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by HoopsHype - Updated: July 27, 2014 | 09:08 PM

Jeff Wade

Here's what ROX "mulling" 5. Want to pay Ariza 8 million to be bench player or pay CP 15 to play outta position and get slaughtered on glass

Jeff Wade

Here's what ROX "mulling" 3. How does Morey explain to ownership that CP costs 14 milly more this yr than he should and they only got Ariza

Jeff Wade

Here's what ROX "mulling" 1. Do we want to overpay CP as an asset when we have Ariza at 1/2 price and CP can veto trades for a yr + kicker

Amin Elhassan

If you believe this, you're playing yourself RT @ZenMasterLs: @Amin Elhassan the cp3 trade is a reason we suck now also. .

Amin Elhassan

Here's another way it happens: DONT ALIENATE HIM RT @chiapet74: @aminespn tried to pivot in 2011, then veto happened. With cp3, d12 stays.

David Hardisty

If no free agent (Deng?), match CP, operate over cap, seek trades at their pace. RT @robroy77 if you had to predict Rockets moves by Monday?

Jeff Wade

With VC gone I believe you sort of have to sign Ariza if CP gets matched...we're bordering a shooting crisis now...Mo Williams be necessary

Jinno Rufino

Wow, Wiggins! Damn Kyrie might be throwing up more lobs than CP3 this season. instagram.com/p/qVTPoIQe72/

Royce Young

Rockets could be quiet players for Pau Gasol now after missing out on Bosh. Remember: Morey got him in 2011 in the nixed CP3 trade.

Dwight Jaynes

Amazing to me that Steve Blake is so polarizing in Portland. What’s the problem here? Who did you expect, Chris Paul?

Jeff Wade

Initial logic based on a lower cap hold. Thought they could keep PB and CP hold and still sign Bosh max. Not the case. Changes perspective

Jonathan Feigen

Not eligible for that. RT @SwHTown20: @Jonathan Feigen ? What is the offer for each year? Is this contract CP signed a poison pill contract?

Jeff Wade

CP agreeing to this speaks volumes about how poorly negotiations w/ Houston must have been going. Guess they don't have stomach for lux tax.

Michael Dugat

Once offer sheet is signed (hopefully around 11pm cst tonight), Rockets can't SnT Parsons elsewhere and would have to let CP go to sign Bosh

Jeff Wade

Believed from jump, only way Mavs could get Parsons was if Melo signed there cuz he'd want every damn penny. They'd renounce CP to do it...

Jason Friedman

To @Chandler Parsons: Few things more fun than (rightfully) mocking your style. But you are a uniter and I respect that SO much. Thank u, CP.

Brian Mahoney

Kyrie, Lillard, Curry the other healthy point guards on the roster. Chris Paul, too, but already planned he wouldn't play this summer.

Jonathan Feigen

Possible, but Rockets often said would keep CP. RT @Singh26Jatinder: @Jonathan Feigen is there a possibility Mavs can end up with parsons?

Arash Markazi

A couple of big man targets the Clippers have looked into are Kris Humphries and Jason Smith, who played with CP3 in New Orleans.

Jovan Buha

Truth is, backup PG is probably the least important position on a CP3-led team.

Dan Woike

Collison said he understood Clippers financial limits and that team didn't NEED him because it already has CP3.

Brad Turner

Darren Collison said he hopes to compete for starting job with Kings. He was a backup to Chris Paul with Clippers

Arash Markazi

Collison also wanted to be a starter again and will likely get that in Sacramento. He wasn't getting that in L.A. unless CP3 got hurt.

Jason Jones

Confirmed @Jorge Sierra report regarding Kings and Darren Collison discussing a deal.He backed up Chris Paul last season.

Marcus Thompson

Spurs: TP ... Clips: CP3 ... OKC: Russell ... Rockets: Harden ... Need somebody who gets to rim - esp if you have no low-post scoring

Michael Grange

Messi playing soccer reminds be of Chris Paul playing hoops. Gets to where he needs to go.

Sean Highkin

Is the Jason Kidd saga the most bizarre/ridiculous thing to happen in the NBA since Stern vetoed Chris Paul to the Lakers?

Chris Palmer

If LeBron ends up with the Clippers that's $57M devoted to CP3, LeBron & Blake.

Arash Markazi

Chris Paul was at the Clippers facility today and met with Doc Rivers. You can be sure Doc isn't the only one making recruiting pitches.

Marc Stein

Bulls and Mavs are among the teams to register interest tonight in Rockets' RFA Chandler Parsons. Rule of thumb: Teams into Melo are into CP

Arash Markazi

Needless to say, Doc will recruit Paul Pierce while Chris Paul will recruit his former teammate Trevor Ariza.

Josh Lewenberg

Would $12M for Lowry be overpaying? List of PGs more valuable to their teams last year is a short one. Only CP3/Steph had better Win Share

Payal Doshi

Hot of attempting the #BETAwards RT @Brad Turner: Chris Paul at Clippers facility talking to rookie CJ Wilcox

Brad Turner

Chris Paul at Clippers facility talking to rookie CJ Wikcox

Mike Trudell

You have to take @NickSwagyPYoung's Lil' Swaggy over CP3's Lil' Chris after seeing that Pop-a-Shot display from Lil' Swag.

Sean Highkin

Thinking about it: Last night was a Mt. Rushmore basketball twitter night. The others: The Decision, the end of the lockout, and CP3 veto.

Robert Morales

C.J. Wilcox looking forward to playing with Chris Paul insidesocal.com/clippers/2014/… #Clippers

Jorge Sierra

Video: Chris Paul dunks pretty hard on comedian Kevin Hart. bit.ly/1oHQTAH

Raul Barrigon

Video: Chris Paul dunks on Kevin Hart. bit.ly/1oHYyPz

Alex Kennedy

All-NBA 1st Team: Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Joakim Noah, Chris Paul, James Harden

Jeff Zillgitt

NBA All-Defensive first team announced: Joakim Noah, Paul George, Serge Ibaka, Andre Iguodala, Chris Paul

Jorge Sierra

The Twitter buzz on Chris Paul after last night's loss. shar.es/SNelJ

Anthony Slater

Russell Westbrook asked if he got fouled by Chris Paul on the three: "Yes. Yep"

Arash Markazi

I've covered Chris Paul for awhile. I've never seen him look like he did postgame. Was still in shock. Couldn't look at anybody.

Arash Markazi

CP3 on Donald Sterling saying the Clippers players still love him: "I don't know about all that."

Janis Carr

Asked what challenge CP3 presents, Durant said "He doesn't. It's not 1-on-1" He didn't smile, barely looked up during postgame interview

Kerry Eggers

Tony Parker on going up against @Damian Lillard: "I love it. It's a great challenge. Reminds me of playing against Steve Nash & Chris Paul."

Anthony Slater

Kevin Durant: "I don't give a damn about Chris Paul on the court" -> newsok.com/multimedia/vid…