HoopsHype Cory Joseph Buzz Meter

by HoopsHype - Updated: February 27, 2015 | 10:39 PM

Paul Garcia

Cory Joseph makin' defensive plays, also pushing the pace each time he's bringing the ball up.

Paul Garcia

Cory Joseph enters at PG. SA running with Cojo, Williams, Beli, Kawhi & Duncan.

Jeff McDonald

Cory Joseph, too, for those who were clamoring for him.

Kyle Anderson

The bro @Cory Joseph always looking out, checking in making sure im good. Schooling me to the game. Appreciate that fam!!

Ryan Wolstat

Wiggins gives a shout-out to Steve Nash, Denham Brown, Tristan Thompson, Cory Joseph after Anthony Anderson asks if “something in the water"

Michael De Leon

Cory Joseph is a big fan of the Coyote ift.tt/1yrufh0 #spurs

Paul Garcia

Cory Joseph should fill out a patent for the mid-range jumper. So effective with that shot.

Ryan Wolstat

Popovich sings the praises of Cory Joseph. Joseph talks Canada hoops, etc. torontosun.com/2015/02/08/spu…

Paul Garcia

Mike Brown's on the Cojo bandwagon. Just said "you've got to get Cory Joseph back in this game."

Michael Grange

Spurs Cory Joseph was +19 for his 11 minutes, best of any San Antonio player; huge reason Spurs are up nine with 3m left in 2Q.

Mike Monroe

Pop going with @Cory Joseph as backup behind @Tony Parker and not because he's a Torontan; he's 2-2 and D-ing up @Kyle Lowry ; Mills DNP so far

Paul Garcia

Cory Joseph's future book: On how to make a consistent mid-range jumper. (Kidding)

Ryan Wolstat

Cory Joseph on Pan Ams/Mexico: "I'm definitely excited, hopefully we can have everybody healthy and should be the first time with everybody"

Ryan Wolstat

Asked Pop a question, got no snark, no staredown, just a good answer about Cory Joseph. A bit surprising.

Paul Garcia

Funny moment from Tim Duncan tonight: Purposely moved the entire media scrum in Cory Joseph's locker area while Cojo was getting ready.

Paul Garcia

Cory Joseph to enter the game soon

Dan McCarney

Quick 5-0 run for Clippers, timeout Pop so he can unload on Cory Joseph.

Raul Barrigon

Tim Duncan hits Cory Joseph on purpose, who flops afterwards. Fine coming? Lol vine.co/v/OD03Z2tBEOv

Jorge Sierra

Cory Joseph, a 29th pick in 2011, is scoring 10.4 ppg. Three of the four players drafted right ahead of him are no longer in the NBA. #spurs