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August 6, 2014 Updates

Talking with Vance was a great step back in time. A few of the nuggets: * Vance walked out of Will Ferrell’s movie, “Semi-Pro,” which loosely was based on the ABA. It was mostly hijinks and no crowds. “The ABA wasn’t like that,” Vance said. “It was the day of the Afro and those big high-rise shoes and fur coats. All that went with the image. Everyone assumed we played street ball. That offended me a little bit.” * I remember Louie Dampier, the great shooter from the University of Kentucky, who was with Vance’s Kentucky Colonels. Vance told the story of an exhibition game in Owensboro, Ky., where the 3-point line had to be manually placed on the court, since only the ABA was using the arc at the time. Dampier walked into the arena before the game, still in street clothes, holding his satchel, and walked to the 3-point line. He looked at the basket and said, “It’s off.” Game officials proceeded to measure the 3-point line. It was an inch off. “That’s a shooter’s mentality,” Vance said. Oklahoman

February 13, 2013 Updates
February 13, 2012 Updates

If you're a fan of comedian Will Ferrell, you know he did a funny bit last week when he introduced the players at the New Orleans Hornets- Chicago Bulls game last week. That generated enough publicity that a Facebook campaign is under way to convince the NBA to bring Ferrell in to handle the announcing duties for the league's All-Star Game. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

February 10, 2012 Updates

Comedian Will Ferrell had a killer performance Wednesday night when he made the player introductions before the Chicago-New Orleans game. Ferrell’s performance was so impressive among some fans that a Facebook page/campaign has been started to arrange for Ferrell to make the player introductions before the NBA All-Star Game on Feb. 26. After only one day, the page has already picked up more than 400 likes. (Hat tip: Pro Basketball Talk/Ball Don’t Lie) If his performance is anything like this one (courtesy of You Tube), the NBA could benefit from his unique introductory talents. San Antonio Express-News

February 9, 2012 Updates
February 8, 2012 Updates

As if Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose didn’t already have enough incentive to start Wednesday night in New Orleans, here’s more motivation: Actor Will Ferrell will handle the player intros at New Orleans Arena. Ferrell is in town shooting a film called “Dog Fight,” in which he and Zach Galifianakis play rival politicians trying to win an election to represent their small North Carolina congressional district in the United States House of Representatives. Chicago Tribune

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