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May 24, 2012 Updates
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May 6, 2012 Updates

Hansbrough, an All-American at North Carolina, can't avoid having run-ins with former Duke players. Magic guard J.J. Redick joined fellow Blue Devil Mike Dunleavy in taking exception to Hansbrough's aggressiveness. Redick received a technical foul for attempting to push Hansbrough out the way after Redick was fouled by Pacers guard Paul George. Redick's push turned out to be more of a nudge; Hansbrough barely moved. "Nah, I'm not going to budge on that," Hansbrough said. "I didn't even foul him. He was coming at me. We got a little tangled up. I don't even know how it really happened." Indianapolis Star

March 27, 2012 Updates

Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough is a masked man again thanks to former teammate Mike Dunleavy's elbows. Hansbrough suffered a broken nose and facial bone from the hard foul Dunleavy delivered with his elbows in the fourth quarter of Saturday's game in Milwaukee. Hansbrough and Dunleavy, who were teammates for two seasons, were later given technicals when they were talking about the play during a free throw attempt. When asked if he's heard from Dunleavy, Hansbrough, said, "No, I don't need an apology." Indianapolis Star

March 9, 2012 Updates

Bird predicts the Noveau Three, like the Vintage Three, will remain intact until the end of this season, when the contracts of both Allen and Garnett expire. "Here's the thing," Bird said. "When Danny and I talked about trading for Ray, he wanted Tyler Hansbrough and a first-round pick. If that's the value he's putting on Ray Allen, he ain't getting it. That tells me he's in no hurry to trade him. All that talk about Danny blowing it up, about not making the same mistakes as Red, is fine. "But now that it's his turn to pull the trigger, it's a helluva lot harder than it looks." ESPN.com

January 3, 2012 Updates

There was Danny Granger and Roy Hibbert, Paul George and Darren Collison, Tyler Hansbrough and George Hill. This is a talented team, and it so desperately needed one more big brother to walk into the room. The scoring, the rebounding, the defense has come with West, but Foster is no longer the lone veteran voice. The clowning is gone, replaced with a determination that breaking off plays, going one-on-one with the ball is no longer acceptable. Everything’s changing with these Pacers, and sometimes it just takes one man to walk through the door. “The way he carries himself in the locker room, the weight room, on the court, there’s such leadership,” Foster said. “He speaks up when he sees something that’s not right, but sometimes it’s just a look. He’s been a huge presence so far.” Yahoo! Sports

December 8, 2011 Updates
December 7, 2011 Updates

Hansbrough, who may move to the bench this season, is fine with that. He’s actually embracing it with open arms. The Pacers met with free agent Nene on Tuesday, had a phone conversation with David West and inquired about Andrei Kirilenko. They’re also interested in former Purdue standout Carl Landry. “That’s what I’m about, winning,” he said at Conseco Fieldhouse today. “So whoever they feel like can help us win ball games is who I want on the team. If we get a good power forward, which is where we need help at, I’m wiling to compete and do my role to win.” Indianapolis Star

November 19, 2011 Updates

The venue for the game has not been finalized, but a number of former and current NBA players already have committed to participate. They include: Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Ray Allen and Chris Bosh. Sources also said Baron Davis, Vince Carter, Alonzo Mourning. Jamal Crawford, Rudy Gay, Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, Amare Stoudemire, Blake Griffin, Tyler Hansbrough, Derek Fisher, Antawn Jamison, Juwan Howard, Quentin Richardson, Dahntay Jones, Brandon Knight, Jerry Stackhouse, John Wall, Dikembe Mutombo, Patrick Ewing and Doc Rivers are expected to play. Veteran WNBA star and all-time leading scorer Tina Thompson and former USC great Cheryl Miller also is expected to participate. ESPN.com

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June 15, 2011 Updates

The player dubbed “Psycho B” – homage to his gritty style of play as much as it is to his more famous older brother Tyler (of the Indiana Pacers) – Hansbrough's career has been one born of so many clichéd Hollywood scripts: the overachiever clearing one hurdle after another. Even on the heels of being named the 2011 Big East Player of the Year and leading Notre Dame on a wildly unpredictable ride into the upper echelon of the national rankings, the 6-foot-3 pit bull of a guard remains out of sight and out of mind in many NBA circles following a sprained ankle suffered just before the NBA Combine in Chicago. Still, he persists. “People questioned my ability to play at the Division 1 level, but that's part of the game, you're always going to have doubters,” Hansbrough says. “It's just fuel for my fire. Ultimately I do this for myself. I want to be the best player I can be. You can do something to prove people wrong, but it really comes down to my drive to want this.” DraftExpress.com

April 28, 2011 Updates

Forward Tyler Hansbrough's minutes increased dramatically under Vogel. "Frank's done a good job," Hansbrough said. "I don't know what they're going to do. I'm not a part of that process. But he's done a good job." Vogel accomplished what he said he would, yet he felt he could have done more. "I was hopeful it would work better, to be honest with you," he said. "I thought we could have made a serious run this year. This group has a high ceiling. A high ceiling for what they can achieve in the future." ESPN.com

April 22, 2011 Updates

Forward Carlos Boozer wants nothing to do with Hansbrough’s chatter about vulgar trash talk between the two. Hansbrough said repeating their exchanges would require using ‘‘a lot of bleeps, and then there wouldn’t be much to say.’’ Boozer’s response? ‘‘I’m not commenting on that,’’ he said, his game face already on at the shootaround Thursday morning. But Boozer, who played at Duke, said the players’ clashing has nothing to do with Hansbrough having played for archrival North Carolina: ‘‘I have no problem with where he went to school at.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

April 21, 2011 Updates

Tyler Hansbrough's agitator style has made him Pacer Enemy No. 1 in the eyes of Bulls fans. But after a playful initial response, Joakim Noah said Hansbrough's physical defense is all part of the game. ``Hansbrough's a dirty guy? Do you mean dirty, as in he doesn't take showers?'' Noah said. No. Dirty, as in taking cheap shots. ``I don't think so,'' Noah said. ``That's just the way the game's played right now. Nothing easy to the basket. When you have a little point guard going in there every time the way Derrick is going in there, you don't want to be on the highlights reel. So you have to give a hard fouI. It's just the way of the game. ``It's frustrating, because you never want Derrick getting hit like that. But it's the name of the game right now.'' Chicago Sun-Times

Like most NBA players, Joakim Noah respects players who play hard, the way he likes to play. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that the Chicago Bulls center has respect for the way Indiana Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough plays the game. When asked before Thursday morning's shootaround if Hansbrough is a dirty player, Noah said: "Like dirty as in he doesn't take showers?" It's obvious Noah doesn't believe Hansbrough is a cheap shot artist. "I don't think so," he said. "I just think it's the way the game's played right now. It's just the way it goes. Nothing easy to the basket. And when you have a little point guard going in there every time the way Derrick's going in, you don't want to be on a highlight reel, so you've got to give a hard foul. It's just the way of the game. Sometimes, yeah, it's frustrating because you never want Derrick getting hit like that, but it is the name of the game right now." ESPN.com

March 22, 2011 Updates

Vogel was right. Hansbrough, given consistent minutes and a reliable role, has certainly taken off. Before Vogel took over, Hansbrough averaged 7.2 points and 4.0 rebounds in 16.0 minutes. Since then: 15.0 points and 6.5 rebounds, in 27.4 minutes. “I didn’t feel like I got much support from coach (O’Brien),” Hansbrough told Sporting News. “I never knew what my role was going to be on the team. With the coaching change, I was told right away, I was going to get more playing and I was going to be a big part of the offense. I was really excited about it and I feel like, the more and more I play, the more comfortable I get with the guys around me, the more I can continue improving my game.” Sporting News

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