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Olshey seems high on Claver, a high-flying, "glue" forward from Spain, calling him “a good fit,” for the Blazers. But Freeland? Olshey was noncommittal. “I’ve watched Joel, but I wasn’t in Europe this year,” Olshey said. “He wasn’t a guy I focused on. The guys here just got back from Treviso, (Italy); they’re comfortable with him. But if we’re going to talk about doing something with him, I’m going to want to spend some time with him.” Oregonian

“Lot of interest in Victor,” Olshey said. “I think he’s a good fit. I think the roster is in position now where he would be a good addition. We can’t start negotiating with his agent until after July 1st. Clearly if there was a ever a time when there was enough opening for him to come in an make the team, with a lot of other young players he can grow with, this is probably the time.” Oregonian

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Valencia's general manager makes himself clear when talking about Victor Claver potentially going to the Blazers: "Claver will continue to play with us next year." Twitter

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But as the Blazers plot ways to spend the $15-$20 million in salary cap money they will have at their disposal, two players they already have the rights to also will factor into their plans: Joel Freeland and Victor Claver. The former first-round draft picks have spent the past few seasons in the Spanish ACB League developing their games and preparing for a move to the world's highest level of basketball, and it appears the time to make that move finally has arrived. Two members of the Blazers' front office, Joe Cronin and Steve Rosenberry, traveled to Europe last week to visit the duo, and both expressed a desire to make the leap to the NBA next season. Oregonian

The Blazers responded by telling them they'd love to have them. "We'd really like to bring them both over," Blazers interim general manager Chad Buchanan said. "We're going to be aggressive to get them signed and get them in a Blazers uniform next season. Any deal will have to make sense for Joel, for Victor and for the Blazers and our offseason plans. But if we had a choice, we'd like to get them both signed." Oregonian

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