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December 30, 2014 Updates

Enter Hornacek, then an assistant coach with the Jazz. Hornacek was one of the NBA's best shooters during his 14-year playing career and he was blunt with Matthews, telling him he wouldn't stick in the league if he didn't develop that part of his game. So Hornacek, now the head coach of the Phoenix Suns, made it his personal goal to shape Matthews' shot. The pair became inseparable and worked to refine Matthews' stroke through repetition and diligence. Every day, sometimes twice a day, they would work. Off days. Game days. Practice days. Holidays. It didn't matter. Matthews said a day didn't go by without the two working on shooting drills. Oregonian

Matthews is fueled by competition -- doesn't matter if it's a game of Monopoly or basketball, he wants to win -- and the rounds with Hornacek proved to be a test of endurance and patience. Hornacek once set an NBA record by making eight consecutive threes in a game without a miss, and he never lost his shooting stroke. Matthews found it nearly impossible to defeat his mentor. "I beat him twice," he said, chuckling. "We did it the whole year, every day, and I only beat him twice." Oregonian

December 16, 2014 Updates

The idyllic fit for the Cavaliers to fill their void for toughness, shooting and defensive tenacity resides in the Pacific Northwest: Wesley Matthews of Portland Trail Blazers. Cleveland has adored Matthews for quite some time and its quest of him has been repeatedly vetoed, league sources told Northeast Ohio Media Group. Cleveland Plain Dealer

Portland, at 19-6, is one of the best young teams in the league and is off to its best start in 15 years. Breaking up a sturdy nucleus entrenched in a winning culture isn't in the team's plans. Cleveland Plain Dealer

November 10, 2014 Updates

The Portland Trail Blazers players and staff wore T-shirts on Sunday honoring fan Sandra "Sandy" Zickefoose who died at 67 after collapsing in the stands during the fourth quarter of Thursday's game against the Dallas Mavericks. The Zickefoose family was also in attendance on Sunday and the Blazers had a moment of silence as well as a rose placed in the seat in which she sat at Blazer games to honor her. "It means a lot. It was tough for everybody. I can't even imagine what the family is going through right now and to be wearing this and to be representing this it gives us an added edge going into tonight," Wesley Matthews said. Columbian

November 9, 2014 Updates
October 14, 2014 Updates

For the second straight season, Matthews dealt with an irregular heartbeat and dealt with it only the way he could, suggesting that maybe another career-year was in order. When he was asked about whether he thought this could be his last season in a Blazers uniform with his contract coming off the books this summer, he was to the point. "Nope." Columbian

While Portland's shooting guard isn't focused on winning NBA honors like being selected to the All-Defensive team, he's certainly not bashful about his place in the league. "I'm never going to be the type that gets gaudy numbers to make an All-Defensive team," said Matthews before getting to his case. "Do I think I'm All-Defense? Absolutely. I think I'm the best two-way two-guard in the NBA. But I feel like we need to be a good defensive team within the scheme of the game. We're not out there gambling, trying to reach and get steals. That would put us in a bind if I don't get it," Matthews said. Columbian

October 6, 2014 Updates
October 3, 2014 Updates

Portland Trail Blazers guard Wesley Matthews missed practice for the second straight morning on Thursday in Tualatin. “I had that heart thing go on again yesterday. I noticed it probably two thirds of the way through practice. I felt it go irregular,” said Matthews on Thursday. “I talked Dr. Jeff, sat out a little bit ran some tests. Went in today to do the shock that I did last year and I felt it last night I felt it go back to normal. It stayed, it corrected itself. It stayed normal through this morning. I was in there early this morning and all the scans and test, I was a lab rat again. Everything’s cool. Ease back into it. I’m optimistic, excited to get back out there.” The Columbian

October 2, 2014 Updates

Matthews had a similar issue last training camp with his heart. Although he promises to come back soon and even as soon as tomorrow, Terry Stotts is taking a “wait-and-see” approach. “We were hoping that it wasn’t too much and that’s what it turned out to be. That might be a little optimistic but basically that’s the Doctor’s decision,” Stotts said on whether Matthews would practice Friday. “I’m involved, stay engaged with the team. Similar to what I did last year. It’s almost like a good sign, I had a career year last year. It’s like it’s supposed to happen,” Matthews said. The Columbian

Matthews also says that he and his doctor’s aren’t sure why the irregular heartbeat returned but reiterated that it is “nothing threatening.” Wes was encouraged that the issue corrected itself and did not require the electrical corrective procedure he did last training camp. The Columbian

October 1, 2014 Updates

Wesley Matthews, the Trail Blazers' starting shooting guard, was forced to leave the team's practice on Wednesday because of an illness. Matthews participated the first half of the roughly three-hour-long workout at the practice facility in Tualatin, when he became too sick to keep playing. Matthews left the court and did not return as the Blazers scrimmaged over the second-half of practice. Oregonian

September 29, 2014 Updates
May 20, 2014 Updates

"Now we're not a team thinking get to the playoffs," added guard Wesley Matthews. "We're not a team thinking fight for the eighth spot. All that writing's out the window now. Now it's how do we get out of the second round?" "I think we understand what it takes to make it to the playoffs now," point guard Damian Lillard said. "We understand what it looks like to be a championship team because we just played against a championship team in the Spurs and we got to see firsthand what you can and can't do (in the playoffs). We just need to grow. I just think we need to go home and get better and come back ready to be a better team." Oregonian

May 15, 2014 Updates

Back in the locker room, Wesley Matthews buttoned up his dress shirt, fixed his collar and sat back in a folding chair, while most of the media in the room interviewed Damian Lillard across the way. Matthews, as he's prone to do, cradled the end of a season in his lap, and just started reflecting. "It was a hell of a season. What we did, through the adversity that we had, through the doubt that was surrounding us to start the year off, we accomplished way more than anybody thought we would. This team --- we were hungry. We predicted a special year. That was big. But this team isn't a content team. We're not proud of our departure, but we're proud of how we got here." Oregonian

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