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The Bulls’ front line of Gasol, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson helped Chicago outrebound Dallas 47-30. While the Mavericks got solid games from its starting big men — Tyson Chandler had his 19th double-double of the season and Dirk Nowitzki scored 24 points on 10-of-15 shooting — the rest of the Mavericks accounted for only 11 rebounds. “We needed to be tougher,” Carlisle said. “We need to be more hit-first.” Dallas Morning News

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And, in fact, Tyson Chandler, a veteran earthquake rater who grew up in Southern California, said the tremors that hit in North Texas didn't even register on his scale. "I didn't even get out of my bed," Chandler said. "If it wasn't for my baby girl coming in saying that her bed was moving, I wouldn't have noticed. They're harmless. They actually rock me to sleep at night." Dallas Morning News

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The Dallas Mavericks will be without starting center Tyson Chandler tonight against Oklahoma City because of back spasms. Coach Rick Carlisle said he did not believe the condition is serious, and the hope is that it's no more than a day-to-day situation. Dallas Morning News

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Cuban will have to negotiate new contracts with Rondo and Chandler this summer, but the Mavs don’t have to worry about the salary cap because they own both players’ Bird rights. Ellis can opt out of the final year of his three-year, $25 million deal that’s been a tremendous bargain. If that happens, the Mavs would own his early Bird rights and be able to offer him a contract with a starting salary of up to 175 percent of the $8.36 million that he makes this season. “I’ll at least do my best to keep them together,” said Cuban, who can pay his own free agents more than other teams are allowed to offer. “I want to keep them together. It’s cheaper to keep her. It’s not where we were before. ESPN.com

“Do I want to go deep into the luxury tax? No, and I think it’s more because I want us to have some options in a couple of years. But, yeah, there’s no reason for us not to keep everybody together, not that I know now. “I want them to give us a hometown discount of about 90 percent, but I understand what’s involved.” ESPN.com

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For a lot of young players there's one veteran teammate who really helped them. Did you have a mentor, and how much does that matter? Tyson Chandler: For me, "that guy" helped more with the mental aspect of the game. It was Charles Oakley first, and then Scottie Pippen and Antonio Davis. When I got frustrated during practices or games in Chicago, Davis would always come by my locker and tell me: "Continue to be a professional, continue to work. Your time will come. You're too good for your time not to come. Be patient." That always stuck with me. Sports Illustrated

The Bulls traded you to New Orleans in 2006. Why were you able to succeed immediately there? Tyson Chandler: Coach [Byron] Scott put the confidence back in me. I know I've heard some older players say, "You should never lose your confidence. Confidence is the last thing you should ever lose." But that definitely happened to me. I lost confidence. There wasn't trust in my game. After I got traded, Scott pulled me into his office and said, "I want you to forget the last couple of years. I know the young player. I watched you through high school, I know who you are. You're going to go back to being that player." Sports Illustrated

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The former All-Star center reciprocated those warm feelings back to the $124 million forward after Chandler’s Mavericks whipped the 5-22 Knicks, 107-87, on Tuesday night. “I do. I do,” Chandler responded when asked if he feels bad for his former teammate. “He’s a competitor. I laced it up and went to battle with him the last three years. I know what kind of competitor he is. I know he wants to win. I know he’s going to take a lot of this heat. It’s unfortunate because he’s a helluva player in our league. It’s unfortunate. “It’s so tough. He signed a contract coming back here with expectations of doing everything in his power to take his team to the next level. “Ultimately, I feel he will with the right pieces.” New York Daily News

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With a straight face, Chandler said he wasn’t actually trying to send a message along the lines of “Get that shoe outta here,” or any of the other one-liners that exploded on Twitter along with video of the swat. “No, no, it was tactical, for sure,” Chandler said. “You can’t run with a sock on. “I was hoping we could exploit that on the other end until they either had to call a timeout or he had to foul, either/or. But we didn’t take advantage of it.” Dallas Morning News

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Marreese Speights lost a shoe and Stephen Curry threw it out of the way. On the next trip down the court, Curry picked up the shoe and tried to toss it to a trailing Speights. Then Tyson Chandler came flying out of nowhere to swat the shoe into the stands. It was the kind of play that may finally force the NBA to rewrite the rule book. The Big Lead

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