HoopsHype Andray Blatche Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: July 27, 2014 | 09:55 PM

TJ Manotoc

and there's #11 @Andray Blatche ! RT @coachot: Defense! http://t.co/fsQdwlc3TK

Alex Kennedy

Top remaining free agents: Eric Bledsoe, Greg Monroe, Ray Allen, Shawn Marion, Andray Blatche, Mo Williams, Ramon Sessions, Emeka Okafor

Chris Sheridan

Free agent bargains still out there include Andray Blatche, Cisco Garcia and Mike Scott #NBA sheridanhoops.com/2014/07/24/fre…

Jonathan Feigen

Might I guess, but I think they like D-Mo, Jones more. Have 4 fours on roster RT @akkrynlee: @Jonathan Feigen why not pursue andray blatche?

Ira Winderman

Best remaining free agents: Greg Monroe, Eric Bledsoe, Shawn Marion, Andray Blatche, Al-Farouq Aminu, Ramon Sessions, Ray Allen...

Dwain Price

More players available: Ray Allen, Leandro Barbosa, Michael Beasley, Andray Blatche, Elton Brand, Mike Scott, Ramon Session, Earl Watson.

Antonio Vazquez

Los Heat sólo pueden firmar veteranos por el mínimo. Están disponibles Marion, Oden, Blatche...

Vincent Goodwill

Random thought: At one time, the Wizards had: Swaggy P, Blatche, Gil, Jordan Crawford and JaVale McGee in the same locker room. Ay-Yi-Yi!

Alex Kennedy

Best unsigned free agents: Eric Bledsoe, Greg Monroe, Evan Turner, Ray Allen, Ramon Sessions, Jermaine O'Neal, Mo Williams, Andray Blatche.

Enzo Flojo

Meanwhile in the @NBA, @gilaspilipinas trump card Andray Blatche still has no team for 2014-2015. #NBAFreeAgency

Ryan Wolstat

Amir was last player ever drafted straight out of high school. Lou did same in that draft as did Blatche, Monta, Bynum, Green, Webster, etc.

John Schuhmann

Evan Turner is still available. RT @Truth_About_It: If the #Lakers sign Jordan Crawford & Andray Blatche then we know the jig is up.

Ira Winderman

Best of remaining FAs: Greg Monroe, Eric Bledsoe, Shawn Marion, Glen Davis, Andray Blatche, Al-Farouq Aminu, Ramon Sessions, Ed Davis...

Alan Hahn

On paper, yes. But not sure about personality. RT @QnzRoyalty718: @Alan Hahn Do you think Andray Blatche would be a good for for the Knicks?

Mike McGraw

For the Bulls, no. RT @TheDude2727: Think Deng-Blatche- G that can score is a good possibility?

Mike McGraw

Melo-Gasol, Melo-Lance, Lance-Deng-Blatche, Stuckey-Marvin-Hinrich-Big Baby. Endless possibilities RT @JordanTrude: Nobody to spend it on

Royce Young

Report: Andray Blatche to meet with Raptors in Las Vegas cbsprt.co/1vYdlWG

Emiliano Carchia

Andray Blatche to meet Raptors tomorrow in Las Vegas sportando.com/en/usa/nba/126…

Steve Popper

So Lebron James and Andray Blatche have meetings in Vegas and no one has written yet about joining forces?

Tim Chisholm

The thing w Blatche: if you don’t have mins for him his distractions aren’t worth it, even at a min salary.

Josh Lewenberg

ESPN reporting Raptors to meet w/ Andray Blatche. Patterson fills similar role at similar $, plus obvious chemistry concerns. Dont see a fit

Eric Koreen

Have seen Blatche report. Haven't had it confirmed, but hard to believe Raps would risk much on him after bowing at alter of chemistry.

Michael Scotto

Andray Blatche will meet with the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday, league sources confirm. First reported by ESPN.

Mike Mazzeo

. @Chris Broussard reports that UFA Andray Blatche, who the #Nets have moved on from, will meet with Toronto tomorrow in Vegas

Chris Broussard

Sources: Andray Blatche will meet with Toronto tomorrow in Vegas

Ben Bolch

Sounds about right. MT @SONOFSAMBOWIE @Ben Bolch Lakers end up with Nelson/Lance/McRoberts or Isiah/Blatche/Ariza. 32 wins, here we come!

John Schuhmann

The Blatche treatment. RT @Rick Bonnell: Hornets have not approached point guard Ramon Sessions about a possible return to Charlotte.

Fred Kerber

Random thought on the JKidd v #Nets divorce: Neither side wants custody of Andray Blatche

Tim Bontemps

It doesn't look like Andray Blatche will be back in Brooklyn for a third season: bit.ly/1onULpy

Tommy Beer

Blatche and Livingston were important pieces during the Nets second-half surge... How does Billy King replace them?

Tim Bontemps

And it's looking more and more like Andray Blatche will be plying his trade elsewhere next season: nyp.st/1qhPX6Q

Marcus Thompson

I like Ed Davis RT @SaucyGames22: How would you feel about Warriors adding Blatche or Ed Davis??

Kurt Helin

Nets won’t bring back free agent Andray Blatche next season dlvr.it/6BDjj3

Stefan Bondy

Kevin Garnett is coming back, Billy King reiterates on radio. Blatche is out of the mix - "We had our reasons." Confident Pierce comes back.

Trey Kerby

If the Bulls don't get Melo or Love, really hope Plan C is BLATCHE.

Jared Zwerling

Wouldn't be surprised if Blatche ends up in Nola to back up 4 & 5. But don't rule out DAL or HOU. Great Cs (Chandler & Howard) to pair with.

Royce Young

Billy King: Nets haven't reached out to Andray Blatche cbsprt.co/1okLvTg

John Schuhmann

Q: "You reach out to your players last night?" Billy King: "The ones that are free agents, yes." Q: "Blatche?" King: "No."

Stefan Bondy

Billy said he's reached out to all the Nets free agents except Andray Blatche. So yeah, Blatche isn't coming back.

Rod Boone

Billy King said he's already reached out to #Nets own free agents. Then I ask if that includes Andray Blatche. King. "Uh ... no."

Josh Newman

King says he has not reached out to Andray Blatche, so that basically means his tenure in Brooklyn is done.

Alex Raskin

Billy King said he reached out to the #nets free agents, but not Andray Blatche.

Mike Mazzeo

King confirms he reached out to all free agents except Blatche #Nets

Tim Bontemps

King says he hasn't reached out to Andray Blatche. Seems unlikely he'll be back.

John Reid

Unless something changed,a league source said 10 days ago the Pelicans won't pursue signing Andray Blatche in free agency.

Alex Kennedy

Andray Blatche has been telling people around the league that he may end up with the New Orleans Pelicans, according to sources.

Jaemark Tordecilla

Great read from @Zach Lowe on the JKidd mess. Also, an alarming note on Andray Blatche for Gilas fans. grantland.com/the-triangle/g…