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Big loss for the Georgian national team. The team, qualified for the second round at Eurobasket, has lost their leader Zaza Pachulia for the rest of the tournament. The Atlanta Hawks center will be out for a month after hurting his leg in Georgia's game on Monday against Bulgaria. Pachulia averaged 13.6 points and 4.4 rebounds in 5 games throughout Eurobasket. IamaGM.com

Scott Schroeder: Sounds like Zaza Pachulia is out for a month after hurting his leg in Georgia's game on Monday: http://bit.ly/nxQFFW Twitter

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Pachulia, 27, told USA TODAY in a phone interview he expects to finalize the deal early this week. Besiktas is the same team New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams agreed in principle to play for next season, too. If Williams and Pachulia start the season in Turkey, both would be able to return to their NBA teams if the lockout ends. Two other players who spent last season in the NBA are headed overseas, too. Forward Darius Songaila, who played in just 10 games with the Philadelphia 76ers in 2010-11, signed a one-year deal with Turkish team Galatasaray. USA Today

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Unlike most NBA players, Pachulia would not face culture shock playing in Europe. He is a native of bordering Georgia, speaks Turkish and holds a passport from the country. “For me, it feels like going home,” he said. “I played there for six years [as a teenager]. I know a lot of the players, the manager, the coaches. I’m excited.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Well, actually, let's talk about the restaurant business. The first restaurant you bought was in Midtown Atlanta, and you named it Eno by Zaza? Zaza Pachulia: Yes, I bought the exisiting business. It used to be called Eno. It had been in business for a while, and I didn't want to make too many changes. It was a Mediterranean restaurant in Midtown Atlanta. High-end. But then the economy had a lot of problems, especially here in Atlanta. So it didn't really work. Might have been location, might have been having the high end image. It just didn't work. So I decided to close it. Food Republic

And right around the same time, you opened the Buckhead Bottle Bar? What was that like? Zaza Pachulia: There's a big difference between having an existing restaurant and creating something totally new. Also, the location is very different, because Buckhead is one of the top Zip codes in the country. Buckhead Bottle Bar is more funk, more fun, a more lounge-y restaurant. Prices are very good, very fair compared to other places nearby. We decided to keep it open late, so we get a dinner crowd and a late crowd as well, and we brought in a DJ. So we made it very fun and tried to make a lot of alternatives for the people. It hasn't even been a year since we opened the place, and we've already won awards from Open Table and some magazines in Atlanta. So we're being recognized, and that's a huge honor for us as business owners. But most importantly, people seem to love it. We just created a fun atmosphere. Food Republic

You're originally from the country of Georgia, which is over next to Turkey. I know when you come to New York City you always go find a Georgian restaurant to eat. Have you ever thought about doing a Georgian restaurant in Atlanta? Zaza Pachulia: Actually, Atlanta has one of the largest populations of people from my country, Georgia. And when people heard I bought a Mediterranean restaurant there were a lot of questions raised, like people wondering if I was going to put some Georgian dishes on the menu. But I think to do it right, you have to start and grow slowly and carefully. Right now I have Bottle Bar and that's a lot of work, and I don't want to take any more time away from basketball. I like it, I'm enjoying it, and we'll see in the future what happens. Food Republic

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Pachulia’s style has rankled opponents, and now Magic fans don’t appreciate it, either. Pachulia said he wasn’t sure how the ire of Orlando fans might affect him. “I am definitely trying to not think about it,” he said. “We came here to take care of business. We shouldn’t let anything affect us.” Hawks coach Larry Drew said he planned to talk to Pachulia before the game about not letting the jeers get to him. “I’ve seen some crumble, and I’ve seen some players play off it and have phenomenal games,” Drew said. “That’s what I’m expecting from Zaza. It’s not anything he’s not used to. ... Zaza is a pro. I am sure he will handle it the right way.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Stan Van Gundy complained that Hawks centers Jason Collins and Zaza Pachulia hit superstar Dwight Howard at every opportunity but flop to the court whenever they face minimal contact. Meanwhile, Collins and Pachulia said that Howard dishes out at least as much punishment as he receives. And the Magic stewed that Richardson received the same punishment as Pachulia. "I don't have any problem with the physical style of play," Van Gundy said. "I like it when guys stand up and fight like men. I think that's what the game's all about. The one thing that frustrates me is all the flopping. Jameer [Nelson] knocked over Jason Collins in the corner last night barely hitting him. "I mean, come on. Enough. I've always been frustrated with that, and I think quite honestly we have to look at the way we coach. The one thing I think referees would have to admit is we don't flop. It's not something we teach. We don't like it. We treat it with disdain. I don't think it should be part of this league, but I have to look at that, because it works in this league." Orlando Sentinel

One could sense that Howard wanted to also lash out verbally against Pachulia — a gifted provocateur — following Friday’s game, but couldn’t quite take the leap. Asked what the Hawks center does to get under his skin, Howard just said, “He’s a pretty good defender,” before looking away and giving a dismissive smile. Another time, when addressing the altercation that resulted in the expulsion and subsequent suspension of Pachulia and Jason Richardson, Howard stopped himself in mid-sentence with a “never mind, I can’t talk about Zaza.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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