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by HoopsHype - Updated: May 27, 2015 | 12:34 PM

Lang Greene

Eastern Conference Finals Center matchup: Al Horford: 11 points, 4 .8 rebs on 58% FG Timofey Mozgov: 10.8 points, 7.5 rebs on 57% FG

Mike Mazzeo

Contract comparison via @Kevin Pelton for 2015-16: All-Stars Horford/Teague/Korver = $25.7 million. Joe Johnson = $24.9 million #Hawks #Nets

Rick Noland

Horford 2 pts, 2 reb in 29 minutes. not good

Rick Noland

Al Horford still hasn't played since second quarter of Game 3

Howard Beck

Minor correction: Al Horford does not exist. twitter.com/EthanJSkolnick…

Ethan J. Skolnick

LeBron is about to go 8-0 all-time in the playoffs against the Hawks. Al Horford is the only Hawk left from that 2009 team.

Steve Aschburner

Near Delly-Horford tie-up, Horford stays clear of trouble.

Chris Fedor

Al Horford has as many points tonight as he had in the second half of Game 3 (He was ejected for that stretch, by the way)

Jason Lloyd

#Cavs switched defensively and Delly ended up on Horford. No fireworks, but that pairing will happen again. Stay tuned.

Ethan J. Skolnick

It remains unclear RT @Howard Beck: Al Horford was not suspended for this game, but I can't prove that.

Howard Beck

Al Horford was not suspended for this game, but I can't prove that.

Rick Noland

Boos for Horford, but not as bad as I thought

Steve Kyler

NBA President of Operations Rod Thorn explained to @Jeff Zillgitt that Al Horford's actions were very different: http://t.co/1FU7fljaoM

Brian Mahoney

Horford obviously being brought up by many people, but the Howard play looked more comparable to JR Smith's, which caused a suspension.

Jeff Zillgitt

NBA's Rod Thorn also explained the difference between Howard's flagrant one and Horford's flagrant two: usat.ly/1cYsHYy

Vincent Goodwill

Now there’s your inconsistency RT @Ken Berger: Incident also differed from Horford's flagrant-2 because it was "not retaliatory," Thorn said.

Ken Berger

Incident also differed from Al Horford's flagrant-2 because it was "not retaliatory," Thorn said.

Zach Lowe

Should have a podcast w/ @Ryen Russillo up soon. Talking conference finals, Horford/Dwight incidents, top-5 overall players, more

Kurt Helin

PBT Extra: Horford/Dellavedova incident ups tension in Hawks/Cavaliers Game 4 dlvr.it/9zSRT7

Royce Young

#EOBPod is up! Discussing Curry’s fall, Delly vs. Horford, summer movies, Rockets’ chances, Tristan money, and more: cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-bas…

Shaquille O'Neal

my good friends @Stephen A. Smith and @RealSkipBayless , what was the difference between the Al horford flagrant 2 and the d Howard flagrant 1

Jaryd Wilson

"We just need to win, man" - @Al Horford http://t.co/CMealIvMJi

Brian Mahoney

With Dwight-Bogut and Horford-Dellavedova, theme of this postseason is clearly that guys are mad at Aussies.

Ethan J. Skolnick

Just saw the Howard play again. If Horford's was a flagrant 2 & JR Smith got suspended 2 games, league needs to look hard at that one

Mark Followill

Catching up & just saw Howard/Bogut play, based on A.) The rulebook and B.) Horford last night...Don't understand how that wasn't Flagrant 2

Rick Bonnell

I took 3 logic classes in college. The Horford ejected/Howard wasn't videos would have led to some great class discussion.

Michael Lee

#hawks can't be pleased that Horford got tossed for missing an elbow to Dellavedova's head but Howard is playing after connecting with Bogut

Rick Bonnell

Applause to the ESPN broadcast team for stressing the point that if Horford is the precedent, Howard should have been tossed. No maybe.

Jason Walker

Nate said the same about Horford last night. So someone’s on your side. ATL. twitter.com/NateDuncanNBA/…

Tom Haberstroh

Interesting to read NBA's explanation of the Horford ejection last night after that Dwight hit: http://t.co/1YynkxdpIg

Darnell Mayberry

Forget the Horford play, how is what Dwight just did any different from what J.R. Smith did to Jae Crowder, which resulted in an ejection?

Rick Bonnell

There is no way if Horford was tossed last night that Howard shouldn't have been for what he did.

Lang Whitaker

If last night's play was a Flagrant 2 on Horford, that should have been a Flagrant 7 on Howard.

Paul Flannery

If you think the Horford ruling was flawed, then it's not a precedent worth following.

Bruno Altieri

Se equivocaron con Dwight Howard. Tendrían que haber sido más severos, sobre todo por lo que pasó con Al Horford. Hay que ser consistentes.

Simone Sandri

Se quello di Horford è un Flagrant 2,questo di Howard non può essere F1...ciò che frustra i giocatori è l'"inconsistency" degli arbitri Nba

Chris Vernon

I said the same thing last night bout Horford too. #FreeZBO twitter.com/HerringtonNBA/…

Steve Popper

Annnnd...That's the ridiculous take - J.R. does it - ejected, suspended. Horford last night. And Howard - play on.

Sherman Hamilton

That made last night's ejection of Horford look ridiculous! #rtz #nbaplayoffs

Sean Cunningham

Well how's that for consistency? Flagrant One. Personally neither Horford nor Howard should have been ejected in my opinion.

Lang Whitaker

Flagrant 1 for Howard. Al Horford is rolling in his grave.

Kurt Helin

If Horford is the standard/precedent then he is gone... and no, it's a flagrant 1.

Ethan Strauss

Horford's now extra wondering why he got ejected

Vincent Ellis

Bye Dwight. That's worse than Horford, IMO.

Earl K. Sneed

After the Horford situation last night, Dwight should be ejected for that.

Sean Cunningham

Dwight Howard is gonna get ejected based on what we saw last night with Al Horford

Tas Melas

Today's #TheStarters: Delly a "dirty player"? Horford deserve ejection? And @Barryathree is back in The Bone Zone. 6:30ET / 8:00ET, @NBATV.

Kurt Helin

Report: Al Horford will not face further punishment for flagrant foul on Matthew Dellavedova dlvr.it/9ynKbT

Chris Vivlamore

No additional discipline for Horford on-ajc.com/1FzZFIG

Chris Vivlamore

Should have noted in previous tweets that Horford FF-2 won't be downgraded either. Stands as called.