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Although he’ll turn 34 years old on July 28, Green wants to continue playing. "I feel like I still have a good maybe three or four years — who knows? — or even more,” he said. “It’s no secret that I met with [GM] Rob [Hennigan] and I met with the coaches and stuff here, and I expressed to them that I’m definitely open to being back here in Orlando,” Green said. “I like the foundation that the team has. I like our young fellas, and I think I can help them on and off the floor. So if the possibility is open, then I’m definitely open to exploring it.” Orlando Sentinel

The Magic acquired Green so he could contribute off the bench and serve as a role model and mentor to the team’s youngsters. Green was a positive influence in the Magic locker room, especially for Maurice Harkless, Victor Oladipo and Elfrid Payton. "I talk to Willie every day," Harkless said in March. "Willie's definitely somebody that I talk to whenever I get frustrated. He's the one to talk to. It's always Willie." Orlando Sentinel

May 4, 2015 Updates

Even if that requires accepting a reduction in minutes to let Victor Oladipo and Elfrid Payton get a better feel for one another, Green appears willing to oblige. "I'm definitely open to being back here in Orlando," he said. I like the foundation that the team has. "I like our young fellas, and I think I can help them on and off the floor. So if that possibility is open, then I'm definitely open to exploring it." FoxSports.com

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Many Orlando Magic players and NBA observers think combo guard Willie Green will become an NBA head coach one day. But Green, who will turn 34 years old in July, is in no rush to end his playing career. "I definitely want to keep playing," Green said. "I feel like I still have a good maybe three or four years — who knows? — or even more." Orlando Sentinel

Green will have a choice to make this offseason. He'll become an unrestricted free agent in July, but he indicated he's open to remaining with the Magic. "Like I've said before, this is a great possibility for me to come back here," Green said. "Obviously, I would have to talk it over with my representatives and Rob [Hennigan] and Scott Perry. But I like what I see. I like where it's going here in this organization, and I still feel like I have something to offer to the game." Orlando Sentinel

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Thirty-three-year-old guard Willie Green has been mentioned as the Magic's leading buyout candidate, but Green said he has no interest in a buyout. " 'Buyout' is not really in my language," Green said. "I get paid to come in here to be professional and play hard and go out and try to help the team win. As far as I'm concerned, I'm with Orlando for the rest of the year." Orlando Sentinel

"Me personally, I'm committed to being here," Green said. "I like being here with these young guys. I like helping them. [Magic GM] Rob Hennigan and myself, we've had conversations about the way I can contribute on and off the floor. So I'm in it. I'm committed." Orlando Sentinel

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Green said in a perfect world he will play ``two-to-three more years,’’ and that will only come if his body continues to feel strong and his wife and children approve. Then, he’ll likely head into coaching basketball at some level. Teammate Nikola Vucevic thinks that Green will someday be a highly successful coach because of his ability to communicate with players young and old in the locker room. ``He has the personality for it and he has the basketball knowledge and he knows what it takes,’’ Vucevic said. ``I think he can really be good at it someday. He has a really good relationship with guys. You can tell that he really tries to talk to all of the young guys here like myself. And you know when he tells you something it’s coming from somebody who knows a lot about the game. So I think he’ll definitely be a great coach some day.’’ NBA.com

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The Los Angeles Clippers have waived guard Willie Green, the team announced Sunday. Green was due to make $1.4 million next season but the Clippers decided to waive him before his contract became guaranteed. The Clippers are still interested in re-signing him, according to sources. ESPN.com

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