HoopsHype Corey Brewer Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: January 25, 2015 | 11:49 PM

David Hardisty

Corey Brewer says on Harden: "He's the best in the league right now. He's got to be MVP. If not, I don't know what's going on."

Mike Trudell

A run-stopping 3 from Corey Brewer cuts that LAL push a bit, Houston back up 14 with 4:34 to play. HOU has hit 13 3's, LAL only 1.

Eric Pincus

Corey Brewer corner three should give the Rockets enough breathing room - Lakers haven't quit on this one yet

Rodrigo Azurmendi

Lakers recortaron el déficit a 11 antes del triple de Corey Brewer.

Kevin Pelton

Joey Dorsey and Corey Brewer are really the best players to have on the court down 20 points.

Jon Krawczynski

A runaway train that never stops, whether he should or not. Always going. RT @haralabob: Corey Brewer is amazing.

Marcus Thompson

Corey Brewer, who now has 19, Cuts Warriors lead to 14 with just over 4 minutes left

Jenny Dial Creech

Corey Brewer on Rockets vs. Warriors tomorrow: "We can’t let someone beat us four straight."

David Hardisty

Corey Brewer on the key to the win tonight: "We played Rockets basketball." He certainly didn't waste any time fitting in.

Jonathan Feigen

Corey Brewer with eight points in five minutes. He's 4 of 4 on drives, 0 for 2 on 3s. Rest of Rockets bench 0 for 6, 0 for 3 on 3s.

Candace Buckner

Another #Pacers turnover (6th so far) leads to a Corey Brewer dunk. #Rockets up 35-25 w/ 9:37 remaining in 1st half

Jenny Dial Creech

Corey Brewer continues to be an impact off the bench- has 8 for Rockets this afternoon. Pacers called a timeout after his last dunk.

Jenny Dial Creech

Corey Brewer receives warning for flop in Rockets' loss to Warriors blog.chron.com/ultimaterocket…

Jonathan Feigen

Corey Brewer received a flop warning for a play vs. Warriors. Here's the play: official.nba.com/houstons-corey… Iguodala was called for an offensive.

Diamond Leung

Dwight Howard and Corey Brewer seem to enjoy interacting with the Warriors.

Ben Golliver

GIF: Andre Iguodala gets technical for kicking Corey Brewer's shoe pic.twitter.com/cSNuWSvmca

Rusty Simmons

Andre Iguodala gets T'd up for kicking Corey Brewer's shoe out of the lane.

Frank Madden

Corey Brewer might not have the worst shooting mechanics on earth, but he probably has the flail-iest shooting mechanics on earth.

Jenny Dial Creech

Corey Brewer is coming in to complete the headband of brothers (I got that off someone on twitter… very clever, no?)

Steve Kyler

Corey Brewer had mixed emotions about the trade - really believed Wolves had a chance to be special but injuries killed season

Steve Kyler

Rockets have had very little practice time since landing Josh Smith and Corey Brewer - both are learning on the fly

Daryl Morey

jolt cola - @Corey Brewer has been awesome for us RT @JasonMKates What have you guys been putting in Brewer's drinks?

Mike Tokito

With those FTs, Williams broke the franchise record of 51 points, shared by Kevin Love and Corey Brewer.

Tim MacMahon

OK, several have noted Corey Brewer's 51-point game last season.

Eric Koreen

COREY BREWER! RT @greg__16: @Eric Koreen corey brewer ?

Michael Lee

I don't know if Minnesota could've had any more random 50-point scorers than Corey Brewer & Mo Williams...

Jerry Zgoda

First Corey Brewer scores 51, now Mo Williams scores 52. I know, not nearly the same, but still...52~

Amin Elhassan

Say it with me: "quality of attempt" RT @Zach Lowe: Corey Brewer in 9 games as a Rocket: 20-of-44 from 3P. In 24 games in Minny: 8-of-41.

Zach Lowe

Corey Brewer in 9 games as a Rocket: 20-of-44 from 3-point range. In 24 games in Minny this season: 8-of-41.

David Hardisty

Josh Smith with an INCREDIBLE block, leading to a Corey Brewer corner three on the other end. HUGE play in this game.

Ethan J. Skolnick

Josh Smith block leads to a Corey Brewer 3. The two new Rockets pieces. Houston up 88-79. No one helping Irving.

David Hardisty

Since inserting Josh Smith and Corey Brewer into the lineup, the Rockets have gone on an 8-0 run to take a 17-15 lead.

Jenny Dial Creech

Corey Brewer having no trouble learning Rockets' style blog.chron.com/ultimaterocket…

Igor Minteguia

DeShaun Thomas se ha marcado un Corey Brewer espectacular y nada... dantesco #Quesonpasoscoño

Jenny Dial Creech

Corey Brewer on the Rockets win tonight: “That’s the way you are supposed to bounce back."

Jenny Dial Creech

Corey Brewer has now scored double digits in six of his seven games with the Rockets. He has 13 tonight.

Howard Chen

Corey Brewer rolls a 3 in at the buzzer. It's now 94-60 #Rockets. There's still another quarter left.

Howard Chen

Corey Brewer shot 26.6% from 3pt land with Minnesota in the last yr and a bit. So far with Houston, in 7th game, he's at 45.5%. #RedNation.

Joseph Goodman

Corey Brewer, Jason Terry and Josh Smith have the headband thing going for the Rockets. But not much else. Heat 27, Rockets 23 after 1Q.

Jenny Dial Creech

Corey Brewer has played six games with the Rockets and has scored double digits off the bench in five of them.

Jonathan Feigen

Rockets recently acquired Josh Smith, Corey Brewer. MT @TemetDonnell: @Jonathan Feigen can you give reason that kostas doesn't play anymore?

Kurt Helin

Rockets’ Corey Brewer uses spin move, bounce pass to find Trevor Ariza for the slam (VIDEO) dlvr.it/7yxCSb

Royce Young

VIDEO: Corey Brewer makes a great pass for the Trevor Ariza dunk cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-bas…

Jonathan Feigen

Corey Brewer with a flat-out dive after a loose ball. Sets up Beverley on a break. Rockets back within 2, 2:02 left.

David Hardisty

Corey Brewer... unbelievable. Rockets within two, 93-91, 2:02 left.

Royce Young

Rockets within two, and Corey Brewer is doing things again.

Jenny Dial Creech

Corey Brewer hits a 3 to cut it to 2 - crowd erupted on that. He has 15 points tonight.

Jonathan Feigen

Nice move by Daryl Morey trading for Kyle Korver. Even better move by McHale disguising him as Corey Brewer.