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The Boston Celtics announced today that they have assigned center Vitor Faverani to their NBA Development League affiliate, the Maine Red Claws. "This is just a quick assignment to get Vitor some more game action. He'll be back with the Celtics for shootaround tomorrow morning. This is a great option for any Celtics player to get more in-game experience without missing any Celtics activities, and we expect there will be more of this type of assignment for Celtics players during the remainder of the season," said Danny Ainge, Celtics President of Basketball Operations. NBA.com

January 24, 2014 Updates

“So the draft is really important, and now we have a lot of assets. Draft picks are always tradable. Sometimes players aren’t always tradable, once they expose themselves on the court. Draft picks almost always are tradable. But development is really important for us, and I’m happy with the development of Kelly Olynyk and Phil Pressey and Jared Sullinger and Vitor (Faverani). Vitor has been a little inconsistent, which you’d expect with inconsistent minutes and a guy coming from playing European ball his whole life. It’s a whole different life.” Boston Herald

November 2, 2013 Updates

Kris Humphries never saw the floor. Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk were eased into the rotation, all because of Faverani’s play. The 25-year-old joined Pervis Ellison and Dino Radja as the only Celtics to record a game with 15-plus rebounds and six-plus blocks. “I thought Vitor did a lot of good things,” Stevens said. “The one thing that I really appreciated and respect about Vitor is Vitor works as hard as anyone on our team. “If I had to say that the two of the guys that are in the gym most consistently and are doing every single thing every single day, I’d say Vitor along with (Rajon) Rondo. Those guys. They really work at an elite level. And it’s paying off for Vitor.” Boston Herald

October 30, 2013 Updates

Faverani, the Celtics' lone legitimate center, has played the past eight years overseas professionally, including the past two with Valencia BC in Spain. He averaged 7.3 points and 4.4 rebounds in eight preseason games. "He has been through a lot," Stevens said. "He has been a pro. He's played in great environments. But he also understands how pros operate, what the season is like. The thing that struck me about Vitor from the first time I met him was how much a team-oriented person he is and how important that collective group is to him." Boston Globe

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On Wednesday, Stevens fed Faverani more minutes, and he happily did his best. In 31 minutes in a Celtics uniform, he’s produced 13 points (6-12 FG), nine rebounds, two blocks, two steals and a plus-7 rating. He’s played physical, dunked aplenty and set a mean pick for two straight games. Other than a few nice outlet passes to Phil Pressey during that impressive fourth-quarter comeback against the Knicks, the only thing we haven’t really seen from him is the passing. But I’m sure that will come, too, because Vitor is the best. “I think Vitor’s a good player,” Stevens told reporters after Wednesday’s loss. “He’s got good feel. You can run a lot of stuff to him. He’s a better shooter than he’s shooting right now. I think he’s got a pretty good ceiling, and he’s the guy on our roster that’s a true center per se. He’s a guy that has to play, I think, as we move forward.” That means more physical plays, passes, dunks and pick-and-rolls. “I try to do my job,” said Faverani. “My game is physical. I’m very, very comfortable here. I make the dunk and get back on defense.” WEEI.com

October 8, 2013 Updates

Vitor Faverani began playing in Spain as a teenager and is taking some of the traditions with him in his first NBA season, starting with his sleeping habits. The big man from Brazil moved to Spain when he was only 17 and adopted the routine of siestas, mid-day naps often taken after lunch. He has continued the rest pattern since relocating to Boston and would like to continue it when possible during the season. "Siestas in Spain, everybody did it," he explained to CSNNE.com. "After practice, eating lunch I try to sleep 20 minutes. If not sleeping, (I) rest, relax." CSNNE.com

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CS: Ok, then… Raúl Santos asks us whether you think that you will have chemistry with Rajon Rondo. Vitor Faverani: Well, I have not had the opportunity to work with him because he is recovering from his knee injury. I had a first contact, not with the head coach but with his top assistant, who is training me and was with Rondo this week. Every time they talk about Rondo is amazing, spotting his pick and roll play. I love setting screens, you can ask my former teammates because they stopped me last year because it was almost hurting them, so if he is the player I believe he is, we will get along very well. He loves sharing the ball and has incredible passing skills, and I love setting screens to free him, so that he can decide to finish with a shot or a pass. It is up to him. CelticsSpa

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How were the workouts with the Celtics and what were your impressions while you were doing them? Vitor Faverani: Of all the teams I worked out for, Boston was the one that convinced me more of the possibility of playing there. And it was because of the way they treated me. I was used of the way people treat you in Spain: they talk to you, they are kind, they are smiling, they make jokes all the time...and in Boston I felt home right away. They greeted me and from the first moment there is someone in the organisation, Austin, that talked to me in Spanish. We were talking for a while and then they treated me as if I was already playing for them. We did the medical check up and I started thinking that it wasn't normal that they were treating me so well. It was unbelievable. ' CelticsSpa

The Celtics said that you made a very good impression in your workouts and the fact that you convinced them too after that experience. When did you know that you had agreed to play with the Celtics and what was your reaction? Vitor Faverani: I didn't know about it until right at the last moment. All the rumors that surfaced and everything that was told in the media...at that moment I had nothing with them yet. I had told my agent not to tell me anything about the possibility of signing with a good team unless there was a clear chance to do it because i didn't want to get dissapointed if it finally didn't happen. So I told them to call me when literally there is a contract on the table and I will sign it. So basically I knew about the chance to be a Celtic when they sent me the contract. I had to actually read it to check if it was real or not (laughs). CelticsSpa

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Though there have been rumors about the Celtics possibly signing 6-foot-11-inch Brazilian center Vitor Faverani, Celtics president of basketabll operations Danny Ainge said, “We are still in discussions . . . that’s all I know.” Boston Globe

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