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"The reason why I put the tweet out there about the clutch gene is to be objective. In our profession, our job is to be objective. We put LeBron on blast for not having the clutch gene. Watching KG throughout his career, now with Boston, I just threw it out there that, hey, let's keep an eye on KG at crunch time and see what he does at crunch time. Because in years past, when we were with Minnesota, we had guys like Sam Cassell that took the big shot. Now with Boston he has Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. And to KG's credit, why wouldn't you defer to those guys at the end of games? They're big-shot-makers. Paul Pierce showed it again last night." Then Szczerbiak threw out the major mea-culpa. "Having said that, KG proved me completely wrong last night," Szczerbiak said. "[He] made two huge free throws down the stretch and made a big 15-footer. If I'm one of the naysayers that's helping motivate KG play at this level, then maybe the Boston fans owe me a little thank you. Because he's just playing off the charts." Boston Globe

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Former 10-year NBA veteran and friend of the show, Wally Szczerbiak joined The Sports Junkies on Tuesday and shared some insight into former teammate Lebron James’ end of game mindset. JP mentioned the lack of execution on the final play of Game 4 and Lebron’s seemingly absent killer instinct. “Lebron was very clutch when I played with him in Cleveland,” Szczerbiak immediately replied. “He made plays at the end of the game. He played aggressively. Now since he’s gone to Miami, he’s got a bunch of things running through his head. Should I be taking this last shot? Should I be looking for Wade? Should I be making the right basketball play? … He’s got way too many thoughts in his head.” CBS Washington

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The Cavs renounced veteran swingman Wally Szczerbiak on March 16. They no longer have a cap hold on his deal. It's not known why they waited until now to renounce his deal, only that it was a cap move. News-Herald

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He is versatile, he is talented, and he has an eerie resemblance to former NBA sharp-shooter Wally Szczerbiak. He is NBA in-arena announcing veteran Mike Rylander, and this season, he will be pumping up Clipper fans at STAPLES Center at select games after serving as the Minnesota Timberwolves in-game announcer for five years. The North Dakota native has appeared in numerous theatre productions, independent films and television and internet commercials, and is now looking forward to keeping his winter clothes in the closest and exchanging his parka for a Clippers uniform. For more information on Rylander, visit his website here. So this will be your first year with the Clippers after working with the Timberwolves as the in-arena host. What was Minnesota like? Cold. The Timberwolves were a fun organization to work for, but I’m super excited to be in Los Angeles and work for the Clippers. NBA.com

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If you were ever offered a comeback that would be totally out of the question. Wally Szczerbiak: Yes, totally out of the question, absolutely. conbdebaloncesto.es

When you had that surgery, what was going through your mind? Wally Szczerbiak: Well, the last knee surgery I had on that knee, the doctor told me that the next one I had, I was going to have to retire. So, I kind of knew when I hurt my knee again in the playoffs in 2009. I knew that was probably going to be the end of the road and the end of my career. Having said that, the injury made it a lot easier to say goodbye to the game and walk away. I certainly couldn’t play anymore. I still have those days when I am watching a game of basketball and if my body would allow me to, I feel like I could still play. conbdebaloncesto.es

You were a teammate of another MVP, Kevin Garnett, and other stars, like Paul Pierce. What could you tell me about them? Your memories, what do you recall? Wally Szczerbiak: They were great teammates. I was blessed to play with great, great super stars and hall of famers throughout my career. I also was teammate with Kevin Durant who was a budding super star and a top five player in the league right now. So have had the opportunity to play with a lot of great players. Something I will never forget and always remember. conbdebaloncesto.es

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