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April 15, 2015 Updates

You mentioned Isaiah. What have you thought of the boost he has brought this team? Epstein: He’s played remarkable. I think if you listen, the fans are just waiting for him to get in the game and start popping shots. And he delivers. I particularly like him, because it’s the first time we’ve had a player that’s eyeball-to-eyeball with me. I’ve had that discussion with him actually. Grousbeck: I’ve heard he actually says he wants to be the best 5-9 player in NBA history. He points out that Allen Iverson was 6 feet. I love him. I love his spirit. We’ve got him for three more years at least, but we’ve got building blocks in place here, young players for multiple years, and we’re gonna try to keep this group together and add to it over the summer and keep moving forward. Boston Globe

What is the approach heading into the summer? It’s obviously fluid, but what’s the mind-set? Grousbeck: Well, we’ve got a lot of draft picks. Those could be traded. We’ve got a lot of room. Over the next few years, we’ll have a lot of room under the salary cap. Our intention is always to be aggressive and opportunistic in the summer. We don’t want to let a summer go by. The summer of 2007 transformed this franchise, and you never know when the next one will happen. Boston Globe

Moving forward, how do you continue this momentum and make sure it doesn’t flatten? Grousbeck: We’re going to have Brad here. We’re going to have our young core here, they’re all under multiyear contracts. And Danny will be here, and we will be here and the fans will be here, and we’re going to keep this rolling as long as we can. Hey, so breaking news then, you’re not selling the team? Grousbeck (laughs): Absolutely not. Boston Globe

April 12, 2015 Updates

Before Stevens, it was Kevin Garnett who chose Boston. Garnett loved Boston so much, according to Grousbeck, that he continues to recruit players to the Celtics to this day. "KG loved it and I think he's been a real good ambassador for us, telling people [that] it's a great place to play," he said. "It's very common for everybody to say, ‘Oh they can't attract free agents;' you know we attracted Kevin Garnett here. He did not need to sign an extension with us. He did not need to approve that trade. He wasn't technically a free agent, but KG picked coming to Boston and he won a championship here. So I always say that he was the first major free agent to come to Boston because he was able to dictate his terms of what team he wanted to go to and he chose us." Celtics Blog

As a mini-series between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers serves as a watered-down version of a first-round playoff preview, Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck says his team is ready for the real thing. "I would love to play [LeBron] in the playoffs somehow and I would love to beat him," Grousbeck said in an interview with Celtics Beat on CLNS Radio. Celtics Blog

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December 18, 2014 Updates

“We would not have won Banner 17 without Rajon and will always consider him one of our most valuable Celtics, both on the court and in the community working with kids. We will always cherish the time he was here,” said Celtics Managing Partners Wyc Grousbeck, Irv Grousbeck, Steve Pagliuca and Robert Epstein. NBA.com

October 26, 2014 Updates

They fashion themselves merely as a couple of local fans — Grousbeck with ties to Worcester, Pagliuca to Framingham — who one day in 2002 decided they’d like to spruce up one of our city’s legacy franchises and run it as, well, a couple of local fans, their highly successful financial careers and “Shark Tank”-like deal-making personas ostensibly stuffed in their equipment bags for safekeeping. They are having such fun being fan/owners, they stressed during an hourlong interview at a downtown hotel recently, they have little intention to change much, despite receiving, according to Grousbeck, “two serious offers’’ to sell in the last two weeks. Boston Globe

All at a time when the price of sports franchises and related properties continue to skyrocket. Exhibit A: the $2 billion Steve Ballmer recently paid to relieve the foul-mouthed Donald Sterling of the Los Angeles Clippers. “I sent a text message to Steve Ballmer about a month ago,’’ said Grousbeck, who is also the Celtics’ day-to-day chief executive officer. “And I said, ‘You know, when we bought the Celtics in ’02, we set a record price. Now you’ve taken the record . . . but you did it with some real style!’ ’’ Ballmer’s response? “He wrote back a smiley face,’’ said Grousbeck, laughing with what might be interpreted as fan-like joy. As for the two recent offers to sell, an adamant and more solemn Grousbeck insisted the club is not for sale. He also would not say whether the offers included a dollar amount. “They might, but I don’t want to discuss it,’’ he said. “With all respect . . . sorry.’’ Boston Globe

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October 5, 2014 Updates
September 27, 2014 Updates

But the Celtics have maintained they plan to keep Rondo, the last remaining member of the 2008 championship team. “It’s my goal to keep Rondo here,” Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck said recently. “I think we all want that. And I actually honestly think — he should speak for himself — I think Rajon wants to stay, or would be very happy to stay. “And we’ll see how this season goes, and how the negotiations go, but he’s proud to be a Celtic. I know that. He’s proud to wear that [2008 title] ring and he deserved it.” Boston Globe

September 23, 2014 Updates

After the Los Angeles Clippers sold for $2 billion this year, the question begged to be asked: Have the Boston Celtics fielded any interest from potential suitors? Yes. Tuesday. “I was just on the phone with somebody who wanted to try to buy the Celtics five minutes ago,” co-owner Wyc Grousbeck said Tuesday morning before teeing it off in the seventh annual Shamrock Foundation golf tournament at Dedham Country and Polo Club. “But it was a quick conversation because the team’s not for sale.” Booth Newspapers

Grousbeck also addressed the controversies happening across professional sports. The NFL has experienced issues with domestic violence and reports of a serious cover-up, while Donald Sterling and certain high-profile members of the Atlanta Hawks organization have levied racist remarks that later became public. “It reminds me that we have a job here as a pro team to sort of set an example,” Grousbeck said. “And maybe even a higher standard just because kids look up to us, and we’re trying to set those examples every day. So it reminds us all, I think, in pro sports that we’ve got to use our positions wisely and finish everything through. We just finished all of our sensitivity, diversity, anti-harassment training – a serious training – early spring this year, right before the Donald Sterling thing all came out. We do that every year, but we’re going to have to stay on our guard and make sure we do the best they can.” Booth Newspapers

With his team working diligently to get back to their recent days of championship contention after an offseason that lacked those promised fireworks, Grousbeck had some interesting things to say when discussing C’s captain and impending free agent Rajon Rondo. “He’s super stubborn,” revealed Grousbeck, adding Rondo is a good, generous kid who loves being in Boston. “I don’t know how coachable he really is. “I know if you ask [former, long-time head coach] Doc [Rivers], ‘Was he the most coachable guy, or in the top half, 50 percent,’ he’d say, ‘No, he’s in the bottom 50 percent of being coachable.’ It’s hard with him,” Grousbeck continued. Boston Globe

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