HoopsHype Boris Diaw Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: April 25, 2015 | 12:23 AM

Paul Garcia

Boris Diaw on Kawhi Leonard tonight: “He was great.” Said on Green’s oop, Kawhi had to go get it.

RJ Hunter

Boris Diaw is really hella nice

Mico Halili

Barreling Boris Diaw drives hard to the hoop. Big Baby Davis stands there and takes the full impact. Match na match.

Jon Krawczynski

After that collision between Big Baby and Diaw the court is going to be in worse shape than the wireless at AT&T Center. #mediajokes

Paul Garcia

11.3 seconds left, Spurs by 10, Clippers ball. Pop & Manu were yelling at the ref that Diaw was fouled. Kawhi 16 points.

Ben Bolch

Fans are incensed with refs after non-call on Boris Diaw.

Amin Elhassan

Smart closeout stunt by Redick. Acted like he was headed to Diaw but then veered towards the corner

Mike Monroe

1st #Spurs free throws of game coming at 6:35 mark of 2nd quarter ... Diaw makes both

Brad Turner

Does Boris Diaw ever look like he's moving fast? or just slow motion

Paul Garcia

Boris Diaw just turned the floor into ice and DeAndre Jordan didn't bring any skates.

Paul Garcia

Duncan, Parker, Diaw to check in. Crawford awarded in the act of shooting, will have 3 free throws.

Paul Garcia

I thought it was rude that when Austin Rivers checked in, Boris Diaw played full court defense on him to deny him the ball.

Paul Garcia

Duncan finds Kawhi open for three. The Spurs have their largest lead of the game - 12 points. Kawhi 10 points, Diaw/Parker/Green 13 pts.

Paul Garcia

Perfect timing by Diaw. Posted Redick, waited until Kawhi's defender got off enough, then hit Kawhi for the open three.

Ben Bolch

Complete failure to box out Boris Diaw costs Clippers two points.

Paul Garcia

Diaw checks in for Tiago.

Paul Garcia

The Spurs are in their lay-up line drill. Most players take the lay-up, but Boris Diaw chooses the 16-foot floater.

Jeff McDonald

Also the more I think about it "French Robert Horry" is an apt description of Diaw. Just perpetually unfazed.

Jeff McDonald

When they build the Diaw statue at the ATT Center, it will depict him sauntering in off the pregame bus with a Starbucks.

Dan McCarney

As the kind of guy who used to get sick to his stomach before middle school football games, I am intensely envious of Boris Diaw.

Dan McCarney

Ultimate Boris Diaw, from Buck Harvey's column this morning. http://t.co/WTUarm88xd

David Locke

Worst PAAC in playoffs CJ McCollum -6.7 pts per game Damian Lillard -6.3 Zach Randolph -5.8 Pau Gasol -5.7 Boris Diaw -5.3 Kyle Lowry -5.1

Chris Littman

Blake Griffin makes Boris Diaw look silly in transition, finishes with slam dlvr.it/9WPXRR

Steve Aschburner

Twitter had been ablaze over Griffin's move vs. Diaw early in the game. Kudos to Boris for quick study. twitter.com/NBAcom/status/…

Ryan McDonald

Diaw is full of struggles

Mike Prada

Matt Bonner being a better option than Boris Diaw is something I didn’t expect.

Ramona Shelburne

Popovich is letting Boris Diaw have it after he lost Blake Griffin on that alley oop. Boris shrugs. Then Pop shrugs. C'est la vie

Mike Prada

Spurs trying to use Diaw on decoy cuts when the Clippers trap. Otherwise, LAC will leave him open for threes and go at him on D

Scott Gleeson

Blake Griffin: A lot. Boris Diaw: Nothing ever. #CLIPPERSvSPURS

Vincent Goodwill

Funny that you think Boris Diaw is a little plump…until you see him Glen Davis

Mike Monroe

#Spurs shooting 5w5.6 pct., most because Duncan and Diaw, combined 7-7

Bill Oram

There was nothing clever or crafty about that Duncan assisted to Diaw. Pivoted, surveyed, found the cutter.

Paul Garcia

Big to big passing again. This time, Duncan to Diaw for the alley-oop sort of. SA 23-20, SA 6 assists on 10 makes.

John Ireland

Man, Boris Diaw is fat--but he's crafty. He's kind of like a taller, French, Andre Miller #oldschool

Paul Garcia

Boris seems like he's had enough of the criticism, two straight Diaw-type baskets.

Arash Markazi

He saw his charge and raised him a dunk. RT @Rob Peterson Diaw tried to take a charge ... Sigh.

Paul Garcia

Not sure why Diaw would even try to take a charge on Blake. Blake could just dunk on him if he wanted. LAC 13-11 lead.

Rob Peterson

Diaw tried to take a charge ... Sigh.

Ben Bolch

Blake Griffin left Boris Diaw in a block of brie there.

Jeff McDonald

Ain't a whole lot of people his size who can do in the open floor what Blake Griffin just did to Boris Diaw.

Dan Woike

Boris Diaw just got put in cement by Blake Griffin.

Demian Belmonte

Becky Hammon asistiendo a Boris Diaw. Queda una hora para el partido #CLIPPERSvSPURS #UltimateNBAStaples http://t.co/Anz4Q12hmM

Jeff McDonald

Honestly believe Boris Diaw might be the most laissez faire dude in all of France. Which is saying something, considering they invented it.

Jeff McDonald

Sense of desperation tonight Boris Diaw? "Eh. Not desperation. Would be nice to win."

Flavio Tranquillo

Per cambiare le spaziature gli Spurs necessitano di Diaw non da 0/5 da 3 o addirittura di Bonner (qui vero 3 vs. 2) http://t.co/lPeYVzC9jH

Paul Garcia

Blake shot 6/11 when Diaw was on the floor, 3/9 when Diaw was on the bench. Again, small sample size since it was just 1 game.

Paul Garcia

Griffin's Offensive Rating in G1 when these Spurs bigs were on the floor. Duncan: 105.2 PP/100 Baynes: 106.7 Splitter: 108.7 Diaw: 123.5

Zach Lowe

Some look pretty well-contested, and some are shots you'll live with -- a lightly contested Diaw 3 from above-the-break, for instance

Ethan Strauss

CP3 had Diaw jumping like he was avoiding a dodge ball

Amin Elhassan

Joseph: did this ninja just spin past me?! Diaw: Ahhh quel dommage CP: Aw man I hope somebody try to jump with him http://t.co/1EVPRcnZh8