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He was Iron Man, after all, a moniker he proudly adopted to mirror not only the brawn and brains of his favorite movie character, but also to represent the durability and toughness he has exhibited during a six-year NBA career that had seen him miss only 13 of 441 games. As he looked at the boot, he knew what it represented, and his hope became as blurry as his eyes: He was staring at a lost season, a lost championship and perhaps a lost contract. "As I stared at that boot," he says, "it all became real." Oregonian

But in Iron Man 3, Matthews says, the plot spoke to him: Love, not ego, is the battle most worth fighting. "I'm not going to prove a hater wrong. I can't do that anymore, that's not my drive anymore," Matthews says. "My drive is to prove to the people who love me unconditionally, from the start, that they were always right. I'm going to do it for them. I want my mom, my friends, my family to puff their chests out and say 'I told you so.' "And that's what Iron Man ended up doing for Gwyneth Paltrow's character, Pepper: He did everything so he didn't lose her." He is fitted for crutches and given a foam block to elevate his leg after the next day's surgery. He walks out of the hospital in his boot, carrying the crutches, and feeling like Iron Man. "Won't use them until I need them," he says of the crutches. Oregonian

His mood is buoyed by his first post-surgery doctor's visit on March 19. They cut off his plaster cast and examined the four-inch incision above the inside ball of his ankle. There was no redness. No inflammation. "The doctors were very impressed," Pam says. They wrapped him in a new, tighter-fitting fiberglass cast, done of course in Iron Man-themed colors: red with gold stripes. In his eyes, it was his first true victory in the process. He was given orders to keep his leg elevated 17 to 20 hours a day. To sleep with it on the foam wedge. "That was my test: Having the discipline to endure it, accept it, embrace it and dismantle it," Matthews says. "And that's what I did. I nailed it." Oregonian

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Wesley Matthews: I would be lying if I did not admit to having tears fall down my face this morning because I was hoping to just be waking up from a bad dream. I’m sorry this response took this long but none of it felt real, and to be honest, it still doesn’t. My season is over and my will, my heart, my faith and my strength will now be tested, which is a challenge I welcome. Though my season is over, #ripcity’s season is far from over! And I will be there ‘till the end! As I read through all the messages via text and Twitter, I was in awe. I was in shock and disbelief not only because of the injury, but because I never could have imagined how many people could be genuinely hurt, sad and upset for me. To my coaches- thank you; to my brothers and teammates- thank you; to my fans and #ripcity- thank you; to my family and friends- thank you! Like most of my life, a challenge has been placed in front of me—a challenge that will be nothing but another chapter in my story. THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE, SUPPOR T & PRAYERS. See you on the court next season. #arrowlife out. -Ironman Instagram

Jim McIlvaine: While I was within the timeframe of the study, I was not included in the survey. My final NBA injury was a ruptured calf on January 22, 2001, but along with it, I had partially-torn my Achilles tendon. It was the most-painful injury I had ever experienced and the longest recovery. It took me about seven months to get back on the court at full steam and even then, I didn't have anywhere near the confidence that I had before the injury. The Nets already knew Jamie Feick's career was over with his injury and perhaps fearing I'd come into camp and re-tear my Achilles and end up in the same position, the offered me a buyout. Add me to the list and the percentage grows to 42% of NBA players with Achilles tendon injuries never returning to the game. SportsBlog

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He doesn't just make three-pointers with the best of them. He makes this team. He has an unbelievably positive attitude. Sometimes, I believe, he wills the Blazers out of slumps with his sheer belief that the Blazers are the best team in the West. He holds teammates accountable, willing to call them out if he sees an effort, or an attitude, not meet his standards. And he sets an admirable example with his tireless and determined work ethic. I've seen some great, hard-working professionals put on a Blazers uniform - Scottie Pippen, Joel Przybilla and Roy among them - and none of them outwork Matthews. Oregonian

Portland Trail Blazers swingman Wesley Matthews fell to the floor during the third quarter of their 94-75 win against the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday, and he had to stay down for a while. Matthews was eventually helped off the court. An MRI confirmed the Blazers' worst fears: he ruptured his Achilles tendon, and he's out for the season, the team announced. CBSSports.com

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