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January 10, 2011 Updates

Davis and Warriors F Vladimir Radmanovic exchanged angry words after Radmanovic fouled Davis midway through the second quarter. Teammates and officials eventually broke up their prolonged discussion, which Davis jokingly said was about their respective beards. "I told him I had mine longer," Davis laughed. San Francisco Chronicle

January 5, 2011 Updates
December 10, 2010 Updates

The Warriors have now lost 10 of their past 11 games. Forward Vladimir Radmanovic thinks the skid has as much to do with the team's poor practice habits as its tough schedule. He shared as much with his teammates Monday and filled the media in on his message a day later. "We're struggling right now, and we need to find ways to get back to a winning streak," Radmanovic said. "After being in the league for 10 years and playing on teams that have won and teams that have lost, I have experienced what it takes to win. Bottom line: You have to come to practice and work on aspects of your game that are not clicking." San Francisco Chronicle

Radmanovic started all 21 games during the Lakers' championship run in 2008. He said he started to notice the Warriors' slacking in practice right about the time their slump began. "Nobody likes to practice," Radmanovic said. "We all wish we could just play in games, because that's where it's fun. No practice, no game. That's the message I was trying to say to the guys." The post-practice message was met with mostly knowing nods, but Monta Ellis took exception to the speech. After a quick retort, the guard said "Forget it." "I understand that there are a few guys who are playing a lot of minutes, and it's hard for them to come to practice and stay motivated," Radmanovic said. "At the same time, those are the guys who are carrying this team, and we're all depending on their success to win games." San Francisco Chronicle

November 26, 2010 Updates

Suspect as a rebounder because of his build and still trying to develop more variety offensively to complement his undeniable shot-blocking ability, Wright will be a restricted free agent at season's end if he’s not moved by the Warriors first. There aren't any strong signals that anything’s imminent, but this much we know: The 23-year-old belongs with Dan Gadzuric and Vladimir Radmanovic on list of Golden State "gettables." ESPN.com

November 22, 2010 Updates

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