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Few players are as integral to the their team’s offensive success as Houston’s James Harden, who is averaging 26.4 points – third in the NBA – heading into the Rockets' game Friday against the Trail Blazers at the Rose Garden. That will mean a busy evening for Harden’s friend, Blazers guard Wesley Matthews, who will be the primary defender on Harden. “You gotta take a lot of bullets,” Matthews said of Harden. “He’s going to keep coming at you, they’re going to keep throwing the ball at him. He’s going to be aggressive. You’re going to have 7-footers trying to take your head off setting screens to get him open looks. I look forward to that matchup.” Oregonian

November 12, 2012 Updates

However, the same two issues popped up for the Trail Blazers: Defending and lack of bench production. Last night marked five out of six games where the Trail Blazers have allowed opponents to shoot over 50 percent from the field and the Spurs shot a whopping 57 percent. “I can't put my finger on it,” Wesley Matthews said. “It's something we have to correct somehow, but I can't tell you right now what it is.” CSNNW.com

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Greg Oden said Portland is a tough place to be young, rich and African-American. Do you agree? Wesley Matthews: "I wouldn't say it's uncomfortable, I would say it's tough to be young and rich anywhere, especially when you don't come from it. Greg had a lot of pressure on him since he stepped on the basketball court. He was always the biggest guy on every team, on every court. He went to the Final Four, No. 1 pick, he had a lot of stuff going. He was in the public eye for such a long time. Now you throw money into the equation, fame into the equation. It's not easy. "A lot of people want this life but they really don't at the same time. They don't see -- it's not a pity thing... A lot of people want the money but they don't want what comes with it or they don't understand what comes with it. I'm not saying, 'Oh my God, it's such a terrible life, and what the Hell and this and that,' but Greg was under the spotlight from an early age." Blazers Edge

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Portland Trail Blazers guard Wesley Matthews has notified the team that he will be available to represent the team May 30 at the NBA Draft Lottery, according to Trail Blazers acting general manager Chad Buchanan. The Trail Blazers gave Matthews until this weekend to decide if he could fit it into his schedule and if not, Buchanan said he would have likely been the next option. CSNNW.com

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