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June 29, 2011 Updates

Xavier Silas was basically the sixty-first pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. He didn't get to hear his name called on television, but he received a training camp invite from the Philadelphia 76ers seconds after the Sacramento Kings made the final pick of the evening. "Right after Sacramento made their pick, my phone was vibrating," Silas told HOOPSWORLD. "I was still looking at the screen when I got the call. They called my agent as the Kings were making their pick and then he called me right after the draft was over. They didn't want me to go to Europe or do anything other than go to their camp when the lockout is over. That was really big for me because that's what I had been working for throughout this process." HoopsWorld

June 28, 2011 Updates

Xavier Silas: The NBA draft passed and 60 names were called. My name was not one of them. As I watched them say someone else's name for the 60th pick my phone lit up, it said "Lance Young", it was my agent calling. He asked me how I was doing, I said "I'm good". He said "I just got off of the phone with Philly, they 100% want you to come to their camp. They have given you an official invite, they don't want you to go to Europe or any of that, I know you're disappointed right now but this is the same thing as if you got picked 31st, except now you get to choose where you go." My whole life I was never supposed to do what I have done. HoopsWorld

June 24, 2011 Updates

Xavier Silas: I wouldn't trade my twitter fam for any other one. True journeymen, down for me when it's dark and cold, even if it was just a few minutes. Twitter

June 12, 2011 Updates

Roundtable interviews with a professional basketball team can be intimidating but my coach Ricardo Patton always said "There is no reason to be nervous when speaking in front of a crowd if you are an expert on what you are talking about". I keep that in mind going into these interviews since the subject is always me. After my roundtable interview, head coach Avery Johnson wanted to see me in his office. As you know my dad, James Silas, was the first to have his number retired with the San Antonio Spurs, so growing up he would take me into the Spurs locker rooms, shoot arounds and practices. Avery Johnson happened to be the starting point guard at the time and ironically enough I formed the closest bond with him out of everyone. What is even more Ironic is that Avery was on the very first Spurs team to win a championship in 1999 and that was the year of the last lockout. I have looked up to him for a long time and It was good to see him in New Jersey doing so well, grab a hug and listen to him praise my game and tell me he thinks I will make it. HoopsWorld

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