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August 29, 2014 Updates

Marc Stein: Also pleased to hear, since writing about ZORAN Dragic yesterday, that a few NBA teams are indeed tracking him. Hope for a two-Dragic NBA! Twitter @ESPNSteinLine

"He was awesome," Dragic continued. "He was our best player on the court. "It means a lot to play with him. We don't see each other so often. OK, on Skype, but it's not the same. Now it's a perfect situation for us to play together with the national team. "We can share the court and maybe do some damage [in Group D]. And hopefully someday we can play each other in the NBA." ESPN.com

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May 16, 2014 Updates

Some days ago Eurohoops published that his brother, Zoran, is close to the NBA. How possible is that according to Goran? “I’ve heard that also. I’m happy that he’s doing well and there is interest from NBA teams for him. It’s our dream -it’s not a secret- to become the first Slovenians brothers who will play in the NBA. But I want to let him know that if we ‘ll face each other in the NBA, it will be my pleasure to beat him”. EuroHoops.net

May 14, 2014 Updates

A lot of NBA teams follow Zoran Dragic but Houston Rockets are emerging on that race as the front runners. We don’t expect the situation to resolve easily, as Dragic doesn’t want just to travel overseas, but to be a significant member in team which will sign him. At this point he’s concentrated in the playoffs of the Spanish league and after the end of the season he ‘ll go undergo a hernia surgery. He’ll be out of action for about one month and then ‘ll take part in the preparation of Slovenia for the upcoming FIBA World Cup. So he’ll not risk playing in the summer league like he did in the past. EuroHoops.net

March 12, 2014 Updates

You could go to the NBA paying $500,000. Would you increase that amount to get a better contract with Unicaja? Dragic: It's the buyout minimum to go to the NBA now, but I talk with my agents about what's happening with Unicaja because that's not my problem now. I'm thinking about everything, seeing all the options. If I go there and I don't have minutes during my first season... La Opinion de Malaga

February 4, 2014 Updates

Zoran Dragic has really stepped up his game, just as his brother in the NBA. Goran, now 27, is leading the Phoenix Suns to a Playoff spot in the powerful Western Conference, something nobody could predict at the beginning of the regular season. The brave point guard is averaging 20.0 points and 6.1 assists per game. Insufficient to be named to the All-Star Game, though. And that bothers his sibling too. “We knew it was going to be tough because he is not Chinese. He is from Slovenia, a country of only 2 million people”, Zoran said to SpanishHoops. “He still has a chance to go to the All-Star because there are some injured players. We’ll see. Anyway, he is playing the best basketball of his career, so if he’s not called now, he will have time to be an All-Star in the future”. Spanish Hoops

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May 30, 2012 Updates

It's now clear that Zoran Dragic will play in NBA summer league. He said: "My agent Rade Filipovic asked me if I would play for Houston in the summer league. I had some other options but the president of the club said to me that they are monitoring me for quite some time and that they would be really happy if I play for them. You don't say no to this kind of proposals." Kosarka.si

It is clear that if you don't make it to the NBA that you will continue your career in Spain where there are rumors of you being close to signing with Caja Laboral. Is there any truth in this? Zoran Dragic: If I don't make it to the NBA I will most definitely continue my career in Spain. I have information that there are few clubs from Spain interested in me but I don't know which exactly, as I said to my agent that I don't want to be bothered and we should wait and see what kind of chances and options I will have in NBA. Dnevnik.si

May 26, 2012 Updates

However Zoran wants to try his luck in the NBA summer league before settling for Caja Laboral. The only certain fact is that he will be leaving, since next season is his last contract year and the club won't want to lose him for nothing in return. TalkBasket

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