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October 3, 2014 Updates

Portland Trail Blazers guard Wesley Matthews missed practice for the second straight morning on Thursday in Tualatin. “I had that heart thing go on again yesterday. I noticed it probably two thirds of the way through practice. I felt it go irregular,” said Matthews on Thursday. “I talked Dr. Jeff, sat out a little bit ran some tests. Went in today to do the shock that I did last year and I felt it last night I felt it go back to normal. It stayed, it corrected itself. It stayed normal through this morning. I was in there early this morning and all the scans and test, I was a lab rat again. Everything’s cool. Ease back into it. I’m optimistic, excited to get back out there.” The Columbian

October 2, 2014 Updates

Matthews had a similar issue last training camp with his heart. Although he promises to come back soon and even as soon as tomorrow, Terry Stotts is taking a “wait-and-see” approach. “We were hoping that it wasn’t too much and that’s what it turned out to be. That might be a little optimistic but basically that’s the Doctor’s decision,” Stotts said on whether Matthews would practice Friday. “I’m involved, stay engaged with the team. Similar to what I did last year. It’s almost like a good sign, I had a career year last year. It’s like it’s supposed to happen,” Matthews said. The Columbian

Matthews also says that he and his doctor’s aren’t sure why the irregular heartbeat returned but reiterated that it is “nothing threatening.” Wes was encouraged that the issue corrected itself and did not require the electrical corrective procedure he did last training camp. The Columbian

October 1, 2014 Updates

Wesley Matthews, the Trail Blazers' starting shooting guard, was forced to leave the team's practice on Wednesday because of an illness. Matthews participated the first half of the roughly three-hour-long workout at the practice facility in Tualatin, when he became too sick to keep playing. Matthews left the court and did not return as the Blazers scrimmaged over the second-half of practice. Oregonian

September 29, 2014 Updates
May 20, 2014 Updates

"Now we're not a team thinking get to the playoffs," added guard Wesley Matthews. "We're not a team thinking fight for the eighth spot. All that writing's out the window now. Now it's how do we get out of the second round?" "I think we understand what it takes to make it to the playoffs now," point guard Damian Lillard said. "We understand what it looks like to be a championship team because we just played against a championship team in the Spurs and we got to see firsthand what you can and can't do (in the playoffs). We just need to grow. I just think we need to go home and get better and come back ready to be a better team." Oregonian

May 15, 2014 Updates

Back in the locker room, Wesley Matthews buttoned up his dress shirt, fixed his collar and sat back in a folding chair, while most of the media in the room interviewed Damian Lillard across the way. Matthews, as he's prone to do, cradled the end of a season in his lap, and just started reflecting. "It was a hell of a season. What we did, through the adversity that we had, through the doubt that was surrounding us to start the year off, we accomplished way more than anybody thought we would. This team --- we were hungry. We predicted a special year. That was big. But this team isn't a content team. We're not proud of our departure, but we're proud of how we got here." Oregonian

April 17, 2014 Updates

It’s hard to make sense of it considering four players I spoke with — LaMarcus Aldridge, Damian Lillard, Wesley Matthews and Nicolas Batum — all say they want Stotts back. It’s hard to fathom there’s danger for the guy who has coached the league’s best offense, and has guided the marked development of Joel Freeland, Will Barton, and Lillard while igniting career-best seasons from Aldridge, Robin Lopez, Batum and Matthews. Yet, from all appearances, Stotts is dangling in the wind. Oregonian

March 23, 2014 Updates

And even though there are ominous signs about this team — from its 14-16 record over the last 30 games to its 6-12 road record since Jan. 1 — the Blazers (45-25), who played without injured All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge for the fifth consecutive game, insisted this loss was not emblematic of a greater problem. “I don’t think it’s a larger issue,” Wesley Matthews said. “We played bad. They played well. They played like they had something against us from what we did to them at our place. We didn’t shoot it well the first half, they shot it well. Big Al had a good night, Kemba Walker had a good night. They’re a playoff team and they’re all NBA players. We didn’t play well. They played great.” Oregonian

When a reporter told Matthews he wasn’t sure if it was more appropriate to kill the Blazers for their general ineptitude or dismiss the hideous performance as just one of those nights in a grinding 82-game season, Matthews looked at him sideways and issued a challenge. “If you kill us, you’re going to look dumb come next game,” he said. “Because we’re going to be a whole new team, we’re going to be the team we’re supposed to be. So you go ahead and kill us. And you’re going to have to come back and see us in the locker room and be like, ‘Aw shoot.’ So I’m just going to save you. Write that. Write it all.” Oregonian

March 21, 2014 Updates

Matthews ventured towards a little revisionist history when describing the team's confidence after this win as they head into another five-game road trip: "It was always high. We're just winning now. We won two straight, we feel good. We felt alright when we were losing, we were just irritated that we were losing. You can look back at those games. Dallas, we were supposed to win that. Houston, we were supposed to win that. Memphis -- nah, OK. San Antonio, crap shoot, the lull of the first three. New Orleans, we took care of business. Golden State we were supposed to win that game. A charge, a loose ball, a call, anything flips that to our favor and [then] we're one of the hottest teams in the league." Blazers Edge

March 19, 2014 Updates

Matthews then stole a pass by Nate Wolters, found Lillard with an around-the-back transition pass to set up a Lillard dunk with 2:12 left, then added a three-pointer with 1:17 left that put Portland up 112-105. From there, the Blazers hung on by making free throws to seal a win they could not afford to let slip away. “You know what, tonight we’re happy with the win,” Matthews said. “We’re always going to take a win — ugly, pretty, it doesn’t matter — but we’re not happy with the way that we played.” Oregonian

March 18, 2014 Updates

During a recent question-and-answer session with fans on NBA.com, Wesley Matthews was asked who would win a one-on-one matchup between him and teammate Nicolas Batum. The uber-competitive Matthews didn't pull any punches when he answered the question. "Me," Matthews said. "Because I'm better than him. He doesn't want to see me one-on-one. This ain't no European thing. You know how me and Earl (Watson) get down. We don't play. No foul calls, all that. You're going to have to earn every bucket." Oregonian

When he caught wind of the Q & A and Matthews' challenge, Batum took to Twitter to defend himself. He quoted Matthews' answer and set up a Wild Wild West-style duel, just short of High Noon. “Wes tommorow 11am ...” Batum said Tuesday in his tweet. The Blazers probably will practice on Wednesday, setting up a possible stage for a fun — and perhaps — intense head-to-head matchup between two of their best players. At least one teammate is excited about the possibility. “I’ll be there,” Damian Lillard said in a reply to Batum’s tweet. Oregonian

March 15, 2014 Updates
March 10, 2014 Updates

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