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October 13, 2014 Updates

“There is some concern,” Shaw said. “I haven’t really been killing him in practice or even in games. I’m cognizant of that. But once again, it’s something that he’s going to have to work himself through.” Asked if he’d rest Lawson in any of the preseason games, Shaw said, “It’s a possibility. It’s that fine line because you want guys to continue to build up their stamina and their conditioning and be sharp. Kenneth (Faried) kind of got his game this last game (at Phoenix). If Ty just really busts out and has a big game and is showing me that ‘Okay, I’m ready’ then maybe I’ll feel better about doing something like that.” Denver Post

October 12, 2014 Updates
October 5, 2014 Updates

Q: What do you need to do to get to that next level? Ty Lawson: I feel like we have to win — because I feel like my numbers are elite numbers, what I did last year. The only thing separating me from everyone else is just winning. Chris Paul has gotten out of the second round. Russell Westbrook went to the NBA Finals. I feel like to get to that level, you've got to win games. Kyrie (Irving) this year, he's going to get out of the first and second round. So that's the goal. Q: You mentioned Paul, Westbrook and Irving. Do you see yourself in that group as an elite point guard? Ty Lawson: I do, minus just the winning. Especially for a point guard, that takes you to the next level. If you're a point guard and you're not winning but you're killing it, it doesn't matter. It's a leadership role. Denver Post

October 3, 2014 Updates

If you look closely, you’ll notice Ty Lawson is wearing a small brace on his left ankle these days. It’s a constant reminder of the ankle injury that ended his season last season, helping reduce him to just 62 games played – the second-lowest total of his career. What no one knew – not even Lawson at first – was how damaged the ankle actually was. It was much more than just a sprain, and when all of the extra tests in the summer were said-and-done, some minor bone damage was revealed as well. The net effect of it is that Lawson’s ankle requires A) almost daily maintenance of some sort and B) for the player and the Nuggets staff to keep a good eye on it. He’s currently not effected by it, moving around just fine on the court. But in a season with 21 back-to-backs and a good number of four-games-in-five-nights sets, it will be under constant stress. Denver Post

October 1, 2014 Updates
September 29, 2014 Updates
September 21, 2014 Updates

Lawson says he returns to the team in similar shape as what he played in last season, when he set career highs in points and assists per game. "I'm probably over by about four pounds," Lawson said. "But that's all. I always come back and work it off in one or two weeks and will be ready for training camp." Boulder Daily Camera

August 29, 2014 Updates

He even suggested the Nuggets could possibly be a top-four team next season. “People,” Lawson said, “are probably going to sleep on us this year because of what happened last year.” Lawson, heading into his sixth season in Denver, spoke to NBA.com earlier this week from Los Angeles. He believes the Nuggets are deep at every position, are determined to become a good defensive team and he still believes they can sneak up on last season’s playoff teams. NBA.com

June 10, 2014 Updates

You probably deserved to be in the All-Star Game. Do you carry a chip on your shoulder because of that? Ty Lawson: Yeah, definitely. In the West, it’s all about wins. You can average 20 and something, but if your team’s not really winning than you’re probably not going to make the All-Star team. Kevin Love, he got voted in, but other players like me—at the time, I was averaging like 19 and 9—who weren’t winning aren’t going to make the All-Star Game. SLAM

So what are your goals for the future? Ty Lawson: Next year, definitely, I want to be an All-Star and make it to the second round of the Playoffs. Once we make it there, we’ll make a lot of noise and who knows where we’ll end up. Those are two goals for next year. SLAM

June 4, 2014 Updates
June 3, 2014 Updates

The left ankle injury that cost Nuggets guard Ty Lawson the last six games of the 2013-14 season has turned out to be worse than originally thought. "I still can't run," Lawson said by phone from Valencia, Spain, for NBA 3X, a 3-on-3 tournament sponsored by the league. "They said it's no surgery, just another three or four weeks just staying off of it, not really doing too much and it should be fine." Denver Post

Neither an X-ray nor an MRI showed any structural damage in the ankle, and Lawson was told to continue to rest it for the rest of June. Lawson expects to begin his full offseason conditioning in July, with a regimen that will include UFC-style workouts in California with Toronto Raptors DeMar DeRozan and Terrence Ross. Denver Post

May 30, 2014 Updates
May 16, 2014 Updates
April 5, 2014 Updates

Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson was held out of the Nuggets starting lineup Friday at Memphis after the point guard missed a morning breakfast meeting. "Things happen," coach Brian Shaw said. "Guys are late from time to time, and they miss things from time to time. It's not the first time that this happened with our team. It's the first time with him this season, but that's been my standard for when guys miss something like that. "Quincy Miller missed something earlier in the year when he was starting, and he didn't end up starting that particular night." Denver Post

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