HoopsHype Anderson Varejao Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: December 19, 2014 | 07:58 PM

Chris Fedor

Dude...one of the Plumlee's just bullied Anderson Varejao and got an easy layup.

Chris Haynes

Anderson Varejao has missed some point-blank bunnies. Your center has to finish those. Cavs started game up 21-0. They lead Hornets 43-40.

Jason Lloyd

Remember a couple weeks ago when Varejao couldn't miss? Regression to the mean.

Dave McMenamin

The Cavs' once 22-pt lead is now down to 3 and Varejao just missed his third straight bunny

Jason Lloyd

End 1Q: #Cavs 34, Hornets 17. Love 12p,5r; James 7p,6a,3r; Irving 8p,2a; Varejao 4p. CHA Walker 11p,2a. CLE 65%, 3TO; CHA 38%, 3TO

Royce Young

Adams also talked about what it was like to play against Anderson Varejao's mustache: http://t.co/kYalKBWfuT

Jason Lloyd

End 3Q: NOP 89, #Cavs 76. James 36p,4r,3a; Love 19p,6r; Varejao 11p,7r. NO Evans 25p; Anderson 19p. CLE 45%, 4TO; NO 56%, 6TO

Jason Lloyd

Half: Pelicans 64, #Cavs 59. James 25p; Love 19p,5r; Varejao 5p,4r; Irving 0p,5a. NO Evans 13p,6a; Anderson 16p. CLE 48%, 2TO; NO 57%, 4TO

Ethan J. Skolnick

Three bad defensive possessions by Cleveland. Varejao showing no awareness on interior, and Love leaves Ryan Anderson open. Tied at 59.

Jim Eichenhofer

Anthony Davis has gotten so good at mid-range shot while drawing contact from defender. Sends Varejao to bench with 2 fouls on same play

Jimmy Smith

Tonight's #Cavs starters: James, Love, Varejao, Marion, Irving.

Kurt Helin

Anderson Varejao capably defends rim, Andre Roberson dunks on him anyway (video) dlvr.it/7pCk0x

Kevin Pelton

If Varejao dyed his hair blonde to go with the moustache, he'd be Carlos Valderrama: bit.ly/1uucpci

Kevin Pelton

Look, I know that Steven Adams and Anderson Varejao have terrible moustaches but I don't think that should be grounds for a double T.

Ethan J. Skolnick

Now Varejao hobbling. This is the stuff that was happening to OKC early in the season.

Michael Scotto

Andre Roberson defied gravity while dunking on Anderson Varejao. VIDEO: vine.co/v/O6OqIx5rDqD

Royce Young

VIDEO: Thunder's Andre Roberson posterizes Anderson Varejao cbsprt.co/1x7UQos http://t.co/jBac4Pak81

Tas Melas

Has Anderson Varejao ever spoken?

Chris Haynes

Kyrie Irving is being helped off by trainer and Anderson Varejao. He didn't need much help though.

Anthony Slater

Kyrie, Dellavedova, Marion, Love, Varejao RT @joelala719 @Anthony Slater So what is the Cavs starting 5?

Brendan Bowers

Talked w/ Anderson Varejao about past & present Cavs teams & bringing a Championship to Cleveland: slamonline.com/nba/anderson-v… #Cleveland #Cavs

Emiliano Carchia

Nets' Garnett Hilariously Taunts Cavs' Varejao After Turnover sportando.com/en/usa/nba/144… vine.co/v/OrDMbx3aKpH

Ryan Wolstat

Kyle Lowry just beat LeBron and then Varejao on a drive then took a charge under the hoop on Varejao. Then got called for a carry. Eventful.

Jason Lloyd

Half: TOR 63, #Cavs 55. James 16p; Love 8p,6r; Varejao 8p; Waiters 12p; Irving 5p,4a. TOR Valanciunas 14p,9r; Lowry 7p,9a. CLE 49%, TOR 65%

Ryan Wolstat

Varejao dominated Valanciunas on Friday. Different story today. Valanciunas is balling for second night in a row.

Eric Smith

Spotted in Cleveland...Kermit with a Varejao wig. #nba #cavs #raptors instagram.com/p/wZ1SC2o24c/

Mary Stevens

Yesterday's #NBA leaders: Blake Griffin - 45 points John Wall- 17 assits DeAndre Jordan/ Anderson Varejao/ Kevin Love- 14 rebounds

Sam Amico

Dion Waiters 26 pts; Kevin Love 19, LeBron 18. Love and Varejao 14 rebs each. Cavs easily win 7th straight, put on a show, 110-88 at Nets.

Brendan Bowers

Love (14), Varejao (14) and Thompson (12) combined for 40 rebounds. Nets finished with 33 as a team #Cavs

John Schuhmann

Varejao got called for a delay of game on that. RT @Michael Lee: KG gonna KG vine.co/v/OrDMbx3aKpH

Dave McMenamin

Varejao gets a delay of game warning after KG goads Andy by getting in his face and frantically clapping his hands like a jerk.

Lenn Robbins

The focus will be on @LeBron James @Kevin Love and @Kyrie Irving , but in Anderson Varejao and Shawn Marrion the #Cavs have grit and leadership

Jason Lloyd

Half: #Cavs 51, TOR 44. Love 11p, 5r; James 10p,7a; Varejao 9p; Irving 2p,1a. TOR Lowry 12p,6a; A.Johnsno 17p,5r. CLE 50%, 8TO; TOR 38%, 6TO

Dave McMenamin

TOR timeout after James Jones hits two 3-pointers in first 2 minutes of 2nd Q to push CLE lead to 14. Varejao/LeBron rush to hi-five JJ

Jason Lloyd

End 1Q: #Cavs 30, Raptors 21. Love 9p,4r; James 5p,4a; Varejao 7p; Irving 2p; Thompson 4p,3r. TOR A.Johnson 12p,3r. CLE 58%,3TO; TOR 39%,1TO

Eric Koreen

Cavs up 13-6 early. Varejao playing Valanciunas to go left shoulder, Valanciunas going left shoulder ineffectively.

Kurt Helin

Amar’e Stoudemire can still dunk, does so on Anderson Varejao (VIDEO) dlvr.it/7kVH31

Jeff Caplan

Did no one notify Anderson Varejao that Mo-vember is over?

Kurt Helin

Amar’e Stoudemire throws it down over Anderson Varejao (VIDEO) dlvr.it/7kRBZW

Ben Golliver

Video: Knicks' Amar'e Stoudemire posterizes Cavaliers' Anderson Varejao bit.ly/12DZq0O http://t.co/60Omh1qK3k

Michael Grange

Am I late on the Andy Varejao /Weird Al Yankovic doppelgänger thing?

Royce Young

VIDEO: Amar'e Stoudemire turns back the clock to dunk on Varejao cbsprt.co/15RKo8Y http://t.co/n1V1rd6aQ9

Royce Young

Amar'e Stoudemire dunks alllllll over Anderson Varejao gfycat.com/DecentForthrig…

Michael Scotto

Amar'e Stoudemire turned back the clock with his dunk on Anderson Varejao. VIDEO: vine.co/v/OvUW5pQ9Wet

Brian Mahoney

Would love to know what Amare said when he put Varejao on a poster with that dunk. Anyone know how to say "phenomenal" in Portuguese?

Jonah Ballow

Varejao’s mustache is offensive.

Lang Whitaker

Amar’e just baptized Varejao in red wine

Michael Lee

Amare Stoudemire just gave Anderson Varejao The Olowokandi

Chris Haynes

That is not a good look for Anderson Varejao. Amare Stoudemire just posterized him. Lawd have mercy!