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Earlier in the week in this space we talked about some of the guys who’s contracts make them expendable, but there are a few other guys that shouldn’t get too comfortable in their current situations as they are likely on the move before the February 21st, NBA trade deadline. Here are some of the guys to watch: Tyrus Thomas – Charlotte Bobcats The Charlotte Bobcats would love to get out of the Tyrus Thomas business. To say it has gone bad in Charlotte between the team and the player is an understatement. Sources close to the process say the team hopes new head Coach Mike Dunlap can reach Tyrus in a way that Paul Silas couldn’t, but the truth of the matter is that Tyrus is not in the long-term plan. If the Bobcats can find anyone who’d take him, they’d trade Tyrus tomorrow. HoopsWorld

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According to multiple sources, the Bobcats are trying to convince teams interested in the second pick to also take back disappointing power forward Tyrus Thomas, who has more than $26 million remaining on his contract. Thomas is coming off the worst season since his rookie year as he averaged just 5.6 points and 3.7 rebounds. When asked if teams would be willing to touch Thomas, one Western Conference executive said, “I don’t think so.” Washington Post

June 8, 2012 Updates

The second-best player in this draft class – or perhaps the best – is Kansas power forward Thomas Robinson. It seems strange, then, that the Charlotte Bobcats, who own the second pick in the draft, haven’t even reached out to Robinson’s camp. No phone call, no interview scheduled, no workout request. It starts to make sense, though, when you learn that the Bobcats are actively shopping the pick, and have no intention of drafting number two. According to several league sources, the Bobcats are looking for a star-caliber player and will only move the pick to a team willing to take on bad contracts like that of Tyrus Thomas or Gana Diop. HoopsWorld

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Charlotte forward Tyrus Thomas was ejected from the Bobcats' game with the Wizards for throwing an elbow at Washington's James Singleton late in the first quarter on Monday night. Thomas was dribbling and Singleton was defending him when the Charlotte forward elbowed him with 3.6 seconds remaining in the quarter. He was immediately called for a flagrant 2 foul and ejected. Charlotte Observer

April 18, 2012 Updates

Asked if there are any remaining issues between him and Silas, Thomas said, “We’re great; we had a game since” the altercation. Beyond that, Thomas said, “We’re going to leave it at the statement Rod Higgins made.’’ Charlotte Observer

When asked pre-game Wednesday if he and Thomas are now on the same page, Silas said, “We always were.” Silas declined to answer any other questions concerning what happened between him and Thomas. According to the Yahoo story, Silas shoved Thomas toward his locker at the conclusion of a screaming match after Sunday’s loss. The Yahoo story says players intervened to separate the two. Charlotte Observer

Charlotte Bobcats coach Paul Silas shoved 6-foot-10 forward Tyrus Thomas after a postgame screaming match Sunday night, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. Several players intervened immediately and separated the coach and player, and no punches were thrown, sources said. Yahoo! Sports

“Silas hates losing to the Celtics, and Paul was even angrier that he thought [Thomas] was acting buddy-buddy with some of their guys,” one source said. “That’s what got it going. But Paul was yelling at him over his salary, over what they have left to pay him. But it started with him saying, hey, he could live with the losing, but you’re going to be buddy-buddy as they’re beating your ass too?” Yahoo! Sports

February 26, 2012 Updates

Higgins and Cho didn't discuss who could be an amnesty candidate, but it's apparent shooting guard Matt Carroll, center Gana Diop or power forward Tyrus Thomas would be the options, based on their remaining salaries and performances this season. Using amnesty on Thomas would be the most extreme move, since they still owe him about $26 million guaranteed over the next three seasons. Charlotte Observer

Higgins was asked about Thomas' lack of production and whether the team now regrets signing him to a 5-year, $40 million contract. "This past summer, nobody (from the team) really saw him because of the lockout. So Tyrus comes back physically looking totally different. He's not playing the same and he's probably lost 15 pounds," which has impeded his effectiveness at power forward, Higgins said. "The regret part (concerning) the contract, you can go both ways on it. It could have been a mistake, but you also have to give him the benefit of the doubt. Can the guy, because of his youthfulness (he's 26), get back to where he was as a player when we invested in him?" Charlotte Observer

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