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May 10, 2014 Updates

Wanda Pratt, the mother of Thunder forward Kevin Durant, is primarily featured in this NBA Mother’s Day commercial. In case you missed it, Durant referred to his mother “the real MVP” during his MVP acceptance speech on Tuesday in Oklahoma City. Oklahoman

May 1, 2014 Updates
October 16, 2013 Updates

The mother of an Oklahoma City NBA star said today's society is so over-sexualized that very young children are contemplating sexual matters. “They should be dreaming about being an artist or a dancer. They should be dreaming of being the president or a doctor. Instead they're thinking of sexual things. It really hurts my heart,” said Wanda Pratt, mother of Oklahoma City Thunder star forward Kevin Durant. Oklahoman

Pratt took a laptop to the podium where she made her presentation, but about five minutes in, she closed it, saying she wanted to “speak from my heart.” Pratt said she was sexually molested as a child and the experience eroded her self-worth. “I didn't realize how devastating it was to me until I became a woman. I felt it was my fault,” she said. “I didn't become promiscuous but I didn't value myself.” Pratt encouraged men to protect their families and honor and respect women. She urged the women to value themselves based on their heart, their love for God and other positive attributes instead of “the size of your breasts or how you look.” Oklahoman

March 10, 2012 Updates

Here is a GREAT clip of KD’s mother talking about her son and all the sacrifices she made so he could become the superstar he is today. The video shows a collection of awesome pics of Durant through the years, including a very young KD and an iconic high school photo. SLAM

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