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January 9, 2013 Updates

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on, it's that for the last 18-plus years, we have patiently awaited a follow-up to "Shaq Fu," the 1994 video game that told the story of Shaquille O'Neal wandering into a kung-fu dojo on his way to a charity basketball game, stumbling into an alternate dimension and battling various enemies (like evil mummies) with an array of fighting moves (like flaming roundhouse kicks). Now, at long last, our wait is over, thanks to Hiptic Games' new release, "ShaqDown." Behold: Yahoo! Sports

While not a sequel, per se, Hiptic did envision "ShaqDown" as a spiritual successor to one of the most reviled games of all time, as Yahoo! Games colleague Chris Morris wrote at Plugged In: "When we were working on the game, we codenamed it Shaq Fu 2," Long Vo, cofounder and creative director of developer Hiptic, tells VentureBeat. "This game is set in a postapocalyptic world where Shaq has become a legend, and it’s up to him to save humanity from mutant zombies." That’s right. The Big Survivor. As you might have guessed, O'Neal has a sense of humor about his gaming legacy, having told the developers to "have fun with it." And it looks like they did. In addition to bringing the pain to legions of undead jerks, Shaq will team up with a variety of allies, including three-time world wrestling champ Lee Kemp. Yahoo! Sports

October 10, 2012 Updates

Multiple images leaking out last night show NBA 2K13 featuring Oklahoma City's new alternate jerseys—with the team nickname misspelled as THUDNER. What's crazy is that everyone seemed to miss the misspelling the first time it was posted. That image above comes from Operation Sports' Steve Noah on his Twitter account. Daily Thunder, a fan site following the team, appears not to have noticed until its commenters pointed it out. Paul Lukas at UniWatch didn't miss it, and found a cellphone pic of a screen that also carries the misspelling. Kotaku.com

October 1, 2012 Updates
September 28, 2012 Updates

Fans of Electronic Arts' pro basketball franchise NBA Live will have to wait at least one more year before its return to the virtual court. The publisher announced it is cancelling the launch of NBA Live 13 through a blog post on the game's official website. Andrew Wilson, executive vice president of EA Sports, says in the blog post that the game has failed to reach the "high quality experience" the publisher wants. "Having continued to look at the game over the past few days, it's clear that we won't be ready in October," says Wilson. "And rather than launch midway through the season, we're going to sit out the full year and stay focused on making next year's game great. This decision puts us on the right track for success well into the future in a rapidly changing industry." USA Today

Sneakerheads, rejoice. Not only does “NBA 2K13” feature more brands and shoes than ever before, but for the first time, the producers built special shaders in their game to make everything from the patent leather to the rubber pop on screen. “The cool thing is that now the shoes look tangible,” “NBA 2K13” producer Rob Jones explains as he details all the cool kicks that made their way into his game. ESPN.com

September 26, 2012 Updates
September 25, 2012 Updates
August 30, 2012 Updates
August 23, 2012 Updates
August 1, 2012 Updates

ESPN Playbook: The video game industry can be a tricky and expensive business. Baron, why did you want to invest both your time and money in creating 5 Balloons Interactive? Baron Davis: I just think that right now gaming is at an all-time high. For me, I see how innovations are happening in the digital world, and I want to participate in it. There are some fun opportunities out here in the marketplace with the iPad and all of these mobile systems where you can start playing games as apps, and that’s a whole different experience than what people are used to. I hooked up with Sean, and we talked about creating games where people could ultimately have a greater experience than what they were getting with just the normal iPad apps. ESPN.com

June 6, 2012 Updates
May 25, 2012 Updates

SLAM: Tell me about this game, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier, and your role as a long-range sniper for Ubisoft’s Team Ghost. KL: I’ve always been a fan of the one-man shooting game, so this was a great opportunity for me. And you know, for me, I’m the type of guy who, whatever the one-man shooting game is, I always like to bring out the sniper and shoot guys from long range. I guess, in some ways, it’s somewhat similar to what I do on the court, and the game’s great because you can get out there with three of your buddies and get on the same team and go into battle. So, in some ways, it’s very similar to being out there and playing basketball. SLAM

SLAM: Do you and your teammates play a lot of video games? KL: Yes. Definitely. We’re very competitive, and it’s always fun to keep the competitive spirit going, whether we are on the court, in the locker room or in the weight room, and we do it with video games as well. And Ghost Recon is definitely one of the games we play. And FIFA… a lot of sports games as well. SLAM: How long does a typical video game tournament go? KL: [Laughs] Hey, it will go as many hours as it takes for the beef to be settled. It’s always fun to have that kind of competitive back-and-forth between teammates, and that will go on for days, weeks or even months. I mean I remember with JJ Barea and Derrick Williams with FIFA, they were going at it for the entire season and counting their wins and losses. It’s just fun to get in the trenches with different players. SLAM

Today on Devour’s homepage, trending video website, posted ‘Blake Griffin Gets NBA Jammed.” That’s right, the classic 2-on-2 video game that is all about monster jams. Since they don’t make the video game anymore, SB Nation produced a Chris Paul and Blake Griffin highlight reel using the video games graphics and sounds to simulate the 2-on-2 game. CBS Los Angeles

February 24, 2012 Updates
February 23, 2012 Updates

EA Sports is returning to the basketball space, and the publisher will be dumping the quickly-aborted NBA Elite banner, and will be going with NBA Live 13 as its next outing. The information was revealed by a tweet from the official EA Sports twitter, which read, "@CavsJoeG: At @EASPORTS with @kyrieirving, here getting his first taste of the new #NBALIVE13!" strategyinformer.com

January 11, 2012 Updates

Jon Robinson: So when 2K gets ready to make a game in 20 years, what current players do you see who will breakthrough and be on the list of 15 most influential legends? Scottie Pippen: There are some tremendous players out there. Kobe Bryant will be on that list for sure. I can see Tim Duncan making the list as well. There are a lot of great players out there who 20 years from now will still have their names in the video games. Jon Robinson: When you watch Kobe play, does he remind you of Michael at all? Scottie Pippen: I have to say yes to that. I think he reminds a lot of people of Michael because he molded his game after him. He seems to have a lot of Michael's charisma, and it comes across in the way he walks, the way he talks, and especially the way he plays. ESPN.com

Jon Robinson: So for kids who pickup "NBA 2K12" but never saw you play live, what are you hoping they learn about Scottie Pippen by playing the game? Scottie Pippen: I hope they learn that I was an all-around player who tried to do everything. I hope they respect the way that I played, and that I played the game the right way. ESPN.com

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