HoopsHype Boris Diaw Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: November 01, 2014 | 12:31 AM

Paul Garcia

Parker led Spurs with 19 points, Duncan 16 points, and Diaw 13 points. 4 of the Spurs' 13 turnovers came in the fourth, gave PHX 8 points.

Paul Coro

Diaw turned to McCutheon for a time out on the inbound. He gave him a 5-second inbound violation. Bledsoe FTs make it 94-89. #SunsVsSpurs

Paul Garcia

Diaw couldn't get the timeout, Phoenix ball. Good defense by Phoenix.

Paul Coro

The Suns have their 1st lead of the game on a Thomas fastbreak past Diaw with 3:34 to go. Thomas has 23 points again. PHX 88-87 #SunsVsSpurs

Paul Garcia

Boris Diaw scored 8 points in the 3Q, Thomas had 8 for PHX in that quarter. PHX 7-0 in second chance points in 3Q.

Paul Coro

SA 71, PHX 67 after 3Q. Hornacek w/a 360 spin for IT miss/Diaw layup to end 3Q. SA: 43 FG%; PHX: 37 FG%. Thomas: 13p in 17 min. #SunsVsSpurs

Paul Garcia

3Q: Spurs 71, Suns 67. PHX outscored SA 31-26 in 3Q. Parker, Duncan with 16 points, Diaw 13 points. Thomas 13 points, Dragic 10 points.

David Aldridge

Goodness, Boris Diaw looks like Jesus Shuttlesworth's dad out there, doesn't he? #itaughtyouwellson

Dan McCarney

Buttered baguettes. Diaw's floater puts the Spurs up 4, 69-65.

Paul Garcia

Suns tried to get Dragic open with an elevator play out of the timeout, Diaw sniffed it out fast and shut it down.

Rick Bonnell

Boris Diaw looks pudgie these days. That's actually a nice improvement.

Paul Garcia

When Boiris Diaw knows he has a mismatch in the post...

Paul Garcia

By starting Daye, Pop's able to go back to a traditional Foreign Legion bench lineup with Joseph, Beli, Manu, Diaw, and Baynes.

Tas Melas

Eric Bledsoe's crossover is even meaner than Boris Diaw's.

Emiliano Carchia

Boris Diaw takes Dirk Nowitzki off the dribble twice. Dirk Nowitzki explains why sportando.com/en/usa/nba/139… http://t.co/WvxQK8gMb6

Job De Leon

Boris Diaw ankle breakers >>>>>>>

Yannis Koutroupis

Diaw has to be thinking if I knew I was gonna be left on an island vs. Dirk in the opener I wouldn't have gotten in shape so early.

Paul Garcia

There's nothing Diaw could have done to stop that Dirk shot, nothing.

Mike Prada

Parsons is really struggling to keep up with Diaw. Diaw’s making him work and is quick enough to guard him. But happens to lots of players

Paul Garcia

Dirk gets called for his 4th foul guarding Diaw in the post, he wasn't too happy as one might expect.

Paul Garcia

Video: Boris Diaw breaks Dirk Nowitzki’s ankle ift.tt/1wL7Hwe via @JeffGarciaPS

Michael De Leon

Video: Boris Diaw breaks Dirk Nowitzki’s ankle ift.tt/1wL7Hwe #spurs

Mark Followill

Is that remnants of an off-season dye job that I missed or is Diaw getting gray hair?

Julian Mozo

#NBA Diaw, un amago y un knockout para Nowitzki vine.co/v/OM6XiL5q6Fu #GenioBoris

Iosu Muro

Boris Diaw rompiendo tobillos, aunque sean los de Nowitzki on.nba.com/1u50JSq

David Thorpe

See the hi-low action Spurs ran with Diaw? That's what Bulls can be masters of with their 2-headed passing monsters at pf and c. JoPau.

Quixem Ramirez

Boris Diaw shall hath no mercy tonight. Dirk’s ankles are the poor victim.

Anthony Slater

Boris Diaw on Dirk Nowitzki - the slowest ankle-breaking move in NBA history vine.co/v/OM6XiL5q6Fu

Ben Golliver

GIF: Boris Diaw drops Dirk Nowitzki again pic.twitter.com/ahsbJAGZ0g

Dimitri Kucharczyk

Ça fait donc deux fois que Boris Diaw met Dirk Nowitzki sur les fesses.

Festus Ezeli

Boris Diaw was a point guard??!

Ben Golliver

GIF: Boris Diaw breaks Dirk Nowitzki's ankles pic.twitter.com/DYTcChW0iQ

Mike Prada

Chandler Parsons at the 4 will work against many teams. Not sure the Spurs with Boris Diaw is one of them.

Royce Young

Boris Diaw breaking Dirk's ankles makes me both super happy and super sad.

Daniele Labanti

#Spurs TP, Beli, Manu, Diaw, Timmy. quintettino da nulla... http://t.co/unnQYHfV35

Paul Garcia

Manu checks in at the 6:22 mark of the 1Q, Diaw also.

Jeff McDonald

First name Green mentioned as a potential Dirk slower downer, obviously, was Boris Diaw.

Jeff McDonald

On Boris Diaw: "MVP of the entire playoff run ... took the most unselfish team to an even higher level of unselfishness."

Jeff McDonald

I have no idea who starts at the 3 or 5 for the Spurs tomorrow. Like, I'm penciling in Diaw at 3 and Bonner at 5. I mean, no earthly idea.

Sean Highkin

The Rockets' hands were tied with Parsons because they were trying to make other moves. Spurs have no significant $ besides TP/Splitter/Diaw

Paul Garcia

If Kawhi & Splitter aren't ready by Tuesday, strong chance I think Belinelli starts at SF, Diaw/Bonner at center: projectspurs.com/2014-articles/…

Paul Garcia

Baynes and Diaw out there as the big men, Duncan's night likely done.

Dan McCarney

Spurs up 25-17 through one quarter despite 7 TOs. Duncan with 4/7, Parker has 6 points and Boris Diaw with 5.

Paul Garcia

Duncan, Beli, Parker, Danny Green, and Diaw starting for Spurs vs. Hawks tonight

Jeff McDonald

Spurs: Parker, Green, Belinelli, Diaw, Duncan. Hawks: Teague, Korver, Carroll, Millsap, Horford.

Dan McCarney

Another nugget from the GM survey: Spurs had four players receive "best role player" votes -- Diaw, Ginobili, Leonard, Green.

Jeff McDonald

More GM survey results: Tim Duncan voted the NBA's best leader. Boris Diaw tied with Kenneth Faried as NBA's top role player.

Dan McCarney

Other misc. -- Duncan voted best leader, Diaw voted best role player. He'll drink to that... http://t.co/keCbJz6IrU

Ethan J. Skolnick

Significant 2 become first Spurs repeat champs? Diaw: "What if they already did it? We wouldn't want to do it again?" ble.ac/1r8nwWH