot; it was like a throw. Now it looks like a jump shot. It looks pretty," he says. "That's the thing about a jump shot. You have to be constantly repping it and repping it the right way. It's better to shoot 100 shots the right way than 200 the wrong way." SportsNet

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The lofty selection came after Thompson averaged 13.1 points and 7.8 rebounds in his one season in the NCAA, leading the Longhorns to the third round of the March Madness tournament where they were ousted in a one-point loss to Arizona. But his NBA career has been put on the backburner with no end to the labour dispute in sight, swapping his playbook for textbooks. "My mom (Andrea) told me if you're going to leave school to go to the draft, and there is a lockout, I need you to go back to school and continue on with your degree," Thompson said in a phone interview from Austin. "I was all for it. You can't say no to your mom." He's working toward a communications degree, and hopes to get into sports broadcasting. Thompson is also working as TSN

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While the lockout is painful for everybody, no one is left in a state of limbo more than the game's youngest players. Rookies barely know their new coaches or teammates, they've never experienced the intensity of a professional game and unlike their counterparts, they haven't been paid. Tristan Thompson, the fourth overall pick in the June draft, has decided to turn back the clock. The future Cleveland Cavalier has returned to the University of Texas and plans on enrolling in classes this fall. "Once the lockout started, I talked with my agent and we decided I should go back to school," Thompson said. "The Texas doors are always open. I'm basically doing everything with the [Texas] team this summer." SI.com

Thompson hasn't gotten a chance to meet all of his teammates though he knows fellow Cavs rookie Kyrie Irving well. His biggest complaint about the lockout is that he's only spoken briefly with Cavs coach Byron Scott and his assistants. This silence is especially tough on younger players who don't have as many contacts around the league. "Nobody from the players' association has reached out to me," Thompson said. "Everything I've heard has been through my agent and a few veteran guys like Baron Davis. I'm in the dark like everybody else." While this summer hasn't been an ideal introduction to the NBA for the young power forward, he's diplomatic about his situation. "I've been living 20 years without NBA checks. It's not going to change my life. I'm not going to buy a house or a Bentley or anything. I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing." SI.com

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We hope this isn’t how it’s going to be with Tristan Thompson. We hope he has more sense than this, more feeling of country and his own development as player and person. When the men’s national team began training camp this week for Olympic qualifying in basketball, the Canadian forward, selected fourth in the NBA draft was nowhere to be found. And there was no indication he planned on showing up for camp or to play for Team Canada, this summer or next. According to his agent, Thompson will not attend the Canadian camp because he is tired from pre-draft workouts and is taking some classes at University of Texas. Toronto Sun

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Alex Kennedy: Before the draft, @Tristan Thompson said that the one player he wanted to dunk on was Kyrie Irving. Kyrie better watch his back in practice. Twitter

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The Bobcats believe that Thompson won’t get past Detroit with the eighth pick and need the Cavaliers to take him fourth. This way, Valanciunas, who may not be able to join the NBA until the 2012-13 season, would drop to Charlotte at nine, and owner Michael Jordan would trade Valanciunas – with the 18th overall pick – to the Cavaliers for Thompson. Yahoo! Sports

Tristan Thompson's stock is soaring with several hours to go before the 2011 NBA Draft. The Cleveland Cavaliers are considering using the #4 selection on Thompson, the Detroit Pistons are very interested in him at #8 and there are several teams including the Houston Rockets that are trying to trade up in the first round to select him. Many are wondering why Thompson is climbing draft boards all of a sudden, but it makes perfect sense if you delve into the numbers that teams use to project each prospect's potential. HoopsWorld

Every year in the draft process there is one guy in the room that is genuinely thrilled to be there and this year that player was Tristan Thompson. For most of the media session Thompson looked like a kid that won the lottery, his beaming smile and edge of excitement look was unmistakable. Thompson is the gem of the bunch with sources near the situation saying he is very much in the running for the #4 pick with Cleveland, although that feels like a reach. The Detroit Pistons are said to be enamored with him and he has suitors from the #8 pick to the #13 pick. HoopsWorld

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