HoopsHype Blake Griffin Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: October 31, 2014 | 02:15 AM

Kristina Leahy

Blake Griffin just called the Lakers dangerous. I pinky swear.

Melissa Rohlin

Blake Griffin on the Lakers: "They're a dangerous team."

Melissa Rohlin

Blake Griffin: "I think one of our problems is everyone was trying so hard."

Dan Woike

Asked @Blake Griffin if he would've put himself in situation to take key FTs in closing seconds 2 yrs ago. "I don’t know. But I will now."

Anthony Slater

Steven Adams goes Troy Polamalu on Blake Griffin for the intentional foul vine.co/v/OMLwBEx1pz0

Mike Wise

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin could grow up to be Stockton and Malone one day. But right now they're about Kenny Anderson and Derrick Coleman

Arash Markazi

Blake Griffin fouls out on a double foul after that free throw. Clippers 91, Thunder 90 with 4.1 seconds left.

Anthony Slater

Prediction: Serge Ibaka and Blake Griffin will combine to set an NBA record for career double-fouls against each other.

Eric Pincus

Double foul - Blake Griffin is out with 6 - Serge Ibaka gets his 4th

Dan Woike

Blake Griffin confidently steps to the line and hits two. He wanted the ball -- could've passed to Jamal.

Arash Markazi

Chris Paul misses both free throws, Blake Griffin makes both. It really is a new day for the Clippers.

Jimmy Spencer

Blake Griffin’s free throw motion has more jerk than a Chris Paul postgame interview after a loss.

Arash Markazi

Big block by DeAndre Jordan. Chris Paul with rebound and pass to Blake Griffin, who gets fouled.

Adi Joseph

That behind-the-back dribble by Blake Griffin was O_O

David Thorpe

Someone tell Blake Griffin that shooting an open 3 pointer off the catch is no more difficult than making 2 foot step back long jumpers

Ben Bolch

Clippers in pretty good spot considering they have lead with Blake Griffin and J.J. Redick a combined 2/13 and Westbrook may not return.

Melissa Rohlin

Blake Griffin and CP3 have a really fun promo for Jordan brand that was just shown on the video board. If anyone has a link, tweet it to me.

Justin Verrier

Blake Griffin's new beard and perturbation must mean he'll be starring as me in a movie coming soon to a theater near you.

Robert Morales

Blake Griffin addressing fans ahead of game...thanking the fans #Clippers

Arash Markazi

Blake Griffin working on his midrange game. http://t.co/R3bZeVQJ70

Kevin Arnovitz

Blake Griffin drilling 5 straight Corner 3s during his pregame shoot.

Gary Lee

Blake Griffin suffered a broken kneecap his rookie season and averaged 22.5 points and 12.1 rebounds the next season in 82 games.

Gary Lee

No official word on Julius Randle yet, but remember this: Blake Griffin and Nerlens Noel were out their rookie seasons and came back strong.

Ramona Shelburne

Last "Clipper Curse" moment was Blake Griffin's broken knee cap as a rookie. Since then, all the bad luck has fallen on the Lakers

Alex Kennedy

Charles Barkley is killing the Lakers: "Doc Rivers and Blake Griffin are laughing their asses off watching this Lakers team play."

Jimmy Spencer

NBA Prediction: @Blake Griffin will still feel "a little weird" anytime @Chris Paul throws an alley-oop to other players—especially @DeAndre Jordan

Jose Luis Malo

#2 Blake Griffin se convierte en NBA All-team esta temporada. En el jugador Top-5 de la liga.

Ben Bolch

Blake Griffin on getting couch time on Conan O'Brien: "I've always want that, to be the guy who stands up and shakes hands and slides over."

Arash Markazi

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin doing radio interviews before the start of practice. http://t.co/viFtndeCnK

David Locke

Worst EFG% catch and shoot (top 100 atts) - Tobias Harris (38.3%) Duncan (38.4) Blake Griffin (38.5) A Davis (39.9) D Cunningham (39.9)

Kevin Arnovitz

Missed Blake Griffin on Conan last night? We got you: clipperblog.com/?p=24931 #LAC

Ben Bolch

Las Vegas Metro Police Department spokesman says there's no update on Blake Griffin situation.

Chris Sheridan

I've got @Blake Griffin winning the MVP award. Who is with me? Full state of predictions. sheridanhoops.com/2014/10/24/she…

Polo Bustamante

#TheBenchMob episode 2 is up. This time we talk about Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose! ph.nba.com/news-article/3…

Robert Morales

As Chick Hear might have said, Blake Griffin will be picking rubber out of his teeth for a week after that block on him by Kaman #Clippers

Robert Morales

Blake Griffin has solid first half, but Clippers trail Blazers 54-46 at intermission insidesocal.com/clippers/2014/… #Clippers

Ben Bolch

Blake Griffin has 17 points but Clippers trail Trail Blazers, 54-46, at halftime of final preseason game.

Robert Morales

Blake Griffin has 11 points for Clippers, no other Clipper has more than four #Clippers

Roland Lazenby

NBA stars Blake Griffin and Chris Paul on their new Jordan Brand sketch comedy campaign - goo.gl/alerts/qGFn #GoogleAlerts

Kevin Arnovitz

Blake Griffin and Chris Paul have a 6-plus minute comedy video out. BGCP3TV comes in HD: clipperblog.com/?p=24920 #LAC

Madelyn Burke

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin Release Episode 1 of 'BGCP3TV in HD' Series bleacherreport.com/articles/22434… via @bleacherreport

Chris Littman

Blake Griffin, Chris Paul debut comedy series with 'Chappelle' co-creator dlvr.it/7JXj2J

Kevin Arnovitz

We’re not the only ones who think Blake Griffin is good. @JADubin5 lays out why he’s a dark horse MVP candidate: clipperblog.com/?p=24917 #LAC

Kamenetzky Brothers

I’ll be on @ESPNLA710 w/@iamBenLyons from 10am-noon PT. We’re talking Kobe, Randle, Blake Griffin, Vegas drink orders, & more. AK

Michael Lee

Blake Griffin on Ballmer: "All of the excitement, all that is genuine. It’s not like he’s doing it for the crowd. He’s really that excited.”

Daniel Senovilla

Blake Griffin estrangula y abofetea a un fan en una discoteca de Las Vegas marca.com/2014/10/23/bal… vía @marca

Iñako Diaz-Guerra

VÍDEO | Clippers 108 - Suns 105. 69 puntos entre Blake Griffin y Chris Paul. Bledsoe, 27. baloncesto.as.com/videos/2014/10…